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#Shopping Japan's Leading Super Home Center: Household Supplies & DIY Blockbuster Mart - CAINZ!

Japan's Leading Super Home Center: Household Supplies & DIY Blockbuster Mart - CAINZ!

This is a tale of a Japanese home center boasting all the 
essential items you need in your daily life, like something 
out of a U.S. TV drama or movie. Food and household goods
 all fit snug into a stylish warehouse,  oh boy do are we excited!
Not exactly to scale when compared to markets in America, 
but still large nonetheless with even high-tech materials and power 
tools, etc. All of you fellow DIY enthusiasts, get ready to be floored with 
the awesomeness of this shop!

After finding out there was such a large-scale store around
we had to go investigate to see for ourselves. Soon as you 
arrive you'll notice it's painted in large letters "Super Home 
Center", taking a page from the English labeling of 'home
center' stores. 

Home centers such as CAINZ are so big that they belong
to their own section referred to as the "Captain Class"!
* This story takes place in the beautiful city of Nagoya
and it will potentially make you fall in love with CAINZ...
Fair warning.. ^^
* CAINZ started in Tokyo and now has approximately 200
 stores across Japan.

Home Center? (HOME CENTER)

Many Japanese people are already familiar with the term
 "home center", but for those who aren't, it's a store that
 specializes in the construction of a home. It will include
 everything from small screws to various household goods
used for DIY. In other words it's a store that is comprehensively
 and throughout stocked.

The weekend carpenter's paradise:
Japan has a term for a DIY person who only works on 
weekends.  (日 曜 大 工: Nichiyo daiku). This hilarious term
 is thrown around often when you see people shopping
 at these home center stores gathering materials to 
create a desk/ chair or something for the daily necessities 
of life! Lately the DIY word has gained traction in Japan and 
it's now used more frequently. 

In Japan, CAINZ are flagship stores for what it means to be
a home center store.  As these mammoth home centers make 
up over 200 stores nationwide in Japan, recent logo changes 
have done much for changing the appeal of the stores 
garnering love of the design and of the products as well.
Mmm ... They definitely have a clear and present image in 
this home center industry.

[About CAINZ]
Industry: Home Center 
Store: 200 stores :::: Prefectures: 24/47
* There are six stores in Tokyo, close to the city center, 
Minami-Sunamachi (南 砂 町) SUNAMO point
  (Subway Tozai Line to Minami-Sunamachi Station 
(東西 線 南 砂 町 駅) 5 minute walk)
Website (English)

Store Map (Japanese)

See the massive scale... LOVELY!
- CAINZ Nagoya Minato (カ イ ン ズ 名古屋 み な と 店)

We would write the word 'overwhelming' but you get the
idea by now. ^^

In comparison to most shops in Tokyo it's a bit to take in
at first. It's like comparing your local grocery store to
a shop as massive as Costco for example. Almost
no comparison right? And of course each aisle is
labeled so you can easily navigate your way around.

I'm obviously super excited about all the things waiting for you ...
The feeling is so intense it's like I'm submerged into the frigid depths
of the ocean, just waiting to tell you about this store a little more.
Not to keep you waiting too long, let's begin our journey within.

CAINZ Nagoya Minato (名古屋 み な と 店)
Address: 1-3 Isshu-cho, Minato-ku, 
Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 455-0841
Hours: 9:00 to 20:00 (Closed New Year's Day)
Phone: 052-389-6000
Store homepage (Japanese)

Address: 1-3 Isshu-cho, Minato-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 455-0841

CAINZ attractive Point #1: TAX FREE!

With most shops across Japan offering Duty Free, tax free
shopping to foreign visitors it's only fair that this home center
 makes no exception.

Present your purchased products, receipts, and passports
 to the Service Counter after checking out. You'll then be 
eligible for exemption from the Japanese consumption tax (8%)
as long as it's not over the daily exemption limit.

10,001 yen or more of general items. (clothing, etc.)
5001 yen or more of disposable items. (sweets, cosmetics, etc.).

When applying for tax exemption, don't forget your passport! ^^

More info:

CAINZ attractive Point #2: drugstore is XXL size!

Proportionately as massive as the store itself, is the health 
and drug corner. Not only the big brand names but also
the one's that other store don't bother to show. You can
find it all here.

- A more spacious store yet less crowded aisles 
creating a more comfortable shopping experience.

Popular with foreigners, of course, there is 
a great selection of anti-itch Japanese drugs.

For those who love sports, there's products such as 
protein etc., and they even carry goods for limited mobility
 individuals including sanitary napkins or wheelchairs. It's
 reminiscent of the aging society in Japan and
 how it will move forward from here.

CAINZ attractive Point #3:
CAINZ can charm through large-sizes, & affordable prices

Another aspect of this large Home Center is also the size
 of the products. BIG would be an understatement when 
describing the range of sizes you can get. Special higher
 capacity than normal products can be purchased only at CAINZ
(for example larger laundry detergent bottles).

When shopping in bundles, everyone wins

In a society where wastefulness is looked down
upon, CAINZ provides an outlet for those looking
to get a little more bang for their buck. 

Just for babies

Anyone who's ever had a child will tell you
that diapers are a big hassle and it's best to 
buy in bulk. Allow CAINZ to help you during you
beautiful journey of raising young ones.

CAINZ attractive Point #4: Grab your helmet and go!

