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#Travel♪ Efficient Travel in Nasu with a JR Tokyo Wide Pass *Kyubi Adventures*

Efficient Travel in Nasu with a JR Tokyo Wide Pass *Kyubi Adventures*

Take a ride around Nasu on the nine-tailed fox (Kyubi) bus
Enjoy all the fun and romance in Nasu has to offer

2016, is the year of monkey, and if you utilize
 the tricks of the wise monkeys we should be able to deal 
with any kind of situation that may come your way.  It's hard
 to believe  that we're already two months into the new year  
 and we're well on our way to finishing February as well. 
Though the days on the calendar are steadily passing by 
the freezing cold of winter still lingers ...

Although we have introduced this place many times before
 we are yet again traveling to Nasu! Home of hot springs,
 delicious cuisine, shopping, lots of tourist destinations, and a
 place that is always overflowing with good charming points. 
Even if you don't have a rental car there's still plenty of ways
 to get around and explore Nasu.

Today we'd like to introduce a bus that is very useful but not 
very well-known just yet. This is actually a well kept secret
 for the locals to get around to all the major tourist 
destinations of Nasu. This mysterious bus is known as the 
キュービー号 (Japanese pronunciation: Kyubi (No. Kyubi)]"

Shall we begin our adventure of romance and fun in Nasu...?

Photo: Nasu World Monkey Park

First things first, let's go over a quick review! To JR
Nasushiobara Station (Nasu) it only takes about an hour
 by Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo or Ueno Station.
The best and most economical way to do this is to
use the JR Rail Pass.

JR Tokyo Wide Pass?
The JR Tokyo Rail Pass, launched November 19, 2015
is an economical free pass covering travel in the "Kanto
region" (Tokyo and the surrounding areas). Using the normal
reserved seats on the Shinkansen and limited express
 trains the pass is valid for 3 days of unlimited rides.
This pass is also highly recommended for most popular
tourist destinations such as Mt. Fuji, Karuizawa, GALA
 Yuzawa, and Izu.

 Price: Adults (12 or older) 10,000 yen
Children (6 to 11 years old) 5,000 yen

Official website (English)

From Tokyo to Nasushiobara Station one-way is 5,390 yen,
 making round-trip fare already over 10,000 yen!
Using the pass to travel to Nasu will be quite useful
and the coverage of the pass is quite amazing, giving you
unlimited access to so many JR stations, including trips from
the airport and back it's definitely something to consider.

So why would you waste your money by not using the pass?

You can also make a trip to Nasu via bus from Shinjuku,
Tokyo. The bus departs from Shinjuku Station Shin-minami
 (New South) gate. (It says Shinjuku Station New South
 Exit, but it's also known as Yoyogi Station Bus Terminal)

Bus timetable (Japanese)

Please enjoy the useful info we'll provide in this blog that'll
 be helpful when planning a trip to Nasu by bus.

The Best way around Nasu!

Do you remember the legend of the nine-tailed fox and "killing
stone of Nasu"?
The legend says a naughty fox with 9 tails was sealed in a
shrine called the killing stone located right next to the
Nasu hot springs. The stones of bad deeds have been piled
up one by one in the shrine and broken by the monks over
 time as they pray for them ... The shrine had been erected to
pray for peace in the village as well as well as for those
who bring rocks. Surrounded by thousands of small
buddha statues, the "killing stone" is also a mystical spot
 representative of Nasu.

Why exactly did we revisit the story of the nine tailed fox you
may be wondering? The answer is simple. It's a benefactor of
something essential to this trip, allow me to introduce our
companion, Kyubi Bus. (Kyubi = nine-tailed fox in Japanese)
Kyubi bus takes a short trip around most of Nasu's attractions
 in a short 45-minute ride. With this inexpensive bus line
you can travel the route of these 22 destinations as much as
you want!

◎ Bus Routes, Stop Guide (Japanese)

◎ Bus Timetable (Japanese)
To efficiently tour Nasu

How to use the Kyubi Bus

Taking in all 22 tourist attractions can be done quite easily
with the Kyubi Bus and at a rate that is much more economical
than renting a car or taxi. With this small yellow ticket you are
free to traverse as you see fit on all Kyubi buses.

