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#Shopping ♪ Lumine Est Shinjuku / Fashion] Spring Has Come! Explore the cherry dyed color of 2016's Brand NEW Tokyo fashion at a glance !

Spring Has Come! Explore the cherry dyed color of 
2016's Brand NEW Tokyo fashion at a glance !

It came without delay this year! What has? ?
Spring has, SPRING! ^^
Girl's hearts flutter like butterflies, splashing ... expecting
and hoping to see blooming fresh cherry blossoms. 
The best way however to welcome in the spring is of
course with new fashion. ^^ After the long hard winter
diving into a variety of different styles, it's refreshing to come
back to the airy Springtime and  "the beginning of the Brand 
NEW fashion", like the Spring flowering. In the city Shinjuku,
 Tokyo where is a place you'll want to begin your shopping
journey early and continue throughout the day?
Definitely, LUMINE EST Shinjuku!

So, a MUST go-to place in Shinjuku is "LUMINE EST Shinjuku"
Let's take a sneak peak into the new must-have 2016 Spring
line-up. ^^

ルミネ (LUMINE)

Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Yuraku-cho etc…Each Lumine
 location is actually attached to their respective stations. 
Upon arriving from the train, your shopping can begin 
immediately! Just like Japan to make shopping even more 
convenient! Lumine comes from the French word “luminarie”
 , meaning, “light” and, fusing this with the English word 
“illumination” we see the birth of the name, “LUMINE”. 
Sounds right...right? From the South exit of Shinjuku 
Station, there are two Lumine Shops, 1 and 2. They 
are both connected in Shinjuku via the East exit including
 the “LUMINE EST Shinjuku store”. March 25th will
see the new "NEWoMAN" Miraina Tower ticket barrier
and a new entrance to the store.
< LUMINE EST SHINJUKU store information > 
Address: The Tokyo Shinjuku Ku Shinjuku 3-38-1 
Telephone: 03-5269-1111 
Business hours: 11:00~22: 00 (weekdays) 
10:30 ~22: 00 (Weekends/Holidays) 
Restaurant:  11:00 ~23: 00 

12: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Weekdays)
10:30 to 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

When a girl wears cute clothing to accentuate her
hidden inner strength and gain even more appeal from the
opposite sex. Incorporating feminine detailing into the
materials, MURUA seeks to exert maximum charm with it's
MODE styling, and create a balance with it's cool yet
tempting femininity.

Official website (English)

Season of the Girl

The climate is warm and gentle, but from time to time in
 early spring the chill in the air still remains, similar to
 the whimsicality of girls. White and light gray with accents
of orange, blue denim ... all work to produce the freshness
 of spring to the minimalist, spring LOOK of MURUA.

Long cardigan 8,000 yen + TAX
Turtle knit 5,500 yen + TAX
Damaged denim 11,500 yen + TAX
MA-1 Jacket 10,500 yen + TAX
Turtle one piece 7,200 yen + TAX

The ideal closet for early spring

Minimalist off-tone colors, and also knit outerwear
 jackets to keep you warm during chilly nights!
Mix and match and also take advantage of the 
thin leather jackets.

But, I cannot wait anymore.. ^^

Like the scattering cherry blossoms that'll
come and go faster than you think, flutter in the
 wind vividly, and look forward to unwinding in an airy spring style!

One Piece 8,900 yen + TAX

Left: Wedge heel 13,500 yen + TAX
Right: Bag 7,200 yen+TAX

A fresh Spring breeze - all clean ^^

A neat one-piece, combination of a white blouse and 
pants is also refreshing. Depending on the style in the 
same pattern you're sure to rattle up the atmosphere
of a room!

Blouse 2,800 yen+ TAX
Flare pants 7,800 yen+ TAX
Blouse & Pants SET price 8,500 yen + TAX

Denim denim denim!

Playing an active part in all seasons, the very reliable
 "denim" is also represented. If you need a refreshing 
selection for spring, this specific item is a good reason
to come in to the store! ^^

Point is, the WASH TONE
Simple styles for even people who like the tapered Indigo 
looking style. In the spring, of course you'll want to reach 
for the brighter shade more and more.

Washed denim pants 10,500 + TAX 

This spring mix sweet and cool

This spring, "MA-1" aviation jackets are all the rage in Japan.
The vinyl material used to be the standard, but now this spring
showcases silk, lace, and cotton. The feminine "sweet and cool
 mix" design is hot! Depending on how you assemble your
outfits you can expect to turn many heads as you strut your
stuff down the streets.

PICK-UP #2 chum chum (B2)

 12: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Weekdays)
 10:30 to 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

Spreading the joy of being fashionable to more women
featuring shoes that were born in select shops carefully
 selected from home and abroad. Proposes women's lifestyle
starting from the feet, producing sexy, feminine and elegant
items to compliment a beautiful silhouette.

Official Website (Japanese)

Bring a skip to your Spring feet

New shoes that are always comfortable!
Pure white canvas shoes are a definitely must
especially in the early spring! And this seems to
 Made in Japan. ^^


Oh how much personality is expressed ...
 Rich colorful lineup of brands and styles!
You'll definitely find at least one you'll love in
this treasure island of shoes ^^

Kids also Stylin'!

Adorable sneakers for little babies... cute! >. <
Try out a matching set for mom and dad and baby
for the ultimate step in family togetherness.

