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#Okinawa Shopping ⑤ ♪Finding Adventure & tossing it in our baskets! Happy MUST-Buy Shopping List @ HAPiNAHA Okinawa

Finding Adventure and tossing it in our shopping baskets!

Collection of MUST-have items @ HAPiNAHA Okinawa

Thriftily shopping our way through the March, 
and the start of spring. Let's try to decorate
our lives without regretting how empty our
wallets get! If you're into travel, then you 
must be into shopping and getting the 
hottest deals on whatever you can find.

So we have provided a shopping collection that 
will not fail for your Okinawa Kokusai Street 
adventures to the most popular department
store around. 

What exactly will we purchase?
What is this HAPiNAHA?

Keep reading and all your questions will be
answered below!

Most can agree that the lives are or
have been deprived of witnessing the 
the goods offered at this international
avenue of Okinawa. With one simple
shopping spree at HAPiNAHA you'll agree it's 
just as fun of an experience shopping as it is
having the thrill of finding something you've
been looking for. Hope you got your
thrifty pants on because we are about to
get thrifty!! ^^

3 HAPiNAHA Shopping Spots

HAPiNAHA is divided into 3 main spots where you
can enjoy shopping

- Second Floor: Happy Kirakira! Paradise
- First Floor:  Happy Sweets Street
-First Floor: Happy Gourmet Marché

Where is the place we need to go to get the hottest
deals? Let's save time and money by trying all three!

Second floor Happy Kirakira! Paradise

We'll begin out shopping journey on the second 
floor at the extreme cuteness overload shop,
 Happy Kirakira! Paradise. Here, a variety of Japanese
 character goods, cosmetics, stationery, and miscellaneous 
goods, have been richly prepared.

The first floor is so big and full of variety and an
impressive lineup that most people completely forget
about the second floor.... But little do they know that
all the fun begins on the second floor! Soon as you make
your way up from the escalator Gudetama character goods 
are there to greet you!

Popular characters from Japanese animation including Gudetama, 
Hello Kitty, Doraemon, etc. are all represented. In this special
place you can also encounter 20th anniversary Sailor Moon

"I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of the moon,
I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, 
and go shopping at HAPiNAHA....." - Sailor Moon

or something like that.. ^^

A fun mix of miscellaneous goods

Not only are the various characters cute, but it's also
fun finding the amazingly useful miscellaneous items.
A Hello Kitty cotton swab case!? Also clips to
help hold the bangs on your face? 
A small pack of PointPAD cosmetic mini masks are 
also here! and a mini mirror made from realistic
chocolate. And the cuteness doesn't end there. 
There is a Chibi Maruko-chan 2-color ballpoint pen
where you can move the arms to bring out the other 

Let's take a closer look at the Sailor Moon goodies...

MUST-BUY#1 Sailor Moon Cosmetics "liquid eyeliner"
(1,600 yen + TAX)

This isn't just any old eyeliner, It's a "Sailor Moon" certified 
Cosmetic eyeliner. ^^ For all the Sailor Moon fans out there
you'll be happy to know that you can only get this item here.
Designed to look like the real Spiral Heart Moon Rod
from the original anime, how special you'll feel when you dawn
this item to add a bit of Sailor magic to your style. ^^

Character heaven

Pick up some of the most popular characters
around and add them to your collection. 
Guess the next step is to cosplay as Doraemon or
 Hello Kitty!

Legendary VS Super Rookie Class Star Characters ^^

Two columns right next to each other feature
two of the most popular super rookie characters
that have been sweeping the floor of competition
for a while now. 

I wonder if there are popular Okinawa characters
as well...?

MUST-BUY#2 Shisa Masks
(Two for 888 yen + TAX)

Serving as a symbol since the Edo period
in Japan, the Shisa have served as protectors of
luck and fortune for the Okinawan people. ~!
Now you can use the Shisa to protect your face!
Male and female versions of the mask have been
created for your viewing pleasure.

The mouth of the male mask is open, effectively
allowing the good luck to flow in, while the female
mask features a closed mouth to prevent good
luck from escaping. Together they create the perfect
yin and yang balance .

When trying these on at home, it'd make for a
great story to present to your friends.

