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:::SPECIAL:::Recommended Romantic Getaway: Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

Recommended Romantic Getaway: 

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

Nine hotel buildings dot the Nasu Highland landscape
 with each offering independent and convenient facilities.
This is the large all-weather resort known as Hotel Sunvalley 

We've been here so many times we've lost count, but 
somehow there's always something new we find that's 
worth telling you about. That is why we'll once again
 escaped the metropolitan hustle and bustle of downtown,
Tokyo in order to show you a slow pace most suitable for a

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu official website:
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Address: 325-0392 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District,

Nasu Shiobara Station

Although Nasu isn't a place with a large number of people
(mostly farmlands) there quite a bit to be done in the area.
But before we get too far ahead of ourselves,
you'll begin your journey at the starting point, Nasu Shiobara

Rather than buying a regular Shinkansen ticket to make the
 2 hour journey  from Tokyo, the more economical choice will be
to use the JR Wide Pass.

For line information please refer to the official website!

for adults (12 and older) 10, 000 yen 
for children (6 to 11 years old) 5,000 yen

Official Website (English)

Now let's move on to the juicy part, the hotel

Beautiful interiors fitting for a resort!

This time we'll be staying at the Queen's Collina, although
checking in is a breeze, every time we come here we just
want to spread out on the couches and take a nap...^^

# Welcome drinks

You know a hotel is great when they offer you free
drinks upon arrival, talk about service! Sunvalley prepares
 plum wine, ice water, apple juice, grapefruit juice, and coffee
 and tea, plus their juice menu changes so you never know
what you might get next time... Don't forget it!

Welcome drink

 Oriental Garden
Welcome Drink Hours 14:00 to 5:00 p.m.
* MAIN / Annex
Welcome Drink Hours 14:00 to 5:00 p.m.
* Forest Villa
Welcome Drink Hours 14:00 to 16:00

* Welcome drink in the hotel after arriving
 to prepare for the guests in the museum hall.

[Queen's Collina Rooms]

Before jumping (we don't really do that ^^) on the
beds and unloading all luggage, pictures first! ^^

#Queen's Collina

Queen's Collina in the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu features
 some of the Beatles John Lennon's hand-drawn works
as well as letters, text, poetry, and every piece holds
a special place in the design theme of the building. ~

Each room comes equipped with 43 square meters of
space, and 2 person occupancy. Some may argue that
this is the most special room, because there is only one
Sunvalley room with an cypress outdoor hot tub. Just
imagine being able to soak in the comfortable spa  while
 enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nasu. 

~This is the #

Rooms like this aren't cheap but they are relatively upscale
and it's actually a good deal price wise !!)

[Queen's Collina's Sunvalley Galleries]

# Arty fruit tea

Located in the Queen's Collina, an art gallery, showing
 Sunvalley's master collection of crafts and artwork.
 There is not just these superb works of art, but also
  a variety of exhibits you can also admire while enjoying
your tea.

In this artistic space, a pot of tea and a piece of delicious
 moon cake can calm the body and mind. This atmosphere
is more special than can be described by words.

Special moon cake (tea package) 500 yen (tax included)

# Teahouse space

I didn't notice at first but there are works of art
that are hanging inside the teahouse that are
 wonderful and moving ~

Sunvalley Bites

Nasu offers natural food that is very rich, both
 in quality but also quantity. Sunvalley has many
 buffet-style restaurants where whether you want
 to eat Japanese food, Chinese food or Western food,
you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

Wonderful evening performances

At the time when we visited Nasu, it coincided with the
 Hunan Kai Yan circus performances (Performance
 Period: 2015.11.1 ~ 2016.1.11). although we may have
inadvertently witnessed their acrobatics, the stage was
 extremely close and it made the performance so much
more intimate and very powerful!

Illuminate the night sky lighting

As long as one can see beautiful lighting, there'll be
no shortage of people with cameras. This trip to Nasu
has left many of us with good memories, because it's
simply so stunning here, and it's evident in the people
who return each season to explore it's beauty.

★ Hotel Sunvalley Nasu
Address: 325-0392 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasu District, 
Tel: 0287-76-3800

Until next time wandering travelers! ^^

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