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#Shopping♪ Spreading a FASHION Epidemic in Shibuya: Recommended Men's Shopping Oasis VANQUISH!

Spreading a FASHION Epidemic in Shibuya: Recommended Men's Shopping Oasis VANQUISH!

Currently, as of 2018,
"Shibuya 109 Men's" has changed its name to


VANQUISH @ Shibuya 109 MEN'S
Fashion of the city of Shibuya
When you imagine Shibuya, what comes to mind? Is it the
epic scramble thought to be the busiest intersection in the
 world? Or is it the multitude of styles and fashion accessories
that litter "SHIBUYA 109" ? Either way you slice it, it's known
 as the the most trendy fashion epicenter in Tokyo, and
continues to be a scene in which young people can flourish. 
Shibuya 109, loft, Parco, and Marui are just a handful of malls
that can be explored for an entire day in this cutting edge city.
But before venturing in there's some things we must do first...
First things first, a selfie!

1. Possibly one of the most famous
photo spots in Tokyo, just try googling "Japan" and see what
comes up"! Make sure you run out into the intersection
as soon as the light changes to get your ideal photo.

2.Just a Teaser for Shibuya: Exploring the Sushi

It's no problem at all to come to Japan thinking that
you can get delicious Japanese, food because there
is so much of it! Shibuya has a great deal of restaurants
but if you're in the mood for a unique experience catered
to your needs and some delicious sushi we have a great
recommendation for you. With so many tourist you'll need to
set yourself apart as a restaurant to gain a following in this
 town so the shop is open 24 hours a day, and is supported
by a multi-language ordering interface, not to mention
free WiFi and electrical outlets standard for charging your
mobile device.

3.  Help Yourself to Cutting-edge Fashion Shopping in Shibuya

Shibuya is famous as the point of no return for
 fashionistas. Prepare to be sucked into a vortex only
to be released in a dimension of unlimited possibilities.
Shibuya 109 races to the scene as a store with clothing
 brands at the forefront of the epidemic. Marui and Parco
make up popular destinations for brands geared towards
 women in their 20's and 30's so check here if you're

We've actually introduced the VANQUISH in Shibuya 109
store before

Shibuya and ...?

Snatch up your own specialty Shibuya gear with
the world famous Hachiko! The true test of a dogs
 faithfulness, Hachiko waited each day for his owner
to come back on the train as per their evening ritual.
However when his owner, "Ueno Eitaro" met an untimely
demise, the dog continued to wait at Shibuya station
each day for over 9 years! A statue was erected after
Hachiko also passed away and today it serves as a
famous meeting point for individuals in Shibuya.

Tying such a heart-wrenching story into their design
 a brand to lead the Shibuya men's fashion wave
must be none other than VANQUISH. We will dive into the
 casual style and make our way to a formal jacket style
VANQUISH is a men's brand that represents a wide range
 of styles.

Escalator to the 3rd floor: Shibuya 109 Men's ...

A fashion mall featuring impressive lineups for men
right in front of JR Shibuya Station.
Shibuya 109 Men's represents the man-oriented version of
Shibuya109 considered the "holy land" for women's
shopping for the past 20 years. In Shibuya 109 Men's you'll
find our destination VANQUISH is located immediately on the
 third floor after the escalator. But it's not just a store with
 clothing on display, it actually can be compared to an
entertainment center full of a variety of digital production

Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo-
- Black by VANQUISH: 6F
Phone: 03-3477-8111
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (Restaurant 11:00 to 23:00)
A day, seven days a week (except Jan 1st)
Accepted payment methods:
CUP / JCB / AMEX / Master / VISA / UC / Diners
Duty Free: TAX FREE

Watch this Item VANQUISH ASAP!

Shibuya inspired from Sukajan Jackets featuring the
icon "Hachiko" are perfect the perfect way to wrap up
 this spring! A variety of colors to ensure that you stand
out as a permanent fashion fixture, and not to mention
the cool embroidery! To make things even better, did we
forget to mention that they are also reversible and worn
by the mega Korean Pop sensation Big Bang!?

* Sukajan (スカジャン): A combination of American
letterman jackets with elements of Japanese culture.

The Charm of the Popular Item Shibuya Sukajan

To make a simple sports comparison, if SHIBUYA is like
sports venue and fashion is the game then VANQUISH is
the team with home court advantage. The signature Shibuya
Sukajan jacket effectively showcases Shibuya's charm
and has risen to the number one position on the
 popularity charts.

 Shibuya Sukajan thin material version
 19,000 yen + TAX (red jacket is the thin version)
 Shibuya Sukajan thick material version
22,000 yen + TAX (khaki and navy colors)

A Grand Tokyo Souvenir Jacket

Thinking about the history behind the Sukajan,
It was an interesting time in Japan, an island
that doesn't share any borders with a neighboring
nation, in which it saw a great deal of international
 exchange.  Immediately following World War II, US forces
had been stationed in Yokosuka Japan, but when it
came time to go back home, they had no idea what to
bring back as a souvenir from their stay. Soldiers instead
decided to  decorate their own aviation jackets and such with
 the traditional embroidery of Japan. As more and more of them
saw the appeal of such designs, thus we can trace back the
secret birth story of the Sukajan.

