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#Shopping♪2016 is the Year of Makeup in Japan!! Pink Sultry Lips with "Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE"

Japan Spring Shopping Trip to Admire 
the 2016 Recommended Cosmetic Brand
Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE

Can you name a dessert that makes you happy 
just by looking at it?

How about "macaroons"!?
With the release of macaroons a "macaroon boom" 
shortly there after followed and people have been
hooked since. The current iteration we enjoy today
 was popularized from a famous French pastry
 shop known as Ladurée in 1862!

What relevance does this story have with the
well-loved cosmetics brand Les Merveilleuses 
LADURĒE of Japan?

Well for starters, LADURĒE obtained the license
 of the famous pastry shop and now works to 
create stunning cosmetic brands that employ
the same beauty and care as the original pastry
shop did so long ago.

This year's concept is related to "travel" and making 
on the go beauty and spring travel go hand in hand.
Get comfortable because you're in for another
wild ride into the hottest cosmetics around. 
Ready, set, GO!

* Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE
Official Website


2016 SPRING COLLECTION of Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE
doesn't stray too far from its roots of a modern individual
 of France brand concept. 
the 18th century saw the emergence of an elegant
form of women that often dreamed of traveling and 
getting away by themselves. We can all relate to 
having such fantasies of say flying around the world in
a hot air balloon. 

Eye makeup, cosmetic tools (brush, mirror), Lip make-up
, base makeup (serum, foundation, concealer), body care 
products, just to name a few, make up the collection. 
*Limited edition items also make up the collection.

The start of the Trip, Mitsukoshi Ginza

Within this one department store, much of Japan's
history of commerce is embedded. For those who visit
 Ginza during a Japan trip, this is definitely an 
indispensable shopping destination. Located right on
the main strip of the high-class shopping capital of
Tokyo, Japan. Today we will make our way to the
B1 basement to find the LADURÉE stand. 

◎ Store information
ーGinza Mitsukoshi Department Store
ーShinjuku Isetan Department store
ーLaforet Harajuku
ーIsetan Mirror Lumine Yokohama 
(※only body care products)
ーIsetan Mirror Lumine Kichijoji Parco Store 
(※only body care products)
ーOther places such as Haneda Airport's duty-free shop
 in the departure lobby

* Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE Store List

Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE in Ginza Mitsukoshi B1

Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE represents
◎ Skin Care
◎ Body Care
◎ Base
◎ Foundation / Powder
◎ Cheeks
◎ Eyes
◎ Lips
◎ Accessories available as well.

Among these, the most well-known and 
popular items at LADURĒE has got to be "cheeks".
The exhilarating feeling you get when opening a
 bottle shaped in the form of a heart only to find
beautiful dyed pink flower petals is indescribable.
But let's not waste anymore time, scroll on down!

Lovely Women of Fantasy Have been Realized, Here

Set up like a cafe that allows customers to sample the
 tastes of the goddesses. Makeup you can test out before
 buying has already been set aside so don't be scared to ask
to try something first. It's as if someone had moved my
own personal makeup drawers to the store ^^ ...

Testing Out LADURĒE Makeup

Here in the LADURĒE shop, you can experience having
their special makeup applied step by step.

Popular Items = Love at First Sight

A couple of different items that we caught in our
sights early on. This Face & Body Lotion set along with
popular body foam wash products from LADURĒE.
In addition to paraffin-free products that'll eliminate
the need to worry about children's allergies. One
of the benefits of this, is a product that can be
used for Mothers and their children together.
The appropriate oil is needed to maintain the
moisture consistency of the skin and products
like this will ensure you don't have dried skin.

And on top of all that, the package is cute! ♡
Just look at the adorable drawn in teddy bear character,
with it's cute jelly bean eyes. Whether you're an
adult or a child you can surely come to appreciate
it's design.

* Use TIP
◎ It can be used anywhere from the body to the face.
◎ Using the appropriate amount it can get absorbed
into the skin no problem.
(※ Hypoallergenic)

From left
2,500 yen + TAX

3,000 yen + TAX

~ The LADURĒE Makeover STORY begins now

Makeover STEP 1 - Apply Makeup Base
 for Instant Skin Correction

The first step to your new makeover begins with
focusing on the skin texture, more importantly
trimming down the tone itself. Application of the
seamlessly sits comfortably on your skin.
The added bonus of *SPF50+ / PA++++* sunscreen protection
ensures that your skin is protected from the ultraviolet
tays that attack us each and everyday from the sun.
Though UV rays threaten our skin all the time, it'll become
a lot more important as Spring and Summer approach.

◎ After cleaning the face of all other makeup products,
simply apply directly to the face using a finger!
(※ PA and is a measure of the effect of preventing infrared A waves.)
(※ SPF, is a measure that represents the infrared B wave prevention.)

