Thursday, March 3, 2016

★Advice♪ Mother's life Hacks 101 (Pro-tip level: over 9000!)

Advice♪ Mother's life Hacks 101 (Pro-tip level: over 9000!)

はじめました (Nice to meet you)
Hi and thank you for checking out this advice column!
This column is dedicated to recommended daily life hacks 
for busy mothers. With budget in mind I am also demonstrating
 that these ideas and DIY can be done utilizing items from 
your local dollar store (got your attention?). Because I love to
 work with my hands and create things, I’d like to show you some 
creative ways to make stuff using everyday products.
Now let me first introduce to you the products we will be 
working with today.

Here, shazam!!
A glue gun!

A Glue Gun!?

Although hardcore DIY-fers and handicraft workers may 
think they already know, I’m breaking it down for people
 who don’t know. Glue guns are used as an adhesive for
 attaching smaller handicrafts such as beads to fabric, 
among other places. The glue works well because it 
hardens quickly and uses resin, a substance which isn't 
dissolved in water. The glue gun can be used on anything
 from paper, plastic, (although there some substances 
stick better than others) cloth, packaging and wrapping,
 construction, and even electrical wiring. 

While it's very convenient, it can even be found in the 
100 yen shop ($1 store).
This glue gun goes for 200 yen, with refill glue sticks 
for 100 yen (DAISO)

Colorful options

The refill glue sticks, may only be 100 yen but they 
offer many colors. Transparent white, white, brown, and 
black. Today we will give you an introduction into the art 
of the glue gun. For all mothers out there you can probably 
empathize with my plight, a child's slipping sock problem...

Smaller children that have non-slip pads on the backs 
of their socks are lucky but what can you do as they get older?

Rubber Solution

Although it is hard to see in the picture, the written 
portion on the socks is actually made of rubber. This is 
one addition that makes a big difference. Especially when 
your child begins to walk and can't keep proper footing. If 
you have hardwood floors like us, it's almost like a skating rink. 
To stop the sliding with just a little change to the socks is 
truly a blessing that'd I'd like to share. Let' walk through 
putting it together!

-Glue gun
-Glue stick
-Cooking sheet (also DAISO)
-Extension cord

The extension cord is actually required! A plug converter
 is necessary as well. This is because the glue gun is cheap, 
and the code is short! (look at the pictures and you'll 
see the length. LOL) The use the cooking sheet for practice
 using the glue gun, because it's a bit trickier than it looks.
 If it does not stick, then it's not ready to apply just yet.

Practice makes perfect or well..kinda good

Since the 100-yen shop glue gun doesn't have an on/off 
switch, while plugged in, it's always on. Once I left to do 
something and the glue continued to spew out the gun in
 a nice puddle below Please be careful not to leave
 it plugged in. Once you've decided what you want to 
draw on the socks, wield your glue gun and cut loose.

-Though it may look like a toy, the glue gun tip is very hot so
 keep your kids away.

The wonders of Glue

After applying, the glue hardens in less than 30 seconds. 
Pretty easy right!? ♪ There's a whole new world of glue 
gun ideas, which we'll gradually introduce as time goes 
by so keep posted! !


★Thanks, Asuka for the advice of using a Glue Gun!★
Who is Asuka?


"Hi and thank you for reading my column! 
This column is dedicated to recommended daily life hacks for
 busy mothers. I am also a mother working full-time so I 
understand the benefits of finding ways to do things cheaper 
and effectively. I  also I love to work with my hands and create 
things, so I’d like to show you some creative ways to make 
stuff using everyday products. 
See ya!"

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