The name Sukajan comes from the Japanese people's
understanding of the English words "souvenir jacket",
which was heard, changed a bit to fit and language and
abbreviated as Sukajan. At the time, the silk required
to be used for the designs was made from the
pilots parachutes which were 100% silk.
Interesting isn't it!? ^^

* Yokosuka: City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Honshu Japan .
After the Second World War, it has maintained and
used for a Navy and defense installation of the Self-Defense
 Force in Japan (defense). Now it's known as a military town.

Shibuya Sukajan ~Second Version~

Sukajan at VANQUISH has come back with a slightly
new appearance. With the boom in the Autumn and
Winter, it seems only fitting that they would also
release something to tide us over in the spring.
Look carefully at the tag near the neck to see Tokyo
SOUVENIR JACKET written on the new style.
What new charms can we find on this second
iteration of VANQUISHs most popular jacket?

1.  Luxurious embroidery on the front chest with
 an image of Shibuya, and embroidered back
featuring an image of the neighborhood and famous
 places/ tourist spots around Shibuya in a bold design.

2. Transform in an instant with reversible jackets that'll
give you a completely new style in a matter of seconds
with the MA-1 type that has caused a re-boom! Also,
 the difference between the contrast of the lining and
the outer material of the jacket can be coordinated with
a variety of different outfits.

3. There is also a variety of colors to choose from!

Reborn with a Modern Twist

Some of Japan's young people still wear Sukajan,
however, traditionally some of Japan's brands have
given up on selling them in a fleeting market.
The jackets themselves ride high on the fact
that it can be considered a vintage item, and one
in high demand at that. Usually manufacturers make
no more than about 200 jackets at a time.

Vintage items such as this, in such high demand
are sure to not only draw a lot of attention, but
sell out fast, so grab yours before they're all gone.

Shibuya Sukajan thin material version
19,000 + TAX (red color, thin material)
white knit shirt 7,000 yen + TAX
Denim jeans 16,000 yen + TAX

New Skeleton Design Sukajan

First featured here at the Shibuya store, this
new item makes up the sequel to a sequel of
 the original Shibuya Sukajan work.
Along with the unique Skeleton embroidery you'll
also find the years 2004-2016 showing the years
the time timeframe for how long VANQUISH has
been operating. For this version a special map
of all of Japan can be found which has an
amazing impact for those interested in Japan.

Japan-themed Sukajan thin material version
24,000 yen + TAX

A New Level of Cuteness with gonoturn

gonoturn is a miscellaneous goods brand with the
 "Cute is Justice !!" concept. They have released and
currently offer masks featuring the cuteness of
Japan in the form of famous cartoon characters.
At first it's a little embarrassing but we can imagine
some people walking down the street with it on! ^^

gonoturn Official Website:

Show your personality, immediately!

This may be the most important fashion
item of the century right here. (lol)

LINE FRIENDS mask / "BROWN (Brown)"
2,000 yen + TAX

Beautiful street fashion

Sukajan still has an image of gangster wear in Japan
a form of street fashion that gives you a more edgy
style and appearance. To some that may be a good
thing, but we believe it's up to how you see yourself
that really matters. It's all very beautiful in its own
right so no need to worry, and they are popular so
it's understandable that you would want it.

Our advice is to try out the jacket with some denim
to help accentuate the embroidery on the back.

Japan Sukajan thin material version
 24,000 yen + TAX
Border T-shirt 9,000 yen + TAX
 leather bag 20,000 yen + TAX

VANQUISH jeans: the world's highest quality
Japanese Okayama denim

Jeans and denim products at VANQUISH
were used in the world's highest quality Okayama
Japanese denim. It's one thing to read about it
beforehand, but when you actually see it up-close
 and hold it in your hands, we'll just say that we were
impressed with the quality.

Feel the Epidemic

For the spring, the expectations of the new
 fashion trends are already on display. Custom tribal
patterns and oversized bags, show a very
self-conscious male with sensible shoe taste.
- Will you will be able to further expose the stylish sensibility?
It's great how in this cutting edge city of fashion
you can still admire the changing styles freely. ^^

Introducing the brand "#FR2"

VANQUISH is just one of the latest shops to
add the popular "FR2" brand to its collection.
Based on the interesting concept of the clothes
 photographers wear, miscellaneous goods and
items have been developed. What an adorable
set of rabbits!

#FR2 Website:

Shopping and Enjoying duty-free

To all the foreign tourists, you can now enjoy
the benefits of Tax-Free shopping!