Japan has a great deal of earthquakes, and like they 
say, the best protection is simply being prepared. At this
 home center you can find emergency supplies, hygiene/
 relief supplies, emergency food, etc. of various kinds. 
Everything you need for overcoming a catastrophe as well 
as education in what to do should an actual disaster take place,

Homelessness kits, portable toilets, food that does not
 require heat, and other light and compact necessities.

While admiring the selection, we saw goods used for things
 such as sanitation, emergency supplies and even items we 
were unfamiliar with. It's not so much things that you want
but more like things that you'll wish you had when the 
situation calls for it.

CAINZ attractive Point #5: huge varieties of goods

A closer look at DIY paradise. Soon as you see 
these items a lightbulb will pop up above your head!^^
These shelves are full of convenient product ideas!

Rubber corner pads to prevent young children 
from getting hurt. This soft material is a great 
idea for kids just beginning to walk on their own. 
Rather than making it yourself you can pick these
up for fairly cheap.

Baby ideas especially too well understood by
 mothers everywhere.

A useful eyedropper,  forehead thermometer, 
and something to take care of your babies running nose!

CAINZ attractive Point #6: 
CAINZ is sophisticated, charming, diverse and meticulous!

By now, all the DIY enthusiats are smirking to themselves right? ^^
In a collaboration with Japan and Germany, some of the
 best tools around are assembled! The stylish appearance
 of this plethora of tools is easy on the eyes.
Because there is a growing culture of DIY in Japan
don't expect this shelf to always be so fully stocked
as this! ^^

The brush is an essential DIY item and at CAINZ you can pick
 your weapon of choice. One for every occasion is
provided so how can you choose just one?
this may be DIY Heaven but choosing what items not to take
home will be tough!

The Bolts / nuts corner has a useful test panel that 
can be purchased directly. This will eliminate the
 embarrassment of getting home only to find out you 
don't have the right size. #meticulous ^^

CAINZ attractive Point #7: For women, a wife, 
a mother, or anyone ♡

Don't even pretend that you're not a housewife reading
 this and jotting down information about how to make 
your next trip to CAINZ! ^^ But in all seriousness, living in
 Japan, means living in a minimalists society in which 
the comforts of home need to give way to the smaller
 size of everything. 

The gardening corner as well as the cosmetics department
 enriching the already existing beauty of women. 
Although the CAINZ Super Home Center seems 
deserted due to the fact everything is spaced out, it still 
has it's appeal with larger departments.

CAINZ attractive Point #8: Stylish useful storage

One of the hit products of interest in CAINZ is
the 2015 GOOD DESIGN award winner made up of
 colorful storage mechanisms, the 'Carico' series.
These uniquely designed boxes and bins can add
class to anyones' living situation.

Comfortable interior designs that add vitality
to life: the outstanding items of CAINZs STYLE.

Improve your standard of living today. ^^

CAINZ attractive Point #9: Blockbuster attractions, DIY items!

Consider these items as mere stepping stones to
creating something vastly larger and more complex.

In fact, it's more like a construction site where
professional technicians as well as regular shoppers
 successfully purchase the necessary goods to get the
job done.

For any size, and any purpose, you can find the
right tools and equipment you need.

Keep in mind that the DIY enthusiasts are coming!

Specially formulated paint for wood and other
 applications.  All kinds of white varnish, oil stains, wax,
or even something to give you a vintage feel.

Be sure to pick up other equipment for your
house and garage as well. Mark your territory
and make sure off-limit areas stay off limit.

CAINZ attractive Point #10: Man's best friend ^^

Pet's One is an absolutely indispensable part of
 CAINZ. Just as you are making your way home from
a long shopping experience you lock eyes with one of
these adorable cuties.

All the pets are so excited to see you when
you pay them a visit. It's funny to see them
instantly perk up as you come and go.
Oh and hey look! An albino Shiba Inu Kuruki! ^^

Stop by the Pet Cake shop to put a little pep in your step
and brighten up your day. Just as cute and appealing
they look, they're also extremely delicious.

Feel relief with the diversity of natural style snacks.
Even the packaging has a natural and very clean design.
Hmm.. How about the taste?

And don't worry, there's pet food too!

Just around the corner you can find pet accessories,
in many charming styles to fit your tastes.

And don't let us forget the towering cat towers,
and other assorted homes for our furry friends.

CAINZ attractive Point #11: Fancy Cafe!

This corner cafe next to the gardening department
 is truly charming. As the shopping atmospheres spin us
round and round, it's nice to have somewhere to rest
and enjoy the moment. ^^

Set your sights on more Home Center
items than you ever imagined.

Similar to a summer movie blockbuster, you know
 when you enter the Super Home Center CAINZ
you're in for something good. You'll find things
effortlessly jumping off the shelves and into
your shopping cart

It's safe to say CAINZ made our Nagoya trip, and
all that's left is to do a bit of sightseeing later
 (or perhaps we'll go back!). ^^

While traveling through Japan we recommend you
making a stop by to your nearest CAINZ at least once.
You'll be rewarded with a fresh shopping experience,
and potentially fall in love as we have! ^^

CAINZ Nagoya Minato (名古屋 み な と 店)
Address: 1-3 Isshu-cho, Minato-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 455-0841
Hours: 9:00 to 20:00 (Closed New Year's Day)
Phone: 052-389-6000
Store homepage (Japanese)


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