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# Beauty ♪The Cherry Blossoms are a-dropping! Witness the beauty in its entirety with new ROHTO eye care products -ROHTO Lycée blanc

Just as the stunning cherry blossom flow like Japanese snow so will your beautiful eyes with ROHTO Lycée blanc

First impressions are ... essentially everything.
Even after writing this blog post, as you read it you're
formulating your own first impressions. Well, anytime there
 is talk about first impressions we are reminded of 
faces, and what is the most important and desirable place
on faces?

The right answer is of course, the eyes! Eyes are the most
important feature when determining the appeal of a face.
At first glance, there's no doubt a beautiful set of eyes
exhibit their own charm regardless of the rest of the face.
Some people may disagree but the condition of the
eyes are extremely important, especially healthy looking
eyes, that help to make the person more beautiful.

Japan's famous spring eye supplements Lycée are
sporting more devilishly handsome design to coincide
 with their newly released high performance products.

Sharp eyes / clear eyes / = moist, healthy eyes.
In pursuit of the beautiful eyes all women desire.
Become a Japanese snow queen basking in the nutrients
 of ROHTO Lycée blanc in the spring of Japan's "sakura
 (cherry blossom)".

2016 Japanese cherry blossom travel shopping list:
 Recommended products

- ROHTO Lycée blanc
From the renown ophthalmic pharmaceutical company
 Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. in Japan, originally known as the
Shintendo, Yasutami Yamada pharmaceutical Company
 (信 天堂 山 田安民 薬 房)" founded in 1899. The company is
 currently an internationally active over-the-counter drugstore
offering skin care products, stomach medicine and eye
 drops, etc. It's also known as one of Japan's leading pharmaceutical
companies which bought out the Mentholatum Ointment
Company in the United States, greatly increasing its financial success.
Among it's newer products, today we'll introduce you to 'Lycée'

Nowadays in across the world eyedrops effectively solve the
 fatigue and redness of the eyes of modern working individuals.
and ROHTO seeks to aid those in need of a stronger, better
eye drop.

A Pink Spring Outing in Japan

Nowhere else can you find such a heavy mixing of
Japanese nationals and foreign tourists than this
specific time of year. One of many reasons why is
because at this time in Japan cherry blossoms decorate
the landscape. Bright blossoms lighten up the Japanese
 community and have the power to purify the mind and
the eyes. Or so they say...

Many people await the cherry blossoms with
high anticipation with local news stations even
broadcasting the annual flowering time. Depending on
 weather conditions each year the date fluctuates
causing ripples in the flower community. ^^

Use your gift in the shape of dropping cherry blossoms

Lycée blanc is a feature of the ROHTO / Lycée Series
seeking to rid users of their bloodshot eyes by containing
 ingredients that rejuvenate cellular respiration.
Especially for women in the 30s-40s age group who begin
feeling fatigue in their eyes, this product is recommended
for YOU!

 ROHTO Lycée blanc
- Damage aging care eye drops -
Active ingredients: vitamin B 12 0.006%
 L potassium aspartate 1%
 sodium chondroitin sulfate 0.5%
 tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.04%
 vitamin B 6 0.05%
chlorpheniramine maleate 0.01%
Price: ¥ 1,200 + TAX
Will be available at drugstores in Japan from
March 13, 2016
Official Website (Japanese)

#1 100% Charming Design ♡

Sakura pink heart-shaped bottle and package design...
"Perfume perhaps!?" At first glance, the heart-shaped
design and cut-crystal shaped lid is simply dazzling. ^^
Open it up for sleek cherry hues, and a lustful feminine

#2 - Excellent efficacy ♡

 In order to heal the tired eyes, an effective funnel is
used to place the drops right where you need it with
exact precision.

Indications for use:
 eye fatigue / conjunctival
hyperemia / itchy eyes / eye disease prevention

Can also be used for:
Eye fatigue, conjunctival congestion, itchy eyes, eye
disease prevention (after swimming, such as when the
dust and sweat enter your eyes), discomfort when
wearing the hard contact lenses, eye inflammation
due to ultraviolet rays and other rays (from a
snowy day), blepharitis (sore eyelids), blurred vision.

