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#Travel♪ Japanese Hot Springs: Sunvalley Nasu, Accommodations fit for a King

Japanese Hot Springs: Sunvalley Nasu,  

Accommodations fit for a King

Indulge the 5 senses at
Hotel Sun Valley Nasu

It's still the season to hit up and enjoy the hot springs 
so today we'll introduce the perfect place to stay warm during 
this chilly winter in Nasu (那 須)!! With a lot to see, interesting 
things to hear and touch, delicious things to eat there's something
for all your sense during this trip to the the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu.

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu in the Nasu highlands is a large resort
 with nine other hotels located in the woods in which
 you can come and go freely using their handy shuttle bus service.
The large all-weather resort is available each season with
facilities including spas, restaurants, etc..

Consisting of a total of nine large resorts, the best
accommodations in the main building and annex building
offer excellent views of the scenic landscape. Lavish room
types and forest villas popular with families feating John
Lennon writings and pictures on display are just some of
the unique features you'll encounter. Along with churches
and beautiful gardens attached to spacious cottage with a
large window to enjoy the nature of Nasu. There's actually a
lot of fun hiding here at the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

Want to take a look?

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu official website:

Start your trip at the station! Nasushihobara Station

About 2 and a half hours from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen
 you will arrive at Nasushihobara Station .Rather than buying a
 regular Shinkansen ticket the more economical choice will be
to use the JR Wide Pass.

What is the <JR Tokyo Wide Pass> ?!

Tokyo JR Wide Pass started on November 19, 2015
An economic free pass to cover Tokyo and its surrounding areas
"Kanto region" members.
Usually with reserved seats,  on trains such as the Bullet Train
(Shinkansen) or an express train. These passes last for three days
 and give you free rides in the specified area. Fuji and Izu free
 passes are required in Karuizawa, a popular tourist destination
 to easily travel  to GALA Yuzawa and more.

Adults (12 years and over) ¥ 10,000
Children (6 to 11 years old) 5,000 yen

Official Website (English)

Please visit Hotel Sunvalley Nasu using the free shuttle bus

Wondering how you're going to get to the hotel after
arriving at Nasushiobara Station? Take the free shuttle bus provided
for those staying at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu!

* Shuttle Bus Schedule (Japanese)

You can also take a bus to Nasu!

 ::: Bus Information :::

※ This bus is for the guests of Hotel Sunvalley Nasu.
 Advance reservation is required !!

 Location: Tokyo Ikebukuro Station West Exit
In front of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

Bus (Bound for Hotel Sunvalley Nasu)
10:00    Depart @ Ikebukuro west exit, in  front of  of Tokyo
Metropolitan Theater
10:40~ @ Saitama Shintoshin west exit
break time ~15 minutes~ @ Sano Rest Area
13:30~  Arrive Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

Bus (Bound for Ikebukuro, Tokyo)
14:45   Depart Hotel Sunvalley Nasu
break time ~15 minutes~ @ Hanyu Rest Area
17:30~  @ Saitama Shintoshin west exit
18:30 Arrive @ Ikebukuro west exit, in front of  of Tokyo
Metropolitan Theater

Please show up 10 minutes before departure.

If you are not familiar to the area,
get to the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater first!
Click to see google map

More info

The eastern asian influence in Nasu

The resort is divided into several hotels and galleries as
beautiful as this space. This time we had the honor of
staying in the Queen's Collina, a luxurious non-smoking
hotel with a warm welcoming for first time and returning

A welcome drink draped in love

After checking in pay a visit to the nearby bar, KAGETSU (嘉 月)
(in the same building) and they will offer you a free welcome drink
You can truly feel the warm heart of Hotel Sunvalley Nasu.

Welcome to the welcome drink corner ^^

Umeshu (plum wine) / cold water / apple juice /
grapefruit juice / coffee / tea (varies)

Feel free to take your pick!

* Oriental Garden
Welcome Drink Hours 14:00 to 5:00 p.m.
* MAIN / Annex
Welcome Drink Hours 14:00 to 5:00 p.m.
* Forest Villa
Welcome Drink Hours 14:00 to 16:00


A room where you can enjoy Queen's Collina properly!