Important info:
◦ You must show a passport.
◦ Not available for residents of Japan, or people staying
longer than 6 months.
◦ Eligible after spending more than 10,001 yen
 on clothing or 5,000 yen or more on cosmetics
 (value basis after discount, consumption tax).
◦ Other service fees are not tax-exempt.
◦ After you buy duty-free goods, please refer to
the procedure at the duty-free counter.
◦ Listed price does not include consumption tax.
◦ Items purchased at duty-free, can only be opened
after leaving.
◦ When leaving the country, please submit the
tax-free form to Customs.
◦ If you do not have a tax-free form when you leave,
you'll be charged during your exit of the country.

FR2 popular items - Tokyo Sukajan

A new Sukajan has recently appeared in the 2016SS
 apparel line of FR2 with a rabbit holding a Leica camera
 in hand. The body is trendily embroidered and carved
on a lightweight cotton silk-less design.

48,000 yen + TAX

Smoking Kills!!

The casual hoodie is an indispensable fashion item!
Especially for outdoor activities in spring, it can be worn
for say park visits and also for walking around the city.
When you want a classic chic style look without trying
too hard just reach for a hoodie. The hoodie "Smoking kills"
 is a design with no waste in nimble minimalist warning
statements for smokers, and it's a message we could
stand to wear more often. This will make a great addition
 to your closet for your sophisticated street fashion look.

Smoking kills Pullover Hoodie
12,500 yen + TAX

Cool knit caps with vinyl!

A knit hat said to be one of the must have items
when FR2 released it. The signature rabbit emblem is truly
a simple yet unique design. Another positive is no
way you can get bored with so many colors to
choose from.

Rib Knit CAP
4,000 yen + TAX
white / wine / blue / navy / gray /
 dark grey / black

View of the world of FR2

FR2 has locked its sights on taking over the world,
converting one fan at a time. Yeah, we'll definitely
join that club.

Introducing the LEGENDA brand.

The presence of an edgy new Tokyo street style
brand called LEGENDA has got all the "TOKYO
STREET MODE" fans talking about this concept.
Just from viewing the items in the lineup you
can begin to understand the depth and quality
of the style.
Well, we've seen so many brands associated with
 VANQUISH. From here on out we will look at
specific outfits they recommend!

Recommended VANQUISH Outfit ①
The more formal Vanquish outfits make their arrival.
As directed we tried out the formal jacket and pants
with a casual jean button up shirt appeal and we
must say, it looks good. 

Matching Styles

Though they are both rocking the same
style you can see how much the appeal
changes from person to person.

Which one do you think is more stylish?

Denim shirt 10,000 yen + TAX
T / R stretch tailored jacket [VJJ2212] 15,000 yen + TAX
T / R stretch Cropped pants [VSP036] 9,500 yen + TAX

Recommended VANQUISH Outfit ②

Leather reigns supreme in this VANQUISH outfit.
The jacket, smooth in texture is made with characteristic
leather giving it a moderate sense of weight! The design,
natural color and closeness to the waist make it easy
to coordinate with just about any style you can imagine.

Cow leather naked double riders jacket
 50,000 yen + TAX
 knit turtleneck 7,000 yen + TAX
Black denim jeans 16,500 yen + TAX

Items that show "true masculinity" are here! 

Completion of the look ...? !

With the exception of the summer, spring, fall, winter can't
quite retain its heat and things get pretty chilly here in
Tokyo.  However this is a recommendation for the more
fashionable customers. Now is a good time to take
advantage of the outerwear jackets that still remain.
Jackets, coats, and even down jackets, while things
are still a bit chilly take advantage of this winter/Autumn

Introduction of leather

Want a great casual look? Try on the leather
jackets. The store is packed with helpful and
stylish sales associates to help you find the right
style for you.
As per recommendation we're trying the black
turtleneck with the leather jacket!
All that's missing are the sneakers which with a
simple yet sophisticated choice you can complete
the look ~!

Flashy brand development

Introduced earlier Dorin LEGENDA / FR2 / gonoturn
A truly great brand offers a variety of charm and
variety while still maintaining its own style!

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

A trip to Japan wouldn't be complete without
a trip to Shibuya because it alone encompasses
so many elements of Japanese society. Particularly
the fashion and shopping culture that has captured the
hearts and minds of all young and old alike. Especially
stores like Shibuya 109 and Marui, Parco, etc.. any
person interested in fashion will be sucked into the mighty
pull of Shibuya like gravity.

However, Shibuya isn't all about fashion as one might
think. There's also shops dealing with old traditional crafts,
and miscellaneous goods such as products Made in Japan.
For example, check out Shibuya Hikarie, MaruAra Watanabe,
and loft.

You shouldn't have any trouble searching for souvenirs
and if you need nerd goods, Mandarake is the place to go.,
And of course if you need men's clothing, the male fashion
 brand VANQUISH will be there to take care of you.
Plan your visit today and tell them JAPANKURU sent you!!^^

Currently, as of 2018,
"Shibuya 109 Men's" has changed its name to

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