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#Okinawa Shopping ③♪ 2nd Floor of HAPiNAHA on Okinawa's Kokusai St. Reveals stunning Sunsets, BBQ & Japanese delicacies? - Suntory The Premium Malt's Ocean Grill

#Okinawa Shopping ③♪
Exploring Okinawa's International Restaurants
2nd Floor of HAPiNAHA: Suntory The Premium Malt's Ocean

Time for another nice trip to Okinawa in March!
In contrast to the rest of the country the weather is
surprisingly warm and quite fitting for this tropical
paradise. I know we have introduced you to HAPiNAHA
on Naha, Okinawa's famous Kokusai-dori International
street once before, but this time we'll focus on the gourmet
side of things.
"Happy Naha? Happy Naha? (HAPiNAHA)
The name is something that'll stick in your head after a
couple of times saying it to yourself, but for those of
you who don't remember, get yourself up to speed:


So today we'll make our way to the second floor where
we will proceed to stuff our bellies to gastronomic
 proportions ...

Suntory The Premium Malt's Ocean Grill

Aside from the cool name, the smell of the sea and
 a roasted savory scent can be enjoyed from inside.

Dinner will begin with Awamori in Okinawa!

From the sign posted outside the shop, the name reads
'Premium Malts',  which is exactly why we are tingling from
 the chill of the draft beer cup. - but here in Okinawa, a
much different start to a meal is the norm ...a version of
sake known as "Awamori" (泡 盛).

Where you can taste the sushi and noodles of Okinawa!?

Gastronomic proportions in abundance? Not quite yet
but we're getting warmer. traditional Japanese dishes are
 mixed in with Okinawa's own unique food culture including
dishes such as Okinawa soba and goya. When thinking about Japan
 it's very difficult to find a shop that sells sushi and noodles
 together. So things truly are special here at the Ocean Grill,
where you can find a flavor from the far corners of Japan.
The best part was the sushi was so fresh, and the authentic
noodles plus great service put us in a fantastic mood. ^^

Suntory The Premium Malt's Ocean Grill

Address:  Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Makishi
 2-2-30 (HAPiNAHA 2nd floor)
Hours: 11:00 to 23:00 (Last order 22: 30 / Close 16:00 ~ 17:00)
220 seats
Average price: Dinner 3,500 yen / person
* English menu available.

 The Interior Concept Fits the Name "Ocean Grill"

A red sunset similar to those over the waters of
Okinawa let's you enjoy barbecues on the beach.
The interior helps to greatly showcase the
'Ocean Grill' theme.

Just before going to bed beneath the sea,
the red sun colors the beach.

Enjoy the fine white sandy beach interior which
contrasts greatly with the other room and provides
 it's own unique atmosphere.

An Open Style Kitchen

Like the panoramic beach, the kitchen is wide open
and far reaching. The freshness of the ingredients and dishes
are dynamic, along with the recommendations from the chef... simply
delectable! ^^
Have faith in the menu and you can't go wrong with
whatever you choose.

We sure enjoyed it.

The Best Ocean Grill Menu Selection

The variety of dishes on the menu is astounding. Simply
take a look as we introduce you to some of the dishes
that had us begging for more afterwards...

Killing Me Softly With His 'Tongue' - Grilled Tongue

Okinawan grilled beef tongue is a famous and integral part
of the menu with its savory flavor practically melting in your
mouth as you down each piece. Couple this amazing
flavor with some wasabi and boy oh boy do you have
a dangerously delicious mix on your hands.

Soft, ripened for one week grilled beef tongue
 (一週 間 熟 成 さ せ た と ろ け る 牛 タ ン 焼 き)
1,280 yen

Sea Urchin with Class

At first, we had no idea what kind of cheese it was...
 Cheddar cheese? And what about the crackers?
The correct answer, was  "terrine" according to the chef. Utilizing
a French style mixed with dark sea urchin shows the
chef's tremendous cooking sense.

