Thursday, March 31, 2016

#Shopping♪ Namie Amuro's favorite Shibuya Fashion Brand! The Dayz tokyo Shibuya Spain-zaka

The brand has been discontinued since 2017.

Japan Fashion / Fashion ShibuyaStylish and trendy fashion by the leading Japanese designerThe Dayz tokyo

All you need to know to understand the 2016 
Spring fashion trends. The keywords for this year
are simply: remarkable, gritty, and clean ...!

① Gender-less
Neutral, meaning it refers to a new fashion trend
that looks positive and not necessarily feminine. 
Breaking down boundaries the progressive fashion 
seeks to completely break stereotypes from the original 
men in blue, and women in pink notion we have come to
accept as norm in society. And in it's place it will insert clearly
refined and stylish lines to express individuality.
In general it's just an overall smart look, and even you 
must agree our society can stand to have a more gender-
less look. 

② Over fit
A wide range of sizes to fit even the most

③ This year's color trends - Rose Quartz & Serendipity 
Community. American professional color hues to
 present a world standard and the trend color of the year, 
presented in Pantone (PANTONE).
Pastel color scheme was a surprisingly good fit for both men
 and women!

When thinking about the trends for 2016
I noticed a very simple reoccurring keywords....
Since then, I've had my eye on a fashion collection
for quite some time that has been steadily gaining
popularity in the fashion stratosphere. 
A Japanese fashion brand boutique called The Dayz tokyo.
The MODE style doesn't stray too far from it's
related word MODERATE. Next we find that 
the TREND is catching fire with mature women
because of the BASIC style. 

MODERATE = mode appropriate sense of proportion
The dictionary meaning of MODERATE
1. Usually, the intermediate
2. (A particular political views) in the middle [moderate]
3. Moderate, reasonable
The dictionary meaning of the RATE
1. Degree or comparative extent of action or procedure:
2. Relative condition or quality; grade, class, or sort.

The Dayz tokyo in SHIBUYA

During any Japan trip, you can try wall you want
but you can't possible escape the alluring appeal of
 Shibuya (渋 谷), Tokyo. It's worth a visit simply to
walk down the fashionable streets. Especially Shibuya
 109 and 0101 (Marui), and even Parco, all shops for anyone
who loves the allure of fashion. 

But Shibuya isn't just made up of the latest fashion.
It's also holds Japan's traditional crafts and miscellaneous
 goods MADE IN JAPAN. There's actually a lot of shops
that handle goods such as this including Shibuya Hikari 
(渋 谷 ヒ カ リ エ), Maruara Watanabe (丸 荒 渡 辺),
and loft (ロ フ ト). 

Each shop features many Japanese luxury souvenirs
 you can buy! So many interesting shops line the streets 
of Shibuya and we will introduce you to yet another one

Do you know about the Spain-zaka ...?

Spain-zaka (ス ペ イ ン 坂) is ...

Just a  6-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station, you'll find
some streets resembling that of a hill you'd find
in Spain with shops littered up and down it. After
entering, you'll immediately be overcome by charm
and bewilderment. Clothing stores with vintage
 accessories, restaurants, cafés, all huddle along the 
red brick road that forms a gentle slope. Although
it is only about 100m, it has a cozy atmosphere like 
a sunny afternoon in Spain. You can also find the 
studio for Tokyo FM!

(Ms. Namie Amuro (安 室 奈 美 恵), internationally famous
 legends in the J-POP world is known to shop and
enjoy the brands from our destination, The Dayz tokyo.

The Dayz tokyo, the top of the zaka!

Home to white series modernity and classic elegance.
Today we'll dive into the fashion trends of Tokyo travel.
This is kind of on a back street of Shibuya so the feeling
has totally shifted. Less people crown the sidewalks and 
there is a bit more sophisticated urban feel and eye-
catching appearance and display. With the concept being
 unleashing the desire to shop. It can't be said whether
the concept is fully conveyed but there's no denying
the charm of something new, especially something 
with more support from mature women than the
younger set.

* The Dayz tokyo official website

* The Dayz tokyo Shibuya Instagram

* The Dayz tokyo official Facebook

* The Dayz tokyo Official Twitter

Decreeing a new fashion in Shibuya

As personality, values, ideals, and diversification
of fashion styles are used to express individuality
why use something complicated when you can use 
something that is simple?

Come in and check out the latest fashion buzz
and enjoy Duty-Free services as well.

<The Dayz tokyo Shop Information>

* The Dayz tokyo Shibuya
Address: 〒 150 - 0042 Tokyo, shibuya,
 udagawamachi 16 − 15
TEL: 03-3477-5705
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00
Access: JR Shibuya Station / Tokyu Shibuya /
 Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station

* The Dayz tokyo Nagoya
Address: Matsuzakaya NAGOYA, 3 Chome-16-1 Sakae,
Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-8430
TEL: 052-264-2502
Hours: 10:00 to 20:00
Transportation: Subway Line Yaba major underground
 passage directly Station (exit No. 5,6) / Subway Sakae
 Station Exit 16

* The Dayz tokyo Ikebukuro
Address: 1 Chome-28-1 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 3F
TEL: 03-5949-3976
Hours: Monday to Saturday - 10:00 to 21:00
Sun - 10:00 to 20:00
Access: JR Ikebukuro / Tokyo Metropolitan Ikebukuro Station /
 Tobu Ikebukuro Station

1F - An offer to modern women who don't forget
trendy fashion

The Dayz tokyo Shibuya is consists of a two story building
so we'll begin on the ground floor and sneak a peak
at the main fashions drawing in visitors. Fresh, clean,
minimalist coordinations consisting of impressive items

2F - Also hardwired to minimalist chic style

80% of The Dayz tokyo's stock is made up of
  original products and the remaining 20% is made
up of imported products. The second floor consists of
 a slightly different MODE sense than the items of the
minimalist first floor.
spacious floor configuration easy mind turns out to be a space to fully enjoy trying stopover offers.