Product image source:

3,800 yen + TAX

Makeover STEP 2 - Cream Cheek Base

Cheeks are an important step giving vitality to the
 face through makeup. In LADURĒE, the main reason why
their cheek products are so popular is because their
products are rich in durability and offer charming color
 variations for total control over cheek development.
Just look at Cream Cheek Base encased in this cute
container! The creamy texture not only provides a
 more brighter textured look but also has excellent
adhesion power. But by far the best part is they are
easy to apply!

The color is all five colors ♡

◎ Using the inverted triangle technique you can create
a light touch just under the eye!

Product image source:
4,200 yen + TAX

Makeover STEP 3 - Fully Cover Your Skin with a Face Powder

After dressing your face with the Cream Cheek
 Base, lightly cover the face with another of LADURĒEs
popular products called FACE POWDER and complete the
 cover leaving your skin silky smooth. The charm of this
Face Power comes in it's aroma and round adorable
container design with uniquely embroidered faint details.

Color is all three colors ♡

◎ Use the puff to apply the powder lightly
and add more when necessary. Since the powder
is very delicate the minute powder practically
disappears into the face leaving a clear complexion.

Product image source:

Refill - 8,400 yen + TAX
Container - (with puff) 3,600 yen + TAX

Makeover STEP 4 - Cheek completion with
 Pink Powder Blush

What's the best way to add color after applying the base?
No worries, we'll help you through this question!
The coloring of the cheeks for LADURĒE isn't a one-step
than done process, if you want to do it right, you need to
build your way up from the base. So for our next step
we will begin to add some color by way of another powder
yet keeping the natural appearance. Needless to say the
strength and natural appeal of the color was really impressed ...!

All five colors (+ a private limited 3 colors) ♡
(※ 101,102,103 may be hard to find due to limited availability.)

* Use TIP
◎ Using the puff accessory, apply the Powder Cheek
Color in the place where you added the Cream Cheek Base.
Offers a strong sustainability and sharpens the face.

Touched by an angel: The Gentle Hands that
Made us over

The powder type of cheek makeup is actually one of
the easiest to apply (beginner). The color remains visible
 in light and helps to accentuate the eyes!
Strongly recommended.

Product image source:
3,600 yen + TAX

Makeover STEP 5 - Adding Eye Shadow

Released in limited quantities January 29th, 2016.
This eye color palette has a very Spring and
refreshing appeal! The Vivid colors of the eyeliner
 and eye shadow palette effectively reproduce
the colors of spring in an clean fashion.
There's also the adorable package to contend with
that includes a mini mirror for convenient use.
All three shades are ♡!
(※ All colors subject to limited availability.)

Setting a New Trend

◎ Because a separate chip isn't included, try using a
your finger or your own separate clip when applying.
Gently add more color until you've reached the
desired amount.

Carefully draw a line in between the lashes from one side
of the eye to the other! When the point wears down
you can use the included sharpener!

Product image source:
5,300 yen + TAX

Makeover STEP 6 - Moisturizing Lip Solution

For glossy and smooth, rouge moisturizing power. This
particular lip gloss doesn't just work as a glossy
makeup addition, but rather helps to provide
moisture for your lips. Honestly, we were a little
worried that the glossy effect wouldn't last very
long, but to our surprise it had great lasting

And if you're worried about the color, these 7
different colors are available as well.

7 colors ♡

◎ After removing an appropriate amount from the
stick, it can be painted directly onto the lips!

Product image source:
* Glossy Rouge
2,500 yen + TAX

Makeover Success!

Keeping up with the Spring makeup trends..
Going from a bland look to a gorgeous skin expression
such as this isn't very hard with the right tools.
And to think this whole transformation was the result
of the use of 6 products in 6 different steps.
These lip and cheek products are all highly
recommended by LADURÉE to give you the look you

Oh and Don't Forget...

Not all cosmetics?
A newer product released January 29th, 2016,
this beautifully designed antique style mirror offers
you an opportunity to apply makeup in a stylish manner
 with this standout product.♡ Selling a product
such as this is definitely something that women won't
be able to take their hands off.
Product image source:
3,000 yen + TAX

All Women Will Rejoice with cosmetics from LADURĒE

As we stated previously ...
This year's concept is related to "travel" and making
on the go beauty and spring travel go hand in hand.
If we take a view back in time to when traveling even
short distances took a lot longer than today. We live
in a quick and bustling world now in which
transportations conveniences allow us to see and do
much more. LADURĒE understands this concept
and continues to push the forefront with new
products that are easier to work with, faster
to apply, and last much longer than the competition.

A frank impression of the adorable Cosmetics Les
Merveilleuses LADURĒE ... is that we are simply
impressed! The design blurs the line between
functionality and love of a product.
In no way inferior, the LADURĒE cosmetics line are
great items to add to your Japan travel shopping list.
Please go and give it a try today! ^^

* Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE
Official Website

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