Adult:  1,000 yen
Child:  500 yen

※ Price includes tax.
※Kids younger than elementary school age are free..
※ tickets cannot be purchased from within the bus.
(Must be purchased at designated stops)

The first stop, Yuainomori (那須高原友愛の森)♪

Come to this station to find out all there is to know
 about Nasu. This is the first stop on Michi no eki
 (meaning " Station Road") on the Nasu Plateau
located 470m above sea level. The facility itself
is surrounded with green so it's the ideal destination
to enjoy your shopping and nature in peace. 

◎ Yuainomori  (友愛 の 森)
Address: Tochigi-ken Nasu-gun Nasu byō Ōyama jida
Sumi Ōtsu 593 - 8
TEL: 0287-78-0233
Hours: 08:00 to 18:00 (April-November)
                  09:00 to 18:00 (December to March)
 Open year round

◎ Yuainomori official website (English)

Yuainomori Bus Stop

All bus stops for the Kyubi bus will be marked with
this cute character! Using the JR Pass making it this
far shouldn't be a problem at all. The best part is all three
hotels can be reached from this bus stop

1. Hotel Sunvalley Nasu
2. Hotel Epinard Nasu
3. Rindoko Royal Hotel

Staying at one of these hotels will be the best
setup for traveling and seeing Nasu!^^

If you want to know more about Nasu...

Drop by the Tourism Exchange Center to make the most
of your trip to Nasu. For all information regarding events,
the various neighborhoods and nearby municipalities the
information center is great place to help you out.
Newsletters and brochures line the walls as well as a
chance to purchase express bus tickets to leisure facilities.
(Kyubi Bus tickets can be purchased here too)

◎ Tourism Exchange Center
Hours: 08:00 to 18:00 (April-September)
                   09:00 to 18:00 (October to March)
Open year round

Handling Miscommunications ...?

No need to worry if you don't speak Japanese!
 Simultaneous interpretation services are provided free
of charge. English, Korean, Chinese,video chat with someone
in your respective language to find the most current tourist
information. It truly is an interesting information age we live
in today where you can speak to someone in your native tongue
in a foreign country in real time and have it translated.^^

The full-fledged start to our trip into the wild!!

After purchasing your One-Day Pass from inside the Tourism
Exchange Center jump into action and board the bus!

Hotel SunValley Nasu Station ♪

Our first destination is the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu.
Hotel Sunvalley Nasu is actually made up of 11 hotels in Nasu and
 a large all-weather resort located in a huge wooded area nearby.

◎ Hotel Sunvalley Nasu
1. More Resort for your money.
 - Nine new hotel facilities!
2. Variety and fun-filled hot springs.
 - Fun bathing in hot springs of with various features.
3. Enjoy with your pet.
It's also possible  for your lovely fluffy partner to travel
 together with you in a private hotel.
4. Experience a variety of flavors.
 - Buffets, Japanese, Western, Chinese,  all quality meals
5. Travel by bus, not just by Shinkansen!
 - Board a private bus from Ikebukuro, Tokyo!

Relish in beautiful panoramic views of nature each season
 in multiple renown hot springs integrated into the resort hotel.

◎ Hotel Sunvalley Nasu (ホ テ ル サ ン バ レ ー 那 須)
Address: 325-0392 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District,
Nasu-machi Yumoto 203
TEL: 0287-76-3800

◎ Hotel Sun Valley Nasu Website (Japanese)

After you rest from all your traveling, back on the bus
 for a full-fledged tour of Nasu!

Nasu's Stained Glass Museum♪

Take a trip back to the Medieval times with this European
 inspired building featuring antique stained glass decoration
from the1800s. The beauty of some of the walls in the chapel
calls back to the famous art of Raphael, the well-known
renaissance painter and architect. The stain glass windows
match perfectly with the sculptures and thunderous sounds
of the pipe organ. To find an unrealistically beautiful place
such as this with perfect rays of sunlight shooting through
the windows... All we can say is BRAVO! ^^

◎ Nasu Stained Glass Museum (那須ステンドグラス美術館)
Address: 1790 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District,
Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302
Hours: (April to October) 09: 00 ~ 17: 30
                   (November-March), 09:00 to 16:30

Admission: Adults 1,300 yen
               middle and high school students: 800 yen
               elementary school students: 500 yen
               infants: Free
               Seniors:  1,000 yen (over 60 years)
  ※Must show I.D.

※ Admission prices exclude tax
※ elderly, and disabled are eligible for discounted entry.
※Must be presented, prove the relevant kinds of disabilities.

