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::SPECIAL:: #Travel♪ Looking for Maneki-neko, a Japanese cat who decorates buildings on Asakusa's Nakamise-dori Street♡

Cat admiring Tokyo trip

Recently cat lovers cat slaves are becoming more and
 more, so today Japankuru will bring you a collection of 
furry meows to satisfy your kitty jones', you cat slaves!, ^^ 
Ah no, you are cat lovers, we know... 

Let's begin our big cat adventure!

First a rough schedule of events to come, please
 refer to the following!

Before starting, we'll visit Sensoji Temple! 
1. Asakusa Station: Imado Shrine cats 
2. Nippori Station: Unique cats
3. Yanaka shopping street merchandise/
cat food & lovely weather plus nice conversations!

Onward we go!

:::Imado Shrine:::
Taito-ku, Tokyo Imado 1-chome 5-22

Hours:9:00 to 17:00

The Shrine's Main Gate

The best route would be to visit Imado first, then
go to Sensoji, then head back to the station when visiting. ~

Imado Shrine

The weather was incredible, and the whole shrine was
 beautifully lit with a dynamic look. If you listen closely, can
 you hear the sounds of love? Poems written and signed to
 encourage people to have faith in love. (lol)

Paying hommage! !!

Within the shrine many Maneki-neko can be found, and as
you get closer you'll see two super cute big cats, and probably
 because this is the year of the monkey, there's a little
 monkey too!

Shrine Etiquette:

Wash your hands in the Bidet
Put money into the box (5 yen coins)
Rattle the bell
 bow twice
Clap hands twice
place your hands together
 bow again
By the way, this is place for those seeking marriage!

Kitty Attachments

This lovely marriage talisman was only 800 yen!
Very cute !! But the talisman is a limited edition for
this year so check out the official website (click) to see
what other options are available!!

Make your way back to Asakusa Station
 and onward to Nippori!

:::Nippori Station:::

Nippori Station interesting role

Nippori Stations mascot cat called Ni ゃ っ ぽ ri
 (Nyappori) ~ is said to be female cat that is a bit mystical
popping up in locations all around the station ...... XD

::: Nippori Station ecute :::

Bakery, coffee, rice balls · Books 7:00 ~ 22:00 (21:00)
Cooked Lunches 8:30 - 22:00 (21:00)
And foreign fruit Groceries 9:30 ~ 22:00 (21:00)

※ Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00am
※ Hours (within) the station vary by shop on
Sundays and holidays.
※ Some stores different from the above.

Nyappori Limited Edition Products

ecute in Nippori Station is an authentic seller of
Nyappori limited edition products! Let's take a look!

After you leave ecute and take about a five-minute walk
 from the North exit, you can reach the Valley Mall. The
 warmer weather, will bring out a lot of cat-infested
streets and shops so be careful where you step! When
 I visited, there were a lot of people doing the same as
 me, searching for cats. How did I know? Because
they walked by me with cameras drawn and eyes
fixed to the pavement searching. ~ (laughs)

Can already see cat-themed stores !!

I know I said there would be a lot of cats, but I had
 to ask people where do they usually congregate?
 According to them, there's possibly a lot near the
temple, in order to fight rats. So I began to wonder if the
 temple raised the cats, making the cats more and more
 used to people due to the fact they treated them well,
 resulting in their current evolution. Or maybe the cats
are just too lazy to care... ^^

::: Yanaka shopping street :::
Taito-ku, Tokyo Yanaka 3-chome, 8-11

For Larger Map

Grand Staircase to Yanaka Ginza

Unfortunately in the short distance we covered we
didn't notice any cats, but locals told me later, because
the weather is still cold the cats are in hiding. Soon
as the seasons changes and the sun warms things up,
there will be a lot of cats! ^^

Cute cat merchandise everywhere

This is a special street full of cat-related products,
so you don't really have to research about it
beforehand, instead just go.

 However there is one particular dessert shop you
 should check out.

::: Yanaka 貓尾 Tomoeya (Yanaka tail Ya) :::
Taito-ku, Tokyo Yanaka 3-11-12

10:00 - 18:00 (to 19:00 weekends · Holidays)

The first room is filled with ultra-red cat tail-shaped
 donuts; they know cat slaves will spend enormous
amounts here... XD super cute ah!

Super multi-flavored tails

Some with stripes, some printed with cat footprints,
 all are really super cute!

After struggling to decide for a while, I chose the
 chocolate custard and salted caramel! Because there
are not many fillings, milky touches that are too
strong so personally I feel that it's fun to eat ~

Custard (black orange and white) 140 yen

Haiyan caramel (orange) 130 yen

Taito-ku, Tokyo Yanaka 3-9-15

View Larger Map

11:00 - 18:00 (to 18:30 weekends · Holidays)

The second room is a bit like the lucky cat version
of the red bean bakery! And there's also kaiten yaki ~

The small series is a mix of red bean flavor and matcha
(green tea) that is not too sweet. It's slightly bitter sweet
 red bean lining is fully recommended! And the staff are
 extremely friendly so you can talk to them!

Matcha red bean kaiten yaki: 180 yen

Hope you can have wonderful encounters with cats!

Keep reading, because JAPANKURU will be back
 to do more stories on these lovely little fur-balls. ~

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