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#Apartment / SHARE HOUSE♪ Experience Free-Spirited Design Space @ OAKHOUSE [GRAN Nakano]


Enjoy Free-Spirited Design Space @ 


Like a hotel you can enjoy all the amenities ranging 
from a stylish bar, karaoke, sauna and more.

JAPANKURU has introduced to you to OAKHOUSE 
before but not quite like this. This time we'll give you a
 preview of a special space giving off a feeling of continuous
 evolution!! We visited the GRAN Nakano location and 
was surprised to find an open bar, designer hall space,
and a relaxing, effective use of space. Also we noticed on
 the first floor you can use the sauna or sing karaoke if you
want, or use the shared kitchen to create your next culinary

Only being open for less than a month, OAKHOUSE GRAN
Nakano isn't far from the station near new stylish stores
 in a quiet residential area. Take this chance to give up your
old boring life and jump across the ocean to Japan to
 live in JAPANKURUs highly recommended OAKHOUSE
GRAN Nakano!!

Take a gander at OAKHOUSEs website for more info
on available residences across Japan.

The official website comes in five different languages
with about 240 buildings and 3,800 rooms from including:
(Share houses / Apartments / Social residences) ^^ ~


 no key money deposit or agency fees
no cosigner necessary
comes with furniture, appliances
Free Internet
management fees only
 friends can visit no problem!

::: GRAN Nakano :::

Address: Wada, Suginami ward, Tokyo

Nearest station:
 Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Nakano Fujimichō Station
Five minutes walk from the nearest station
/ interchange station to the main Shinjuku Station 10 minutes


-6 story building
- Wi-Fi Available
-no shared computer / no parking /
no bike parking / no bike rental service

::: Shared facilities :::

hall / kitchen / reading room / Bar / moving stage
 / washer / dryer

::: Other Facilities:::

toilet / air conditioning / refrigerator / Web / bed /
tables / chairs / storage space

* no TVs provided in rooms *

 ::: Rent:::

82, 000 yen to 139,000 yen / month (including fees)

Shall we take a closer look at what makes Gran
Nakano so special?

The Good Life

The distance to the nearest station (Shin-Nakano) is not too
far and walking to the station will give you a big selection
 of shops to go shopping at. After you finish your shopping
 just take the short 20 minute walk back to your place.

If you don't need anything from the nearby stores why not
get off at  Fujimichō Station and enjoy a brief five-minute walk
back to the warmth of home! ^^

At Shin-Nakano Station, take exit # 3 for supermarkets,
convenience stores , everything!

There's several convenience stores, supermarkets at
the station so you can buy the ingredients to cook
on your way back home without having to go back out again.
It's modern conveniences like this that puts a smile on
 our faces.^^

A freshly designed door?

We have arrived at today's JAPANKURU destination friends!!
GRAN Nakano's domineering appeal, dark wooden door,
 makes one wonder is this really common housing? Must be a high
class space.

[GRAN Nakano Information]

Forestry warm decor on point!

After opening the door it's incredible !!

Lush furnishings, warm yellow light and the warmth of
wood flooring compliment one another. Keep in mind
we've only made it as far are the entrance. Let's make
our way forward to see what is in store for us...


First, let's witness the magic of this shared space design !!

 WOW ~ A spacious and comfortable common space !!

The common space of Gran Nakano comes equipped with a
 TV, projection screen and projector, audio equipment,
and a microphone.  This spacious common hall, can only
be topped by the addition of a dazzling bar in the right
corner of the picture. Who needs to go out when you can
bring the fun back home?? Careful not to get too drunk... ^^

* Excessive drinking harmful to your health! Japankuru cares about you !! *

# Stylish fully loaded bar

The lively bar backlit with changing colors, rendering various
unique atmospheres in the room changing any unpleasant,
dull, gloomy, bored drinking impression from before !!
We'll drink to that!!

By the way, this space is usually open with unspecified hours,
 making it a good place to stop by and chat while tasting 300
yen glasses of wine !! The hours open may change so keep a
lookout on the website for any updates !!