#3  Portability ♡

Despite it's considerable capacity of drops, it comes in the
perfect size to fit right into your hands and it is easy to carry.
I want to celebrate this Japanese cherry gift, maybe even
 travel with this stylish design... ^^

For those of you first-timers

It's recommended to take 3-6 doses every
 day, with each dose consisting of 1-2 drops.

If you have an aversion or fear of placing things in
your eyes there's a simple way to overcome it.
The correct way use eye drops ...
Open the eye drop lid, open your eyes and then ⇣
Fold your head back and pull down the bottom eyelid. ⇣
Squeeze one drop into the pocket formed by gently pulling
down the lower eyelid then close your eyes for about 10

Easy huh?
※ The reason why open up your eyelids and drop it
into the pocket is to remove the fear of actually placing
something within the iris.
※ And it's important to close your eyes for 10 seconds
because then the solution has a chance to move around
the eye without blinking it away.

Eye drops with no fear!

Eyedrops that can be used smoothly anytime, anywhere
 with the free-angle nozzle® allowing eye drops from any angle.
It has been specially designed so that it's even comfortable
 for those afraid to put things in their eyes ...!

A rental car trip to enjoy spring in Japan

At last, the long-awaited spring arrived.
During this trip we were surrounded by the bloom of
Shizuoka's cherry blossoms in Japan. Marvel in the
springtime even in the suburbs of the city center!
Cherry-blossom viewing, in a cool rental car sounds
like the perfect combination for an epic trip!
* Car Rental from Haneda Airport International Arrivals lobby
 dedicated counter. 

On the go refreshment in a single dose

It would be a magic bullet to heal yourself with a beautiful
natural landscape alone ...
But a rental car trip away for the first time in a long time
 ... during the winter or spring will photosynthesize life
back into your bones. Just don't forget to charge your eyes
 too with Lycée blanc!!

Alas we've made our way to a famous place known for full bloom
 faster most other places in Japan.
Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Peninsula / Kawazu-zakura.

The sound of spring comes riding through Shizuoka

Kawazu, on the east coast of Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka
Prefecture sees cherry blossoms in early spring,
 February to be exact. Kawazu-zakura is a well-
known destination to view one of the largest cherry
 blossom festivals in all of Japan! Although Kawazu-
zakura is a relatively fast bloom, it will only bloom for
about a month before falling to the ground.

※ Two of the first places you can view cherry blossoms
 in Japan during the calendar year are Okinawa and
Shizuoka Kawazu-cho

Tunnel of Sakura

The arrangement of sakura trees (cherry blossom) is
fantastic in the fact that it creates a tunnel in which
you can walk through. The Kawazu Cherry Blossom
Festival saw it's 26th annual celebration this year with
 over 200 million tourists and locals frequenting
 the venue each year.
Please enjoy the beautiful scenery and harmony without
reservations and explore the amazing cherry blossoms.

* Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival official website (Japanese)

Three charming points , ready to capture a woman's heart!

Charming pt. 1 - 100% ♡ Sakura heart-shaped pink
 bottle design.
Charming pt. 2 - Healing, excellent eye drop performance.
♡ Returns the original sense of transparency for tired
 eyes and dry pupils.
Charming pt. 3 - Portable and convenient with high yields.
♡,Fits right into you hands

We tried to organize the charming points of Lycée blanc
but there are just too many to write...^^

Taken by the Sakura ①

It looks almost too good to be true. This picturesque
landscape secluded for me and you. Before you leave
 make sure you get a commemorative photo with
the cherry blossom and Lycée blanc! ^^

Taken by the Sakura ②

Living in a world of pink.
Seeing these beauties earlier than anyone else is
one of the benefits of travel. ^^ And celebrating the
wonderful spring weather is the icing on the cake.