 ◎ Nasu Stained Glass Museum official website (Japanese)

Romantic Journey..

There is a real St. Raphael Chapel located inside!
Lovely stained glass scenes of the Bible decorate the windows
 of the chapel. The rays of sunlight burst through the windows
and billow into your soul.

Such a romantic place in Nasu ... !!!

 The World of Beautiful Stained Glass ♡

Stained glass, which was decorated in the style of the
St. Raphael Chapel in all it's magnificence as
mentioned earlier. The glass itself is Tiffany glass, developed
and produced back in the 1890s. After having reached a
 peak in popularity it also spawned countless enhanced
reproductions in the 1890s as well.

A piece as beautiful as this is hard to believe it spans the whole
expanse of the wall.

The Glorious Romantic Sound of Music

At 30 minutes every hour a lovely antique pipe organ
spews joyous ballads in the 'Cathedral of Saint
 Raphael.' but for only15 minutes. This antique, built in
1922 jets out sounds that'll take you back in time.
The exquisite tone is matched only by the gentle play of
the organist.
With the stain glass and the organ it's like we've been
transported to a far away land.

◎Antique Pipe Organ Live Music
Location : St. Raphael Chapel
Playing time : 〜 9:30 - 10:30 〜 - 12:30 / 11:30 〜 〜
13:30 〜 - 14:30 〜 - 15:30 〜 - 16:30 〜
(performances begin at 30 minutes every hour for
about 15 minutes.)

Explore the Souvenir Shop

Connecting the larger church spaces is a conveniently
located souvenir shop offering stained glass lamps and
 other unique shiny accessories. St. Raphael Chapel inspired
postcards are nice but they do not due the venue justice.
There are a lot of wonderful gifts here but the price isn't
quite that cheap so choose carefully.

Also there are a lot of breakables so be careful of your bags!^^

The Most Expensive Stained Glass

In the drawing you'll notice the 'Stained Glass Windows' Two Angels'.
This two angel image is accredited to William Morris, known as the master of stained glass work, created this piece in Britain in 1900.

Build Special Memories in this Cafe

A British-style cafe with an atmosphere akin to a Manor
House in the museum. Enjoy simple dishes like pasta or
dessert while you drink.

Hours : April to October : 10:00 - 17:30 (17:15 LO)
November to March : 10:00 - 16:30 (16:15 LO)

Spend More Time with Special Valuable Experiences

This is a special café where you can enjoy blending your
own batch of tea from a wide range of different tea
leaves provided. Such a freeing feeling to make my own
 original tea and cater it to my own taste. It's an exciting
experience I'm sure you'll take with you wherever you go.
Quite the experience for a date for example...? ^^

A Special Fairy Tale Cafe for You and Me

Who wants to enjoy a cup of original tea in
this romantic place?.. The atmosphere is dreamy and
you can also relax outside on the terrace on good
weather days.

◎Tea blend experience
The first floor Café
Hours : weekdays
(※ Closed some weekdays, check in advance)
Hours : 10:00 to 15:30
Charges : (30 g) 1,200 yen (60 g) 2,000 yen
Experience : About 30 minutes

◎Tea blend experience and information page

Waiting is half the fun!

Let's hurry to the bus stop and catch the next Kyubi
Bus to our next destination!

Next Stop: Nasu World Monkey Park.

Let's act like giant apes as we make our way to the
World Monkey Park. Don't let the name fool you, there is a
 lot more in store for us than just monkeys at this
 theme park.

◎Nasu World Monkey Park (那須 ワールドモンキーパーク)

Address :
325-0001 Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi,
Nasu-gun, Takakuko 6146


Hours :
8:30AM to 4:30OPM (admission until 4:00 PM)
* 12 / 1-2 / 29
Open year-round

Entrance Fee:
1,800 yen : adults (jr. high school and above)
1,000 yen: Children ( 3-4 yrs and elementary
school students)

※  The combination of more than one discount
is not allowed.
 ※The Monkey Park and Nasu Safari Park admission tickets
act as discounted entry tickets for each other's facilities.
      Adults receive a 1,000 yen discount and children 500 yen.
※Monkey theater, elephant of the forest, park of the visits
 will be included in the entrance fee.
* Bait, etc. will be charge separately.
※ Must show proof to receive discounted admission:
Disabled individuals are eligible for a half price
 discount. (Seniors 10 percent discount)
※ refunds are not available for discounted entry.