 Mr. Miyagi, one of the designers of this fantastic
space and owner of a company called Miyagi Co., mainly
responsible for spatial planning, just so happened to be
visiting the bar when we arrived. He also gave us a first hand
account about what went into the design of the building, including
the fact that originally he wanted to design the building completely
differently but he had a change of heart and ended up creating
it the way he did now. Good thing for this change of heart we can
sing karaoke into the wee hours of the night!^^

Multifunctional lounge

Next to the main hall there's an elegant space, just like a
fancy cafe in Tokyo !! Whether you are trying to study, lounge
 around or chat here, you've found the perfect space !!

Shared kitchen at the rear of the bar

Choosing the safer route, instead of gas stoves electric
stoves are provided!! Reportedly operating at a higher
thermal efficiency than other equipment, the traditional
the stove loses approximately 60% of the heat into the air
 when compared to the 75% lost by gas stoves. Not to
mention there are no exhaust gases produced making it
clean and convenient. ^^

# A good spacious kitchen

Even the kitchen looks top notch, imagine seamlessly
 preparing food with your newfound housemates and better yet
friends from around the globe. A huge table is provided for added
space when preparing dishes.. Nice!!!

Maybe you might have noticed the letters VIP?

 VIP is mysteriously written on a door in the
kitchen, hmmm wonder what's in it? !!


When we mentioned earlier, the space bar designer Mr.
Miyagi there was no exaggeration when we said his designs
are fantastic and luxuriously creative!! Just feast your eyes
on his unique VIP room creation.

Creating your own space

Now we can get an idea of what rooms in Gran Nakano are
like. Although the room may appear to have everything, it's
 like a canvas waiting for your personality to draw in the color. !!
Please remember to consult managers if you would like to
make changes to rooms because after all, the rooms are rented.

Left off the official website

Did somebody say free sauna!? Yes that's right it's not
written on the website but a sauna is included in the listing!

Seventh floor veranda

From a broad platform above the residence managers
approve of BBQ parties, clothesline drying and general
 clothes drying ~ You can also catch a glimpse of Shinjuku
from up here!

They have everything here! Seems like a bit much. XD

Next let's check out some of the features of living in
a Japanese residence !! ~~

[1] 3rd floor : Apartment type listings

Management fee 30,000 yen (pay once, when contracted)

Monthly rent:
 120,000 yen +
total benefit costs: 15,000 yen = 135,000 yen

Spouses or boyfriends/ girlfriends can live together
for an extra 10,000 yen per month

Bright and spacious entrance,
 fully equipped kitchen + everything

More than enough space for one, and just enough for two.
  ~ OAKHOUSE is giving you all the tools you need to settle down
comfortably. All that is missing is your suitcase and belongings!

You can even play hide and seek in the the large cupboards

Just imagine the amount of daily necessities you can fit !!

Ample sink space

A large sink capable of handling loads of dishes no
problem ~!

Utilize this sink and included storage space above the sink for
efficiently drying washed dishes. The faucet is also equipped with
even flow technology giving you a nice strong even current of
water with every turn of the handle.

Thoughtfully designed kitchen

Just how large is the aforementioned dish drying

OAKHOUSE seeks to make the transition to living in a
Japanese style apartment as seamless as possible by providing
useful tools and equipment like this rack for example. Place a
towel on it to prevent it from dripping and you're good to go! !!

Toilet and bathroom together

Have you ever went to take a shower and suddenly have
to go to the bathroom? Haha! We're serious! This design is
very practical!! Although they are in the same room, they
are separated by a door so you don't have to worry about
getting the whole bathroom wet. With this separation you can
enjoy a shower while another person uses the toilet. Works
out nicely and doesn't result in any awkward situations! ^^

A Fresh large space #

A wardrobe, bed, table and chairs, sofa, air conditioning,
 everything you could possibly need. Remember to take the
 room as a template in which you can inject your own
personality !! (but remember to ask the manager
for detailed rules)

Enjoy your new Space

Whatever you want to do, free of the bounds of space, do
what you want to do, you can even get your lazy on XD.

An essential wardrobe

Included in the room is a convenient place to store
all your clothing and hide it away from view giving your
room that much more of a spacious appeal.

Delicately designed

Both sides of the closet come with a mirror, even a small,
simple clothing rack. With OAKHOUSE's included items you
know you'll be taken care of!!

