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#Recommended Intimate Luxury Suites @ Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten in Tokyo

Intimate Luxury Suites @ Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten in Tokyo

A game-changing recommended hotel in Tokyo,
the Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten!

What criteria do you use when choosing a hotel for
 your next trip? Price, amenities, services, area?
When you travel the world and stay in less than
standard destinations you come to realize the things
you miss and need when you travel. The ability to
have choices is one of the greatest things any one
of us can possibly experience.

Here in Japan it's no different. The high standards
 at luxury hotels are a must and the best of the best
 hotels can find their way onto the world famous
Michelin Guide list.

All 9 suites in this luxurious hotel have their own
 special charm and the hotel seeks to instill a tranquil
atmosphere through the use of it's traditional Japanese
interior design.

* What's the Michelin Travel Guide? The world's highest
 authority on all things hotel, resort and restaurants.
View the lists for impressions on your favorite destinations.

Boasting a historic tradition

Only about 15 minutes from Akihabara by foot,
or a short ride on the Sobu Line, the hotel sits 
nestled in the town of Ochanomizu (御 茶 ノ 水).
A hotel of this caliber calls to mind a mental image
of a 'modern classic", with the clean, long and 
graceful veil of a traditional great city.

Rather than paying for an expensive hotel to get luxury
 amenities, would you be interested in a hotel at a great
 price where you can enjoy the historic value of traditional?

Reservations can be booked using the world famous
 hotel booking sites Agoda or Expedia. If possible, of 
course, you can also use Japanese booking sites in Japan. 

Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomiza Shoten 
(ホ テ ル 龍 名 館 お 茶 の 水 本店)
Official Website:

Exploring outside the hotel: Ochanomizu

Situated next to a beautifully calming, flowing river, in the
old days of the Edo period, the Kanda River (神田川)serves
as an encircling moat for a neighboring castle. The very same
 clear water flowed out of the Ko hayashi ji Temple (高 林寺)
with "Ochanomizu (お 茶 ノ 水) in the distance. Nearby, Tokyo
University School of Medicine, Meiji, Ochanomizu Women's
University can all be found. Some popular attractions include
Yushima Cathedral, and Nicholas Cathedral but they are a
 considerable walking distance away.

Ochanomizu Station

Ochanomizu is only home to three JR train lines, so just
standing nearby and watching. you can see each train line
pass by over the bridge. If you arrive during great weather
you can take advantage of the nearby scenery as well!
Shall we?^^

Trekking Spot #1: Ochanomizu Musical Instruments
 Shopping Street

There are a ridiculous number of interesting small
 shops selling top brands in musical instruments, audio
products, and audio books. There are also music students
with the dream of becoming the next music sensation! ^^
If you love music, this is a great place for you.

Walking Spot 2: Get off the streets and read a book

Japan's largest chain of books stores have been lining
the streets in this neighborhood since the Meiji era.
Japanese literature, Western literature, professional books, old
shops comics and magazines too, various publications are
available for those interested. A cool fact about this
neighborhood is you can also find nice cheap used books
as well.

Book Spot 3: Jimbōchō

Jimbocho, also known as the sporting and hobby shop
heaven, is a sports hobby shop destination. Those
interested in exercise for a healthier life are recommended
 to visit these sporty streets. Having a variety of sports, it
makes you wonder if that's the reason why so many people
 in Japan are so fit...^^ Anyways it's a good destination to
get hard to find rare sporting items in Japan.

Walking Spot 4: Ota-hime Inari Shrine

Smack in the middle of downtown you can set
your sights on this... What is it exactly?!

Known as a "power spot" by the locals, the Ota-hime
 Inari Shrine (太 田 姫 稲 荷 神社) is a relic of a locale
sandwiched between modern high-rises.
It's amazing sights such as this that make Japan
so unique.

The Origins of the Shrine

The origin of the Ota-hime Inari Shrine (太 田 姫 稲 荷 神社)
is all shrouded in legend. Sometime in the middle of the
Muromachi period the daughter of Ota Dokan grew ill
with smallpox. He brought his daughter to area where
the shrine now is and prayed. Eventually the daughter
recovered and to show his gratitude erected a
shrine in it's place.

What a touching story ~

Please give me strength!

The shrine itself has transformed into a great place
to go to pray for healing from diseases you may
become afflicted with. You can also venture to this
site to pray for the success of business ventures.
Go and get some power today!^^

Another attraction in the hotel

Why not enjoy some dinner inside the hotel's restaurant
on the first floor?

Tea and washoku (和 食: Japanese cuisine) served with a
distinct green tea theme.. You won't be able to resist the
charms of this chic restaurant. Prepare to enjoy the many
 facets of green tea style cuisine. The hospitality and
attention to detail in the dishes is something to take note
of because it's simply extraordinary.

Green Tea Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu
Lunch 11:00 to 15:00
Cafe 14:00 to 16:30
Dinner 17: 30 ~ 23: 00 (L.O.22: 00)
※ Pet friendly

official website

Feels like Japan

Simple, yet shows the calm and balance that has come to
 symbolize old-fashioned Japanese interior design.

Layers of Style

Founded back when the Hotel Ryumeikan
Ochanomizu Honten came into existence, the shop
specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine. The 「和」
is used to symbolize harmony or peacefulness with the
 「食」 meaning diet, together forming Japanese cuisine.
Seems only fitting for such a balance of healthy ingredients.