Many strange cosmetics: The Second floor

Between the diverse and interesting goods, we've
set our sights on some unique cosmetics.
Once again we asked the staff for their recommendations
based on the foreigner popular that visits the

MUST-BUY#3 Silk Salt
(20g 500 yen / 125g 2,000 yen / 250g 3,700 yen) (tax not included)

An Okinawan salt known as "silk salt", the name is patented
with approximately 33 blends of sugar involved in the
Although we had doubts at first, oddly enough, it's not
rough on your skin, and the moisturizing effect is excellent.
The secret is because it uses 100% Okinawan sea alkaline
 salt and it actually makes a great souvenir.

So attracted to the package...

A beautifully drawn face on the packaging
is so eye-catching we couldn't resist. 
While for some reason my heart is driven
towards great packaging, this product was
supported by the staff and certified by a
"popular" sticker noting its popularity with
foreign travelers.

MUST-BUY#4 Okinawa Kucha pack
(500 yen + TAX)

Number four on our list comes the  "Okinawa Kucha pack". ^^
A cosmetic formula created for by extracting mud that
 has been accumulated on the bottom of the sea over
millions of years form the Okinawa area. The mud itself
 helps  to improve the metabolism of the skin cleaning the
pores and increasing breathability.

Not only for the face but can be used for the whole body.
 Including traditional cosmetic ingredients as well such as

Now that we've stuffed our baskets, let's continue
on back to the first floor.

First floor: Happy Gourmet Marché

Okinawan supermarket located next to the first floor
 Pokemon store Happy Gourmet Marché. Here, not only
 goods from the main island of Okinawa, but even goods
from some of the outer islands including specialty products
can be found here. Oh and general groceries as well! Literally
a "Marché" with a quirky supermarket vibe.

Basics of Okinawa taste, salt game strong

Various types of salt can be found to add the right
spice to whatever it is your cooking. Depending on the
features and makeup of seawater for each island,
the look, taste and smell all vary!

MUST-BUY#5 Okinawa Yukishio
(120g  590 Yen + tax)

Island salt made from the seawater of Miyakojima
 which is home to particularly beautiful coral reefs
among the islands of Okinawa. It's possible the
secret to the good taste is from the natural filtration
 of impurities thanks to the island of formations, or the
calcium component of the underground waters
surrounding the islands. The taste is easily apparent
and we were even surprised to learn that there are 18
hidden kinds of various mineral components from the

MUST-BUY Extra Edition ① EM Mayonnaise

First introduced in Japan via a certain TV program,
"Mayora: mayonnaise mania" and since then it's taken
off in terms of popularity. A placed called Miyagi
farm here in Okinawa has developed the mayonnaise to
make the creaminess tremendously appealing.

Let's move on!

If you're looking for a special liquor from Okinawa

Of course, there's always the famous Okinawan drink
 awamori, But what else does Okinawa have to offer?
Well, stronger awamori! -These are some unique takes
on liquor in Okinawa.

MUST-BUY#6 Refreshing Okinawan carbonated plum wine
(Alcohol content 10% / 360ml 1,050 yen + tax)

Okinawa specialty citrus "tankan" or "carbonated plum wine"
that is as refreshing as it appears. Just take quick glance
at the color and shape of the bottle and you'll fall in love.
Who wouldn't want this as a present from an Okinawan

A variety of personalities from each island

Tea makes an amazing souvenir for anyone who
is old enough to appreciate it, and here at HAPiNAHA
you'll find a lot of different flavors. But not just a difference 
of flavors , but also where they're from.  For 
Just as there are a variety of unique and interesting
islands that make up Okinawa, there is equally as many
unique flavors of tea.

MUST-BUY#7 Okinawa herbal tea
(120g  600 yen + Tax)

To the health conscious you can find herbal
and healthy tea. This tea has vegetables
such as  goya, turmeric, and a variety of 
the natural products from Miyakojima Island.
Great flavors such as ruby red herbal tea
will make any day a great tea day. 
The name is also interesting,  'gotta enjoy tea 
(楽 し ま な く 茶 ~)' ^^

Nature in a jar

Jams lined the shelves and are quite popular
amongst foreign tourists. Perhaps it's the portable
sizes? Or the fact that there are assorted flavors including
 sweet potato, mango, strawberry, etc...?