※ If you are booking with an organization please see
the website for more information.

◎Nas World Monkey Park
official website (English Available)

Up close and Personal

Before we see the monkeys let's pay our friends
the elephants a visit! Though elephants are found in
landlocked countries like Laos, Nasu has secured some
friendly beasts for us to play with.

They say that elephants never forget so you can
get your chance to make an impression and possibly
a new friend in Nasu? It's interesting to know the effects
of having these creatures interact with so many humans
on a daily basis. Possibly it has made them even more friendly.

How exactly did elephants get here you might be wondering?
Well the Laos government, boosted by cooperation agencies
such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy of
Japan, allowed 6 elephants to be transferred to Japan as an
 offer of good will. Well played Laos.^^
It's just a lucky coincidence that two of the elephants
ended up here in the Nasu World Monkey Park

◎Feed an elephant
Just feed by hand, and their noses will come at you!
Experience fee: 500 yen

Making New Friends

Not only do you get to feed but you can also take
a ride on these giant mighty creatures. Take in this
experience all you can because you won't get many
chances to ride on an elephant in Japan... Just saying..

This is definitely a great photo op!^^

◎ Elephant Ride
Enjoy your own personal time with these gentle giants!
Cost : 2,000 yen
(※ up to 3 people at a time)
Pictures: 1,100 yen for photos from the experience
ticket sales accepted:
8AM to 5PM
Elephant Rides Hours:
9AM to 5PM

A shake of elephant or rocking horse.

There's no doubt that the elephant ride is extremely popular
 based on it's appeal. How often can you really go and ride
 an elephant in your everyday life?
However it's in your best interest to check the weather
forecast beforehand because the rides will be cancelled due
 to bad weather!

Crazy Cute Animal Tricks

Make your way over to the Nasu Monkey Theater to
see some dazzling displays from entertaining cats,
clever monkeys and hooty owls. By the way...Parakeets
and other animals have also appeared on the show
with polished tricks you'll be wanting to train your pet with.

The monkey variety show is done three times a day at
the Nasu Monkey Theater but be sure to secure your
seats in advanced in the front row for best viewing.

Nasu Monkey Theater
a stunning show you can't take your eyes off of.
Time : 10:30 ,  13:00 , 15:00
Time : 30 to 40 minute performances
3 times a day

Get Hands-on with Monkeys!

In a building named the Friendship Square  (ふれあい広場).
 You'll finally get that one on one alone time with the
monkey of your dreams. Just a couple minutes with
these curious bandits and we guarantee you'll fall in love.
The lovable munchkins fit almost too perfectly directly in your
 arms. ♡

◎ Friendship Square  (ふれあい広場)
Find out what monkeys and humans really have in common
Don't miss out on this place in the Monkey Park!!
※ must be 6 yrs old or older for entry.
※ small child is my only to feed him at the outside.

Cuteness to the MAX! A baby monkey!!! ♡

You'll be going bananas like us when you hold one of
the many baby monkeys on display at the park.
 Kira was born on November 7, 2015 and this baby
monkey is already commanding attention from anyone who
 sets eyes on her. Just stare into those deep brown eyes
and smile as she sticks her tongue out at you...♡

※ The baby monkeys can be seen from 12:00 to 12:30
in the Friendship Square.

Looking on to Our Next Destination :

Having so much fun in the World Monkey Park, not sure if we
 should leave yet or not...^-^

Nasu Trick Art Museum ♪

Your eyes may not believe what they're seeing when
you witness the wild calamity of these enclosed spaces!
Take your best shot and send it to us at Japankuru Facebook!!

Nasu Trick Art Museum
Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Takakuko 5760
Open year-round
April to September 9:30AM to 6:00PM
Summer: 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Winter: 9:30AM to 5:00PM

Entry :
Adult (high schooler and above)
General admission: - 1,300 yen
2 Hall admission : 2,000 yen
3 Hall admission: 2700 yen

 Elementary school student:
General admission: - 800 yen
2 Hall admission : 1,300 yen
3 Hall admission: 1,800 yen

infants are free

Official website (Japanese)

Ichigo-no-mori!! ♪

Okashinoshiro Ichigo-no-mori is not only a seller of
sweets but also of experiences. At this ranch you can take
part in a special strawberry picking activity.