Even more special tea for me!

Choose from over 50 unique tea cups (茶 器) at the Hotel
 Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten and match them with
special tea kettles (茶 釜)!^^ Admiring all the awe-inspiring
designs, it's really easy to see why the shop is proudly
celebrating having been open for over 100 years.

Hot tea in the shinning sun!

Quite the unique tea pot right?
In fact it is one of my favorites because when you order
 you can choose the style of cup. Not only can you
enjoy your favorite tea, but you can also enjoy the
freedom and creativity to order something your own
way. How sweet! ^^

Immersed in the City

After sitting down, you'll notice a traditional urban
 landscape surrounding you. The restaurant has a
wonderful terrace where you can enjoy your meals
peacefully. Enjoying dessert with a cup of tea with a
panoramic view of the stylish streets of Ochanomizu
 sounds like a dream...

A new balance

Green Tea Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu is a great place
where you can fully enjoy a mix of delicious tea and mouth-
watering desserts. The only problem that now exists is
what you're going to eat first? ^^

The dessert menu contained
only 1899 exclusives

Western-style vs. Japanese-style pancakes are a
little different in 1899. Black beans line seasonal
vegetables marinated in honey sitting on fluffy pancakes
making a complete and mouth-watering meal!

* 1899  Rice cake pancakes
(1899 米粉 の も ち も ち パ ン ケ ー キ) 980 yen (including tax)

Stylish and delicious

Not exactly made for people who only like green
tea, but also those who enjoy fusion dishes and desserts.
The bitter taste of the green tea also creates a great balance
 with the sweetness of the beans and fruit.

Real homemade pudding

Uji Matcha (宇 治 抹茶), a homemade pudding made of
matcha syrup sprinkled with honey sauce taste truly
unique when eaten in the old-fashioned specially-
made ceramic bowls, the

* 1899 homemade honey cake pudding matcha:
 830 yen (including tax)

*One taste of this pudding and you'll be coming back
for more!*

1. Experience new tastes @ Green Tea Restaurant
 1899 Ochanomizu

2. Relax in the professional crafted Shigaraki porcelain
tubs, made by seasoned veteran craftsmen. Not only are
they stylish and comfortable, but they are also very
intimate and private. Just imagine the amount of time you
could spend in here...

Amazing Bathrooms

A simple bathroom space to wash clean the fatigue
 of travel!^^ The truth is there's quite a bit hiding within 
this image. One of Japan's leading towel brands,
a gorgeous towel known as "Imabari (今 治) sits near the
glass door. And the elaborate artisan pottery made of 
Shigaraki ware  (信 楽 焼 き) claims the attention of
anyone who lays eyes on it...

Let's take a closer look.

Soak your body in Shigaraki (信 楽 焼 き)

Use your bath time to warm up from the physical
 and mental fatigue during the day. Listening to music, 
sleeping, and relaxing in the wide open bath are great
ways to pass the time. While you are in the Shigaraki ware 
bathtub, you will finally have a chance to forget about 
all your worries. ^^

Technology from the Kamakura Era

The rough feel of the tub gives a rigid sense of stability
as your skin presses against it's walls while a generous
size of about 110 cm in diameter makes stretching out and
relaxing not so difficult to achieve. Shigaraki is a ceramic
 process that began in the mid-Kamakura period and in
recent years, the adaptation of Shigaraki in private homes
and hotels has shown there is a growing interest in
this popular ceramic.

Hand-crafted masterpiece ...

Nestled in your bathtub, with warm flowing bubbles
flowing all around you, one can't help by wonder, is this
heaven we have ascended to? Where's the angels!?^^

3. The harmony of this western style room will leave you
all warm inside and just wait until you feel the softness of
the genuine LARKOWL beds!

Beautiful Rooms [Pictured room is called Matsu (松)]

After checking out the room we can truly say it
 was cozy,  explaining the admiration foreign tourists
have come to have for this luxurious Japanese space.
Shall we point out the features of these unique rooms?

1. The design concept is to "embrace tranquil
moments in Japanese elegant simplicity."
2. Botan (牡丹 Peony), Kiku (菊 chrysanthemum), Fuji (藤
Wisteria), yichyo (銀杏 bank) Matsumura (松 pine), etc ... Each
room is named after a beautiful plant.
3. All nine rooms of the suite are about 53.1㎡ ~ 61.9㎡.
4. All rooms offer an ensuite bathroom with bathtub
 made of Shigaraki ware (信 楽 焼 き).
5. Iwata (イ ワ タ) Twin-sized Larkowl Bed (120cm x 205cm)/
 Hollywood Twin 40-inch flat-screen TV, CD / DVD player,
wireless / wired free high-speed Internet access /
ample power outlets.

Modern meets traditional

In 1899 (32nd year of the Meiji Era) founded here in Ochanomizu,
Ryumeikan began it's history. Since then, it has seen two more
important re-openings adding new features to modern design
of the traditional space.

Fresh Green Hotel
If you're looking for a new hotel experience it's important
to note that novelty and tradition coexist here.
Try and make wonderful memories in this beautiful hotel basked
in green light.

Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten
 (ホ テ ル 龍 名 館 お 茶 の 水 本店)
Address: 3-4 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku Postal code:101-0062
TEL 03-3251-1135
FAX 03-3251-0270
home page:

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