Terrine with sea urchin
(濃厚 ウ ニ の テ リ ー ヌ)
580 yen

Carefully Selected Oysters

In Japan there's a classification known as the
Oyster Meister which is a  prestigious qualification
awarded to only about 13 people in Japan. It shows
that they have reached the highest level when it comes
to handling and serving oysters. In other words if you
are served by one of these individuals you'll really be
in for a delight. By the way, we had the privilege of being
served  by one of these masters here!
He chose oysters caught in the Sanriku, Iwate, etc..
 some of best in Japan!
Aided with the zest of lemon juice and served on ice,
these chilling oysters will give you the chills! ^^

Sanriku, Iwate Oysters (三 陸 岩手 大 槌 産生 牡蠣)
 480 yen per oyster

Beautifully crafted freshness

An amazing selection of fresh fish caught in the waters
 of Okinawa and southern Kyushu. In an instant the
charm of the barbecue grill table is transformed into
 an authentic luxury Japanese restaurant.

Okinawa and South Kyushu fresh sashimi platter
(沖 縄 南 九州 活魚 刺身 盛 り 合 わ せ)
2 servings:
1,980 yen

You can not hide the fresh appearance

As you can see in the pictures the lush
pink appearance showcases the freshness
of the fish. ^^ 

Enjoy it in the most delicious way

Add you own flavor and suit it to your own tastes.
You have a chance to choose between a western
and an eastern flavor soy sauce to savor.
The eastern flavor is a bit plain, while the eastern flavor
has a more sweet finish.

Enjoy some delicious salmon roe

How about a heaping bowl of fish eggs anyone?
This precious salmon roe the chef generously gave
 us is certainly blessed!^^

Egg and Salmon roe (温 玉 い く ら ご は ん)
1,980 yen

Do not forget to order an adorable
 sushi platter ^^

After tasting the delicacies of the a la carte menu,
next up is barbecue! From here on the succulent
smell of barbecue will fill this post!

Share the barbecue atmosphere!

Okinawa resort 101:
Go to a resort~
When you get to the resort, barbecue-
As the barbecue sizzles, so will your soul ~
Enjoy these good times~!

Seafood BBQ set for two people
 1,980 yen

The Queen of the grill, scallops!

As the flames from the charcoal rises, the scallops juices
 boil, and the flavor radiates to your whole body.

All ready ~
The mouth-watering sizzling clams are calling to you
Can you hear their call?

if so...

Suddenly huge beer mugs appeared!

This so called jug of beer offers a ginormous 33 ounces of
 Premium MALTS Beer. Cheers! ^^
The barbecue atmosphere will gradually ripen with
each drink you down! My oh my how we have
gastronomically and effectively indulged ourselves.

Understand the pleasures of the highest of freshness,
barbecues, another Okinawan flavors

How many photos have shown the delights of the
southern island of Okinawa's cuisines, unique Ryukyu
culture, and the exotic pleasure of a la carte delicacies
 fresh from the sea with unparalleled chef skills?
(too many to count right?)

Perhaps that was a loaded question? ^^

What we're trying to say is at the Suntory The Premium
 Malt's Ocean Grill you can taste the resort feeling and
atmosphere with sushi and barbecue showcasing the
delicious flavors found all over Japan ...

When choosing what to eat for dinner during your
Okinawa trip ... goya can be found just about anywhere,
 and chances are you already ate soba for lunch ...
so while you contemplate what to eat why not wander
over to Kokusai-dori International Street? Next make your
 way up to the second floor of HAPiNAHA to a wonderful
 sea with a barbecue on a sunsetting beach.

You can thank us later..^^

Suntory The Premium Malt's Ocean Grill
(サ ン ト リ ー ザ · プ レ ミ ア ム モ ル ツ OCEAN GRILL)]

Address:  Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Makishi
 2-2-30 (HAPiNAHA 2nd floor)
Hours: 11:00 to 23:00 (Last order 22: 30 / Close 16:00 ~ 17:00)
220 seats
Average price: Dinner 3,500 yen / person
* English menu available.

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