Address :
325 - 0001 Tochigi ken Nasu-chō Takakukō 4588 - 10

Strawberry Picking Prices:
(December 31 to January 31)
Adult (jr. high school age and above): 1,800 yen/
Child (3yrs old to elementary): 1,200 yen
(February 1 to March 31)
Adult: 1,700 yen / Child: 1,000 yen
(April 1 to May 8th)
 Adult: 1,500 yen/ Child: 700 yen
(May 9 to the end of June 30)
 Adult: 1,000 yen/ 500 yen
*includes tax*

Official website

Strawberries like Nectar

Tochigi prefecture is known for it's delicious
strawberries and this time we weren't disappointed.
A tip for making the pickings more fun, bring a friend
and challenge them to a race to see who can get the most!

Just remember no running with scissors!

The Sweetness of Fresh Nasu Strawberries

Enjoy strawberries produced from the fresh water of Nasu.
They were all so plump and juicy it had us wanting more before
 we even left!

Sapporo's Beer Garden in Nasu! ♪

Nasu Morino Beer en (Nasu's Forest Beer Garden) is actually
run by the same people that serve the Sapporo beer museum
in Hokkaido. Of course you can see a lot of beer but you can also enjoy
foods like beef, and other dishes to match the taste of the beer.

What better place to have a tour of brewing than
on a plateau in Nasu?

◎Nasu Morino Beer en (那須 森 の ビール 園)
Address :
Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Takakuko 4453-49
 TEL: (0120)742-150
Hours :
(Restaurant) 11:00AM to 4:00PM (last entry 2:30PM)
(Beer& Lion's cafe)11:00AM to 4:00PM (15:30 LO)
(Premium shops) 11:00AM to 4:00PM

◎Nasu Morino Beer en
 Official website

A Brewery Legend

Sapporo Beer is Japan's largest beer company and
has been producing beer in Japan since 1876!
The yellow star design logo is it's trademark!

Sapporo Beer: Making touching moments...

Enjoy these precious moments with a fellow beer
enthusiast by your side!!^^

In Professional Hands

Take joy in the fact that you aren't served by regular
individuals but instead by beer masters! Any question you
may have about beer can be happily answered by the helpful

Drink and Try to Feel the Difference

Located on the second floor you can enjoy a special deal
or better yet an experience you won't forget. You can
have a chance to sample 3 different beer for only 1,200 yen!

All these beers are limited to the and

Price : 1,200 yen
Types of beer :
Nagarerukumo no Weizen (流 れる 雲 の ヴァイツェン)
Tsukiyo no de~yunkeru (月夜 の デュンケル) (Dunkel)
Yō zashi no pirusunā (陽 ざしの ピルスナー) (Pilsner)

3 Limited Edition Beers

For a limited time 3 popular beers
(from left to right)

◎Nagarerukumo no Weizen (流 れる 雲 の ヴァイツェン)
Popular in Germany and Bavaria, it has a interesting flavor
using the acidity that comes with wheat. The beer has a somewhat
fruity aroma.
750 yen per glass

◎Tsukiyo no de~yunkeru (月夜 の デュンケル) (Dunkel)
This beer is a very dark beer even by German standards utilizing
a bottom fermentation method that creates very dark shades.
 Using roasted malt, very distinctive sweetness was created
creating a fragrant aroma and deep flavor.
750 yen per glass

◎Yō zashi no pirusunā (陽 ざしの ピルスナー) (Pilsner)
This plisner is also another bottom fermentation beer from the
Czech Republic Plisner region. Reminiscent of the green forest
the refreshing beer aroma will draw you in!
750 yen per glass

Beer Selections

Nagarerukumo no Weizen (流 れる 雲 の ヴァイツェン)
Tsukiyo no de~yunkeru (月夜 の デュンケル) (Dunkel)
Yō zashi no pirusunā (陽 ざしの ピルスナー) (Pilsner)

In addition to soft almost poetic appeal of the beers
like Edelpils (エーデルピルス) and Shirohonoka (白穂乃香)
providing elegant slightly bitter tastes.

For just 1,200 yen you can taste a total of five kinds of beer.
An unusual opportunity..!^^

Oh!! Look What We Found!

A special Nasu themed vending machine waiting for us at
the exit of the Nasu Morino Beer en. If
 you look closely you can spot Nasu's character Kyubi
(Nine-Tailed Fox) all over the machine.
This vending machine is actually the first one ever of it's
kind! Feels good touching history..^^
This vending machine was made jointly with Sapporo beer
company and the Nasu Tourism Association. Make sure you pay
 this cutie Kyubi a visit when you're passing through!