Enclosed in one of the nine buildings making up the Hotel
Sunvalley Nasu, with John Lennon's very own poetry,
writings and paitings on display, this Queen's Collina room
 stands among the best. These rooms feature a western
style room with an open-air bath made of cypress wood^^!
A room perfect for small groups at 43.0㎡. The bath itself
serves as a practical bath or more like a healing bath. A one
way ticket to your relaxation destination, with open-air
baths overlooking a panoramic view of the Nasu highlands.

Ready to hop in now!! ^^

Room where you can enjoy a fun Nasu!

Another recommended western-style room split
with a Japanese style attachment and an open-air
jacuzzi. You could possibly squeeze up to 5-6 people in
 this large space at 54.7㎡. Enjoy the scenery and free
open-air bath/ jacuzzi or relax next the kotatsu (heated table)
while sitting on the tatami. There are several fun and
uniquely structured rooms to choose from. By all means,
bring a friend next time!

Apple tart art plate with tea

Right next to the Museum of Art inside Queen's Collina,
delicious treats can be enjoyed next to beautiful works
of art. Some of the treats include tea and simple desserts
(like a coffee shop/tea room).
The ambience and atmosphere, was matched only by the
superb harmony of flavors.

Great special mooncakes (tea set): 500 yen (tax-included)

Eating the mooncakes first!

What is a mooncake?
Originating in China, dedicated to the first month of the
lunar calendar, August 15th Thanksgiving night. During
that time sweets are given as gifts to relatives, friends
 and family. You can create your own using dough with
 flour as the main ingredient and inserting dried fruits and
bean paste inside. With just the right consistency the harder
outer shell and soft inner is created. It's an amazing treat
if you can master making it! Personally we loved it!^^

Nasu's artisitc appeal ^^
Is this really a tea room or are we sitting in an art museum?
 You be the judge! The atmosphere is created with the flashy
 and stylish crushed gold table covers radiating a mellow
warm tone within the cafe.

Don't forget about the Kyubi bus!

Taking in all 22 tourist attractions can be done quite easily
with the Kyubi Bus and at a rate that is much more economical
than renting a car or taxi. With this small yellow ticket you are
free to traverse as you see fit on all Kyubi buses.

Adult:  1,000 yen
Child:  500 yen

※ Price includes tax.
※Kids younger than elementary school age are free..
※ tickets cannot be purchased from within the bus.
(Must be purchased at designated stops)

◎ Bus Routes, Stop Guide (Japanese)

◎ Bus Timetable (Japanese)
To efficiently tour Nasu

While on the Kyubi Bus...

Allow us to give you some recommendations!

Nasu's Stained Glass Museum♪

Take a trip back to the Medieval times with this European
 inspired building featuring antique stained glass decoration
from the1800s. The beauty of some of the walls in the chapel
calls back to the famous art of Raphael, the well-known
renaissance painter and architect. The stain glass windows
match perfectly with the sculptures and thunderous sounds
of the pipe organ. To find an unrealistically beautiful place
such as this with perfect rays of sunlight shooting through
the windows... All we can say is BRAVO! ^^

◎ Nasu Stained Glass Museum (那須ステンドグラス美術館)
Address: 1790 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District,
Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302
Hours: (April to October) 09: 00 ~ 17: 30
                   (November-March), 09:00 to 16:30

Admission: Adults 1,300 yen
               middle and high school students: 800 yen
               elementary school students: 500 yen
               infants: Free
               Seniors:  1,000 yen (over 60 years)
  ※Must show I.D.

※ Admission prices exclude tax
※ elderly, and disabled are eligible for discounted entry.
※Must be presented, prove the relevant kinds of disabilities.

 ◎ Nasu Stained Glass Museum official website (Japanese)

Kyubi bus ride - a pleasant experience with the world
of animals ...

Get to all the attractions quickly and effectively with Kyubi!
The Hotel Sunvalley Nasu World Monkey Park
(那 須 ワ ー ル ド モ ン キ ー パ ー ク) is a great place to go
APE. But don't let the name fool you. There's more
than just monkeys here!!