Reebok VERSA Pump FURY SYN 4,800 yen + TAX

A chum chum Original

The preeminent sense and personality is eye-catching,
 with these original lace shoes! I'd gladly go all summer
in these shoes...^^

chum chum (11601) Black 5,900 + TAX

PICK-UP #3 BAG 'n' NOUN (B2)
12: 00 ~ 22: 00 (weekdays)
10:30 to 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

What is the criteria in which you select a bag? Not saying that
the one you have was chosen on a whim like clothing, but
rationality and convenience are top priority when talking about
the appeal of said bag. Their products are produced locally
in Osaka using Japanese-made material . That is what
"BAG'n'NOUN" is about.

Official website (Japanese)

Their lineup is 100%!

 Light and easy to use colorful good bags at a glance.
All of these are "100% handmade"!!

And, Of course...

Because these are made in Japan, you can get warm
handmade feeling, delicately produced attractive bags..

Nylon bag 3,900 yen + TAX

Popular "canvas" material

Light and durable canvas material bags are a staple item.
The size and surprisingly capacity is good and it works
being worn casually or even for travel.

Canvas bag 6,000 yen + TAX ~

I'll take this one! ^^
Whether hiking or simply going out checking the cherry
 blossoms... you'll find new uses each season.
Add some new sneakers to compliment your new back-

Nylon backpack 8,800 yen + TAX ~

HAND MADE unique service!

Because BAG 'N' NOUN bags are handmade, they can
be repaired at any time by bringing them back
to the shop. Great, no need to worry about sending a
bag back to a manufacturer! "HAND MADE"  ^^
※ repair is a paid service

 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (L.O 22:30)
Seats: table seating with 44 seats
Average costs
: Lunch 1,000 yen + TAX ~
(all-you-can-eat 1,620 yen + TAX ~)
Dinner 1,834 yen + TAX ~

Cleanse yourself in TONVEGE. Serving fresh vegetables
 with delicious "shabu" (thinly sliced meat) is the proposal
of TONVEGE. A beauty secret from me to you, eat a lot
 of veggies! But why not do so with a full belly of "shabu-
shabu"? Order buffet style (all-you-can-eat), and you can
fashionably enjoy plenty of vegetables, and plenty of
 shabu-shabu cuisine.

Official website (Japanese)

There is value in the matrix!

Make sure you arrive early so you can get a
seat and won't have to wait outside for too long.
A popular restaurant like this, will attract the masses. ^^

Popular appeal

I wonder if it's the appearance of it's restaurant,
the cute colorful interior or spring centered
atmosphere that attracts the hordes of women here or
if it's the delicious food. Something to consider...^^

Highly recommended

Devour to your heart's content fresh pork and
 vegetables (until your stomach is full) and enjoy
 classic shabu pig  2 nabe set"
A heart-racing 90-minute enjoyable meal(battle?).
Let's get started!

Classic pig shabu 2 nabe set
(90 minutes all-you-can-eat) lunch 1,833 yen + TAX
 ~ Dinner 2,019 yen + TAX ~

The two types

With this set, it's similar to a Chinese hot pot
known as "shabu shabu" with two different flavors.
Five different choices for soup are provided. ^^

① Standard "kelp soup"
② Sweet deep flavored sukiyaki soup
③ Fresh aroma "sesame soy milk"
④ Refreshingly delicious "Yuzu salt"
⑤ Spicy Korean soup

Meat with vegetables!

"Three vegetables to one meat!" memories from an old quote
 from my mother.^^ That's right! Plenty of vegetables to go
along with the meat!
(And ... all-you-can-eat!)

Various sauces

Five magic sauces to enjoy your meat!
Salt, plum, sesame, ponzu, miso (Unconfirmed)
Let's see which one creates the perfect combination for

Wrapped up in wrapping ~ ~!

This is the real way to enjoy eat all the way through
Mixing meat, sauce and vegetables in just the right way. ^^

 12: 00 ~ 22: 00 (weekdays)
10:30 to 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

A Mobile accessories brand from Germany with fans and
 celebrities from Italy to fashionistas in Paris creating a
major movement in Europe. Since landing in Japan last
 December, it sold out the very same day in three separate
select shops. Rumors over the social networks had spread
 and in the blink of an eye, it became a hot topic in Japan
and now, has been referred to as the "most stylish iPhone
 case in the world".

Official Website (Japanese)

In Japan, get here now!

Each with a strong personality and traits similar
 to you choose your favorite case. Become a celebrity
 of the Iphone case realm. You can only pick up this
unobtainable item here at LUMINE EST Shinjuku.

This is gorgeous faction!

Some color and a little leopard print burst into your vision
from Yurui illustrations. These have got to be the most
unique pom pom clad cases we've ever seen! ^^
But it's so adorable! ~>. <

Monster au Portable Green gargoyle with
 green raccoon pom pom
 12,000 yen + TAX
(for iPhone 6 / 6s)

Cute and practical.

A variety of interesting designs courtesy of the
 "Miroir au Portable" series. The hard part is trying
to choose just one... Ok.. We're taking them all! ^^

Miroir au Portable Series 7,700 yen + TAX ~

Cool down to the package

So you don't break it and look cool in the process,
cute air gift-wrapped phone cases.
I wonder who's day we can make by giving
this gift from our Tokyo trip?

Springtime in LUMINE, is full of excitement!

Which season is more attractive to buying new things
than Spring. The season in which everything begins anew
creating a wealth of new opportunities and possibilities as
flowers bloom and trees regain their foliage. If you're
searching for new "beginnings" in Tokyo
fashion, look no further than, LUMINE EST Shinjuku.

At the start of this year's Tokyo travel period
find you place to call home for your shopping
experience here in Shinjuku. ^^

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