Taken by the Sakura ③

Relax in the wind that's not quite hot yet, nor cold.
But just right ~

Eye drops for weary traveler eyes

Refresh your eyes so you can see the beautiful colors
without obstructions. Usually when my eyes are tired
of travel I drink (lol) but eye drops work just as well! ^^

An exciting cherry blossom journey
 you can't even imagine

Kawazu has cherry blossoms as well as, irises, carnations, etc.
It's really a great place to see a multitude of different
flowers! Visiting will only serve to fully immerse you in the power
of spring. A refreshing breeze and the sweet fragrance of
 flowers that can not be felt in the city feels like the first
 time in a long time...^^

To enjoy Sakura in Kawazu!

How to get to Kawazu Station?

[Shinkansen / Express Super view Odoriko]
From Tokyo Station (express Odoriko) ➔  Kawazu station:
Total time: about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

[Shinkansen / JR Itō Line / Izu Express Line ]
From Tokyo Station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen:) about
 45 minutes ➔ Atami Station
From Atami Station (transfer the JR Itō Line: about 27 minutes)
➔ Ito Station
From Ito Station (change to the Izu Express Line: about 58 minutes)
➔ Kawazu Station
Total time: about 2 hours 31 minutes

[ JR Tokaido Line / JR Itō Line ]
From Tokyo Station (JR Tokaido Line: about 113 minutes)
➔ Atami Station
(Transfer to Ito line: about 24 minutes) Atami Station to
➔ Ito Station
From Ito Station (change to the Izu Express Line: about 55 minutes)
➔ Kawazu Station
Total time: 3 hours 19 minutes

You can make it to Kawazu via car using the Tomei highway Atsugi
 IC in Tokyo, and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Spring Queen - Sakura

Japan is finally switching over to Spring, and the
chilly weather is receding. To make the most of the
changing weather Japanese nationals and tourists
alike are venturing out more than ever.
The cherry tree which is referred to as the queen
of Spring is making her impression felt.
Lovers and friends are warming themselves up
and walking down the walkways to soak in the
fresh air and beautiful sakura.

Get caught up in the rain of beautiful cherry
blossoms! ^^

Japan cherry blossoms ranking TOP5

#1 Tsuyama Castle
Okayama Prefecture / Tsuyama
Full bloom forecast period (according to last years forecast):
 early April - mid-April

#2 Okazaki Park
Aichi / Okazaki
Full bloom forecast period (according to last years forecast):
late March to early April

#3 Rikugien (Rikugien)
Tokyo / Bunkyo
Full bloom forecast period (according to last years forecast):
mid-March - early April

#4 Meguro
Tokyo / Meguro-ku,
Full bloom forecast period (according to last years forecast):
late March to early April

#5 Daigo-ji Temple
Kyoto / Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Full bloom forecast period (according to last years forecast):
late March to early April

Source: Japan Sakura Information (Japanese)

It is also recommended as a Japanese travel gift ♡

Eyes are like the mirrors to our souls so
it's best that we keep them as clear as
possible. However, the eyes of modern man
are often clouded with the overuse of portable
devices and lack of sleep. With air conditioning
and heating equipment exposing our eyes to
unnatural shifts in climates leading to dry
eyes. It's not just a management of eye care
that we need but also a management of our
daily lives.

There's also pollen and dust we have to contend with
during this time of the year. Make sure you make the
right choice when you reach for relief in these
circumstances. If yo want to refresh and return
your clear eyes, it is strongly recommended you make the
switch to ROHTO Lycée blanc.

 ROHTO Lycée blanc
- Damage aging care eye drops -
Active ingredients: vitamin B 12 0.006%
 L potassium aspartate 1%
 sodium chondroitin sulfate 0.5%
 tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.04%
 vitamin B 6 0.05%
chlorpheniramine maleate 0.01%
Price: ¥ 1,200 + TAX
Will be available at drugstores in Japan from
March 13, 2016
Official Website (Japanese)

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