# Bedside outlets

Recently many popular restaurants also have toyed with
such a design, providing outlets to accommodate customers.
 OAKHOUSE follows suit providing bedside outlets to
facilitate charging for Facebooking before you sleep (?), upon
other reasons I'm sure. So thoughtful, OAKHOUSE XD

We know that some people are thinking that it's too much
size for them and would prefer a smaller option. Luckily there
are several different sizes to choose from.

[2] 5th floor: Shared/Single Apartments

Three room apartments with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Management fees 30,000 yen (pay once when signing the contract)

Monthly Rent (differs according to room size)

[11.64m²] rent 70,000 yen +
total benefit costs 12,000 yen = 82,000 yen

[14.7m²]  rent 80,000 yen +
total benefit costs 12,000 yen = 92,000 yen

[17.5m²]  rent 90,000 yen +
total benefit costs 12,000 yen = 102,000 yen


As previously mentioned, this room type allows three people
to rent a room separately, then share a kitchen, bathroom and
other facilities of a common residence. This could potentially
be the perfect setup for a group of friends to rent a place together!!

Bright and ventilated kitchen

Although they are a relatively small number of this apartment
 type, it provides adequate space!! Not just for cooking, it's
not a bad idea to keep a window open for some fresh air.

In fact, there's actually a washing machine XD

It may seem hard to tell from the picture but this room
 comes standard with a washing machine! No more
coin laundry.. Yay!

Accommodating ovens and kitchen cabinets !!

It can't compare to the previous single person apartment
 but it is spacious nonetheless.^^

Even a bathtub!

Are you the shower of bath type? Well in this apartment you
can do both! XD. To all my lovers of long baths, bathe to
 your heart's content (just as long as it's okay with your roommates)!!

Separate toilet

Taking into account if you live with other people, and they can
 not take a bath while the toilet is in use the place has been
designed so the toilet and bathroom are completely separate! !

The toilets are also high-tech electronic toilets that will heat
up when it's cold out and come equipped with a Japanese bidet. ~ !!

Three rooms

The room to the left is the smallest room, containing for
82,000 yen a month, the second largest in the middle for
92,000 yen a month and the, the largest to the right for
102,000 yen a month.

Without further adieu....

If you're going to shoot, might as well shoot for the stars
 with the largest room! ~ ^^

Spacious and comfortable rooms

In this room, I didn't expect it but the most impressive item
 is the carpet on the ground. Living in OAKHOUSE is a
privilege, and you can benefit from an endless supply
of creative imagination at home !!

 This room is really too praised !!

Take this immersive look into the sheer size of the room.
Seems like enough space right? : P

In addition to the wardrobe, there's also storage
space under the bed

With only a wardrobe to hold all your clothes, you may be
getting a bit worried (right ladies?). Luckily there are
two life-saving drawers under the bed we can
make good use of.

Even the table provides storage space?!

A stylish wooden table is provided to give you even
 more storage space and it's no coincidence the electrical
 outlets were placed here...

You ca  even find an  ethernet cable. Ultra-convenient !!

Tall thin wardrobe

Because it's just a single room, the wardrobe is a little 
smaller, yet still leaves a lot of space on the sides, where
 you can potentially add more!!

So unfortunately, our GRAN Nakano journey has come to 
an end. But luckily we could see so many new and 
comfortable rooms, and what to expect from living in Japan. 

So what do you think?
Ready to start a new life in Oakhouse?

Man is a social animal

Setting foot on land in a foreign land in search of a new life
 almost from scratch, excitement mixed with anxiety, these
emotions are common when you start living in share housing.
Remember a move into Oakhouse Gran Nakano will guarantee
instant friends.

New look on life from a new GRAN Nakano started ~~ !!

Good times together, laughing together, singing, or a
sad cry and a drink together, do what you want and make
 this space your own. OAKHOUSE residential environment
 has given us such a great space where we can come to
 know new people and things, and a safe haven. I truly believe
everyone will love it here, and will be touched by this great
 thing OAKHOUSE has created !!

Welcome to the B & B by popular demand, OAKHOUSE
 Shibuya shop!! Where intelligent service personnel from
across the globe provide the most practical advice !!

[Japan share houses]
Whether you are a foreigner or Japanese, you can easily
consult here to find an ideal accommodation.

[GRAN Nakano Information]

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