The Cheesiest Place On Earth. ♪

Try some delicious and tasty bread from "The Cheese Garden"
famous for the long forgotten art of creating great cheesy food.

◎The Cheese Garden (チーズガーデン 五峰館)
Address : Tochigi ken Nasu-gun Nasu-chō Takakukō Kuikehara 2888
 Hours : 09:00AM to 6:00PM -
TEL: 0287-64-4848
◎The cheese garden the official website (Japanese)

Hotel Epinard Nasu ♪

Home to the Nasu Plateau's largest hot spring hotel
 resort with more than 300 guest rooms, diverse
 layouts including beautiful open-air spas and an interior
 heated swimming pool. An all you can eat buffet in the main
 tower, a scrumptious French restaurant on the top floor and
 authentic Japanese restaurants. Oh and did we forget to
mention it's a great place for a wedding with alpacas? ♡

Alpaca wedding plans:

(488,000 yen, including tax) > < Plan
* Alpaca attendant (basically one; 50,000 yen for every
additional one)
* Ceremony will be held at the "Forest church" in the resort
*Wedding dress/ Tuxedo/ bouquet/ silk veil
*Makeup and hair dress up of bride and groom
*An photo album (Including photo archive)
*One night accommodation at Hotel Epinard Nasu
 *A dinner at a gorgeous restaurant Meli Mel'Anges
※ Weekdays only!
For weekend's plan, please check at your website.
For reservation

◎Hotel Epinard Nasu
Click to see google map
Address: 325-0302 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District,
 Nasu-machi Takakuhei 1TEL: 0287-78-6000
check in /check out >> 15: 00/11: 00

::: Official website (English) :::

::: Reservation website (English) :::

Minamigaoka Dairy: Experience the Ranch Life♪

Nasu really gives you a challenge with various
experiences! At Minamigaoka Dairy you can try your
 hand at making ice cream from scratch. It's sure
to be a very meaningful experience that everyone
can enjoy.

◎Minamigaoka Dairy (南ヶ丘牧場)
Address :
325-0393 Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun,
Yumoto 579
Hours : 8:00AM to 5:30PM
TEL: 0287-76-2150

(※ Hours are subject to change due to seasons and weather.)

◎Minamigaoka Dairy
Official website (Japanese)

The Best Turn Down After a Long Trip

What is a Japan trip without a trip to the hot springs?
 The perfect way to unwind after long day of traveling
is no doubt a hot spring where you can relax.
You can tell the hot springs are near when you begin smelling
 the deep aroma of sulfur. It's inescapable to be quite frank. It's
not as if we didn't enjoy the smell but it may be a bit overpowering
 for first time visitors. However after a couple minutes, it's
unbelievable but you'll adjust and not even notice it anymore.
Anyways if you're looking for the best hot springs in Nasu,
 take a journey to Yumoto, Nasu. Yumoto Nasu is actually one
 of the bus stops by the "Kyubi" Shuttle Bus. Only about a
five-minute walk when you get off near the coral reef.

◎ Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Hotel

Address : 252 Oaza-yumoto Nasu-machi , Nasu-gun Tochigi Japan
TEL: 0287-76-3131

◎Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Hotel official website (Japanese)
※ Booking sites are in Japanese so ​I encourage you to make
 a reservation by email or phone.
※Free bus pickup from Nasushiobara Station (one hour by
 Shinkansen from Tokyo Station) bus time from Nasushiobara
 Station to the Hotel: 40 minutes)

How to Make the Most of your Nasu Trip ?

Who could have thought the legendary nine-tailed fox
would be so cute? The answer the earlier question about
making the most of your trip is to take advantage of the
"Nasu shuttle bus Kyubi No. 1. because it's the most
economical way to see Nasu. Even if you're directionally
 challenged, the line travels in a loop so you'll get where
you're going eventually. You technically don't have to spend
time researching either with the Tourism Exchange
Center at your disposal.

◎ The shuttle bus “Kyubi” ticket
Adult: 1,000 yen
Child: 500 yen

※ Price includes tax.
※ kids younger than elementary age are free.
※ tickets can be purchased at stops only.(cannot be purchased
 inside the bus.)

◎A Circular Bus Route Guide (Japanese)

◎Shuttle Bus Timetable (Japanese)


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