◎Nasu World Monkey Park (那須 ワールドモンキーパーク)

Address :
325-0001 Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-machi,
Nasu-gun, Takakuko 6146


Hours :
8:30AM to 4:30OPM (admission until 4:00 PM)
* 12 / 1-2 / 29
Open year-round

Entrance Fee:
1,800 yen : adults (jr. high school and above)
1,000 yen: Children ( 3-4 yrs and elementary
school students)

※  The combination of more than one discount
is not allowed.
 ※The Monkey Park and Nasu Safari Park admission tickets
act as discounted entry tickets for each other's facilities.
      Adults receive a 1,000 yen discount and children 500 yen.
※Monkey theater, elephant of the forest, park of the visits
 will be included in the entrance fee.
* Bait, etc. will be charge separately.
※ Must show proof to receive discounted admission:
Disabled individuals are eligible for a half price
 discount. (Seniors 10 percent discount)
※ refunds are not available for discounted entry.

※ If you are booking with an organization please see
the website for more information.

◎Nas World Monkey Park
official website (English Available)

Take a load off in the hotsprings

After going around to the best sights to see on Kyubi, bring
 the party back to the hots springs at Hotel Sunvalley. There
 are three kinds of hot springs to enjoy: sulfur, alkaline, and
magnesium. This time we ventured into the hot springs of
Oriental Garden laden with beautiful cypress wood baths
making it by far our #1 recommendation.
The relaxing effect of cypress has a unique feel
and flavor.^^

Best attractions: Nasu Onsen (hot spring)

When traveling to Japan, why would you not make
an onsen trip? Any form of Japanese travel will most
certainly include enjoying beautiful onsen. Nasu's onsen
are steadily gaining popularity as a spa destination.
With over 1300 years of public bath history, many
people come to this spa because of its reputation.

Encounter the treasure chest of flavor in Sunvalley

Sunvalley Resort has an assortment of different delicious
restaurants to choose from offering high quality meals.
You can choose from a wide range of Japanese, Western,
 as well as Chinese cuisines, and we forgot to mention
the best part... they're buffets! ^^

Foot HEAVEN! ...

Aqua Venus, which is located just below the main building,
 comes equipped with spa facilities where you can enjoy
water parks and hot springs even in a swimsuit! That's right!
No need to worry about showing off your goods to strangers anymore!!

The massage parlors are all run by highly trained professionals
 so they're have you in a relaxed- induced coma in a matter
 of seconds.. You've been warned!

Foot Treatment (Foot Massage)
Everything below the knees course:
Price: 5,400 yen (tax-included)

Enjoy a variety show

Luckily our timing visiting coincided with an acrobatic
Chinese Performing Arts Show (Period: 11.01.2015 -
 01.11.2016). We had front row seats to amazing girls
 ranging in ages from 15~19 who were amazingly flexible
and strong bending and contorting their bodies into
cringeworthy positions. It ended up being a fantastic show
 we couldn't take our eyes off, as with the rest of the
talent Hotel Sunvalley Nasu brings. Be on the lookout for
other fascinating shows such as this!

Illumination embroidered night

In the plaza you'll find the Sun Valley Garden Illumination
shining bright with more than 300,000 light bulbs.
The lights are especially good for couples around the
small chapel!^^

Memories spent with illuminations

Make new memories in the lights decorated for you
and me. It's such a lovely space to forget all your cares
and enjoy the moment together!

Help yourself to Nasu Tourism

Because the Kyubi bus runs on a loop, you'll always find
your way back to Hotel Sunvalley Nasu, but understand
that it is just a one day pass so try to make the most
of it! The majority of the key tourist locations in Nasu
can be accessed via this line so it's a good economical

◎ Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

1. More Resort for your money.
 - Nine new hotel facilities!
2. Variety and fun-filled hot springs.
 - Fun bathing in hot springs of with various features.
3. Enjoy with your pet.
It's also possible  for your lovely fluffy partner to travel
 together with you in a private hotel.
4. Experience a variety of flavors.
 - Buffets, Japanese, Western, Chinese,  all quality meals
5. Travel by bus, not just by Shinkansen!
 - Board a private bus from Ikebukuro, Tokyo!

Relish in beautiful panoramic views of nature each season
 in multiple renown hot springs integrated into the resort hotel.

◎ Hotel Sunvalley Nasu (ホ テ ル サ ン バ レ ー 那 須)
Address: 325-0392 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District,
Nasu-machi Yumoto 203
TEL: 0287-76-3800

◎ Hotel Sun Valley Nasu Website (English)

After you rest from all your traveling, back on the bus
 for a full-fledged tour of Nasu!

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