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#Shopping♪ Ever heard of Ochazuke? Delicious, convenient and warm meals! Your intro into the well-loved Japanese SOUL FOOD with Nagatanien

Ever heard of Ochazuke? Delicious, 

convenient and warm! Your intro

 into the well-loved Japanese SOUL FOOD

- Nagatanien local limited edition ochazuke souvenirs

On top of white rice, topped with seaweed and other ingredients,
or over hot tea, it doesn't matter how you enjoy it. For most
Japanese people, "ochazuke" is something that becomes a
staple of their diet. Even when you only have cold rice, just add
 a bit of it in and the flavors transform your meal dramatically.
A very simple, easy to warm, and of course, "delicious" way to
eat rice.

Fully incorporated in Japan's food culture, it's no exaggeration
 to say that "Green Tea over Rice with ochazuke" is Japanese
"soul food". Over the years, Japan has seen a multitude of various
types and flavors of ochazuke but the most popular in among
them was realized with the introduction of regional limited edition.
Anyone who has ever traveled to Japan can tell you the different
parts of it's over 1,000 island each has it's own style, culture,
and even tastes. Bridging the gap is  "Nagatanien" giving you
access to a wealth of delicious flavors for any circumstance.

In love with the white rice country, Japan

A Glutinous texture with a deep taste and glossy appearance
 often referred to as Silver Shari.

But even though rice is eaten heavily throughout Asia, when
 Japan was surveyed about their love of rice, "do you like rice,
 rice?",  Surprisingly just over 80% of respondents actually said yes
 as opposed to 20 percent. This statistic is regarded as a key
proponent in the assumption rice as a staple food to only

The first time rice was transported to Japan dates back more
 than 3000 years ago. Ancestors to the Japanese had staple
foods similar to the US due to the fact that they were surrounded
 by the sea. People near the sea enjoyed fish, shellfish and
seaweed, while people of the mountainous parts enjoyed wild boar,
 rabbits, other animals and river fish, nuts, and wild plants.
 For thousands of years the Japanese have been engaged in a diet
with rice as a side dish.  Over this time the importance of rice has
grown immensely.

Japan has attracted a great deal of attention thanks to the longevity
of it's inhabitants. Perhaps there is some connection to their diets?
Did somebody say Nagatanien!? ^^

 Japan's Ochazuke culture

Rice as side dishes are an essential formula of a simple
Japanese diet. But sometimes as a meal rice by itself can
seem a little bland, and people would naturally add their
own ingredients to add flavor. Thus "ochazuke"
was born!

Preparing Nagatanien ochazuke is actually quite simple. All you need
is some rice and tea or hot water. Simply add the ochazuke to the rice
and pour the water/ tea in. Give it a little bit of time to settle, then
 bon appétit!!

Add to your Japanese shopping list

Next time you go shopping make sure you get "Nagatanien
Ochazuke ". Ready to be eaten immediately with hot water and
 rice. The abundance of varieties will guarantee you find a flavor
that suits your tastes.
It also works great as a souvenir and can be found in most
stores in the souvenir department. ^^

A further variation of ochazuke "local limited
edition souvenir" series!

Hokkaido, Niigata, Karuizawa, Tokyo, Osaka, and Okinawa ...
While traveling around Japan, get these vastly different
 ochazuke souvenirs! Apart from the seaweed and salmon and
standard types such as plum, there are limited versions, which
 were created as a special product of each region!
 Isn't it a wonderful idea.
A great incentive to travel the country and enjoy some
delicious ochazuke.

Ochazuke of Nagatanien local limited edition souvenirs

Okinawa's limited edition anyone?!

Of all the flavors to represent Okinawa they chose
to go with goya (bitter melon) a very bitter but delicious
acquired taste that will have you hooked!
This is one flavor that will stay with you after eating it.
Must be tried once!
The flavor is reminiscent of the goya champuru we enjoyed
during our trip. ^^
Bitterness aside, it is also refreshing healthy.

Here Hokkaido

Even in the frozen abyss that is Hokkaido there is still hope.
You can unwind in the wilderness and enjoy one of the final 
frontiers of Japan.

Getting the limited edition in Hokkaido like... !!

Hokkaido's "hairy crab", "sea urchin" Limited Edition

These limited edition products are practically jumping off
the shelves in Hokkaido!
I think we'll go for the sea urchin first!

Even if it's cold out!

Warm ochazuke is here to keep you warm all the
way through the night!

Winter in Japan is very white! Skiing time!!

Niigata Prefecture Naeba Ski Resort!
Skiing in Japan is full of fresh powder and beautiful scenery ~!
Here, we can discover a unique ochazuke !!

GET Niigata's LIMITED Edition!

Heartily playing in the snow, and freezing because of it,
How do you warm up again? Niigata's limited edition Nagatanien

We choose Red snow crab!

Niigata's limited edition ochazuke
~Special rice with green tea and delicious seafood, yellowtail
and red queen crab!

So warm!^^

What are you excited most about after skiing?
A spacious spa, beautiful snow white landscape and Ochazuke!

When in Kobe!

Kansai region's most fashionable city "Kobe"!
The stylish deck of Harborland facing Osaka Bay is a
place that will bring ear to ear smiles to anyone's face. ^^

Kobe date night, wrapped in light ^^

Every December, the city of Kobe is wrapped in lights,
 "Kobe Luminarie" In a space such as this, it's like a dream
so romantic and unforgettable ^^

Our spoils of travel at the hotel♡

Fashionable streets, drunk in the harbor wind, or impressed by
 the fantastic lights of the Luminarie ...After you capture
a full chest memories in Kobe, back to the spacious hotel room!
Remember, it' not a party until you open up the main Kansai
limited edition ochazuke! ...

Speaking of the main Kansai limited edition ochazuke ...

Whatever you say, it has to be this!^^
Kobe beef ochazuke!! Such a gorgeous combination^ ^
Just a simple taste of this will make you homesick Indeed ~

Feels good ~! Here in Karuizawa

A great spot to enjoy nature and shopping.
Today is the day to refresh ourselves with a short
trip to Karuizawa ♡

Shopping spree ^^

Karuizawa's stylish outlets the "Karuizawa Prince Shopping
Plaza" is a great place to checkout your favorite items, forget
the time and go shopping for a couple hours!

Karuizawa "Shinshu"

At Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture pick up your own regional
blend called "Shinshu". The mix is rich with vegetables and
goes great with ochazuke!

Shinshu specialty, "nozawana" and "wasabi"

Ochazuke using nozawana is a typical specialty of Shinshu!
Not only tasty, but also healthy. ^^ very refreshing ~

And ...on to Tokyo

At last we've reached the goal of our journey, Tokyo!
Even in Tokyo, I wonder if their are limited edition Ochazuke?
Perhaps we will never know ...

To be continued ...

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