MUST-BUY#8 Okinawa Popular Gift "Miyakojima Goya jam"
(150g  700 Yen + tax)

Seems like each item is more unique than the last right?
Finally we've discovered some goya Jam!
Wondering what jam from a bitter melon tastes like?
Well, we'll give you a hint... it's not bitter.
That's right it was actually sweet. Interesting right?
We found ourselves going back for more and more
so maybe you'll enjoy it was well. 

Okinawan islands are full of mysterious flavors such
as this and HAPiNAHA is the place to experience
it all without taking another flight or cruise to another
far off distant island.

 Happy Sweets Street

A variety of local confectionery, souvenirs and Okinawan
candy including flavors such as pineapple, brown sugar, Goya, 
 etc. all made within the Okinawa area. With so much variety
it's almost like a treasure island. Be sure to check out the 
free samples!

The Hunger is Real

Time for al little taste test, and we swear not to eat it all! 
The cake itself is soft and sweet in texture, with a flavor
 immediately reminiscent of Okinawa! ^^

MUST-BUY#9 Okinawa purple sweet potato cakes "Omoro (おもろ)"
(Large size: 1,600 yen + tax)

A must have item from Okinawa travel because no one
travels to Okinawa without buying them.. like.. literally no one!
These sweet tarts are amazing and they proudly make up the
ninth spot on the list!

MUST-BUY Extra Edition ② Spicy Okinawan memories! 
"Shima Togarashi Ebi Senbei"(島唐辛子エビせんべい)
(1,000 yen + tax)

Happy red pepper from Okinawa!
Lightly spicy shrimp flavored crackers recommended to enjoy
with beer and other drinks, or even great as a souvenir to
bring back to the hotel. ^^
Remembering the spiciness is making me crave some of 
Okinawa's own "Orion beer" Oh yes, the perfect chemistry...^^

MUST-BUY Extra Edition ③ 
"Shiroi koibito? Nai yo~"(白い恋人?ないよ〜)
"Okinawa koibito!" (沖縄恋人!)
(Large size: 1,000 yen + tax)

Famous sweets "Shiroi koibito?" (白い恋人?) of Hokkaido, is
a collection of 46 different special treats to represent the
 47 different prefectures. 

At last we've got our hands on the Okinawan limited edition.
Surely it must be as delicious as the name implies!. 

Buy in bulk?

Baskets are provided so don't be shy... we know you
want to grab a handfull!

MUST-BUY#10 ROYCE' Ishigaki Chocolate
(Raw chocolate 450 yen + tax)

The still famous Hokkaido specialty chocolate ROYCE'
Has made a proudly genuine, parody in the form of.. Okinawa's
ROYCE' Ishigaki.

Astounding smooth and deep taste of raw chocolate
 so popular you'll want to go tell a friend. With chocolate 
flavors mixed with awamori, brown sugar, pineapple, etc...
there is sure to be something you'll enjoy!
Isn't it impressive how even the chocolate has taken
on characteristics of Okinawa by having flavors such as
 "awamori".. ^^

Anyone would be pleased receiving this chocolate as 
a gift so don't be greedy people! ^^

Don't pay taxes if you don't have to!

Did you think about tax-exemption? 
Just cause you're shopping doesn't mean you have to 
spend money unnecessarily. We've just been listing the
items as presented to us as recommendation from the 
friendly HAPiNAHA staff. They get a ton on foreign 
travelers who come through their store so who better
to have knowledge about what items sell fastest than
directly from the source. 

Planning a frugal Okinawan trip in March isn't very hard
 if you adhere to our laid out Happy must-buy shopping list.
To complete your shopping journey be sure to drop by the 
Duty-Free counter on the second floor to further enhance
your money saving!

[HAPiNAHA 2F duty-free information]
<General goods>
Total amount purchased in the day must be over 
10,001 yen (excluding tax)
* Clothes, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc.

Applicable towards purchases between the amount of
 5,001 and 500,000 yen (excluding tax) 

* Food, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.

* 1.1% of the tax refundable item price will be charged 
as a handling fee.

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