The words of the day are cool! And Beautiful! Come
and see the coordinated collections you'll want to get
your hands on! Want to go on a shopping spree?

Note that cool beauty (ク ー ル ビ ュ ー テ ィ ー) is a term
 that has gained popularity in Japan. It's on of the internet
buzzwords coined mainly in Japan. 

Modern chic point one:  that skill

Shoes brand personality mode Sophia have been
very hot on the shelves lately as a collection
developed with sandals. The unique coordination of
 colors and configurations is definitely eye-catching.

Cleanliness, with denim

Again, denim is back this season without even
skipping a beat. As the seasons change you will
benefit even more by using a lighter color this
year. Since you'll have a wide selection of
denim items to choose from, jackets, coats, pants
you shouldn't have any trouble integrating it into
your style. If you haven't got yours yet, hopefully
by the end of this article you'll have your chance.

All you can grab

The Dayz tokyo styling already set up for you
to admire and add to your own personal collection.

Fashion items The Dayz tokyo - Set-up

Set-up items give you a sense of unity and a neat
and tidy impression. Away from the achromatic tones
of the winter woes, but instead something to brighten
up the season. This is the year of the trending colors
 such as rose, the color scheme of pretty pastel items
 fill the lineup.
The beauty of the set-up items is not having to worry about
what you will wear plus the comfort and modern fashion
 is great yet compelling at the same time!

Harmonization of neat and elegant impressions

Pants that cast a beautiful straight silhouette without
losing their modern feel. Although the sleeves of the
shirt seems to be exposed, they're actually an element that
enables flexible sleeve styling accents and with the added
low neckline you can introduce necklaces. Moreover, knitwear
 and denim give a neat impression because they have great
chemistry together.
Great coordination The Dayz tokyo!

To complete that stylish look...

Bold and bright color tones of the dress mixed with the
 calm colors of that jacket! What a great fit! ^^
Another bright, yet stylish look completed!!

Wonderful lifestyle shopping fashion at The Dayz tokyo

Not only keeping with the concept of clothing fashion but
also an entertainment shop of sorts. Fashion goods, and
general lifestyle merchandise can also be found ~!
Just take a look at this dedicated section!

Wearing comfortable shoes

Nowadays shoes are free from ruggedness while
maintaining a comfortable fit and with diverse and
 sophisticated designs. Browsing through these
shoes it's interesting to ponder which style will suit
you the most...A major feature of being able to express
one's self comes from ample choice of stylish dressy
fashion outfits in our opinion.. What do you think?

Wearing flashy shoes

Heels and sandals made of bright colors and original
 configurations of various materials. The Dayz tokyo
trendily suggests to match these colorful patterns and
designs of shoes in a minimalist fashion.
Are you ready to upgrade your style too?

Reflecting the trends

It's the season of bag, shoes, and bling bling.
 Powerful fashion accessories that reflect the trend.

Choose your preferred attractive fashion

Fashion at its pinnacle!

A new breed of socks ①

Fashion from the toes. ^^
Bring the bling bling all the way down to your
feet with this popping unique item.

A new breed of socks ②

See-through material mix and match socks that will
catch anyones attention!

Accessorize people! ...

If you're looking for a bit of color than look no
further than the accessories. Challenge yourself
by trying a color and making it your own!

The bold and brilliant  shoes

Exposing the skin is possibly one of the most
attractive things you can do with shoes!

Freedom of fashion

Here you can enjoy the freedoms that
come with designing your own fashion.

'Sandals + socks like peanut butter & jelly

 Sandals + socks?
Just like the hippie American Dad fashion, or
the style we would ridicule on tourist, who would
have thought it would become fashionable?
About 2-3 years ago the socks and sandals
movement rocketed it's way into the fashion
scene and it's funny when we look back at
all the fashionable 'unfashionable' people who
were just ahead of their time... ^^

That popular clutch bag was cool!!

The clutch is in just about every celebrities' arsenal and
it has since attracted popularity. This elegant and feminine
 clutch bag comes in black and white.

No limit styling

A stylish sneaker design based on the classic Air Force's.
Don't be fooled by the simple design, it's very sleek and
appealingly feminine in it's simplicity. 

Dressed in brilliant fashion colors

Spring and summer sandals with a bright color scheme
 infusing new life into a minimalist coordination.
The Dayz tokyo's unisex sunglasses are a popular fashion
 item stylish and modern, simplified to fit the growing trend.

Know the stylish trend urban woman ...

Initially I had simply thought that discovering
 The Dayz tokyo was just dumb luck, but instead
it proved to be a blessing in disguise.
So in hopes to pass on this gem to the next
fortunate soul, here I am writing to you about
this hip, chic style.
For trendy women of this age that seek to improve
 the quality of their lifestyle it's safe to say this shop
offers an elegant fashion with quality and values
modern women's lifestyles. From here on out it'll
serve as a great brand to watch. 

* The Dayz tokyo Shibuya
Address: 〒 150 - 0042 Tokyo, Shibuya,
 Udagawamachi 16 − 15
Google Maps
TEL: 03-3477-5705
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00
Access: JR Shibuya Station / Tokyu Shibuya /
 Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station

* The Dayz tokyo official website

* The Dayz tokyo Shibuya Instagram

* The Dayz tokyo official Facebook

* The Dayz tokyo Official Twitter

The brand has been discontinued since 2017.


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