Monday, March 28, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: Miss the taste of Great Souvenirs?! Nagatanien Limited Edition Ochazuke From All Over Japan

Miss the taste of Great Souvenirs?! Nagatanien Limited  Edition Ochazuke From All Over Japan

Today we're going to tell you a bit about Japanese culture
in particular a dish that is considered the "soul food" of
Japan. That's right we're talking about ochazuke, a 
name synonymous with "Nagatanien"! Currently they have
a limited edition selection of various flavors from across
the Japanese nation that we just had to share with you!

Rice with side dishes, is the staple for Japanese
 food, and just one of the many ways of eating
it can be done with ochazuke and warm green tea.

The best part is even if you only have rice, it is possible 
to enjoy ochazuke! Nagatanien ochazuke can be mixed
 with hot water, coupled with tea powder, seaweed, and other
 ingredients. It's as easy as instant noodles!

When you make your trip to Japan, be sure to add this
 to your shopping list and if you can try to collect all
of the unique ochazuke!

This time we have collected only six, however there are
many many more! 

Ochazuke of Nagatanien local limited edition souvenirs

[Okinawa Limited Edition Goya Champuru Flavor]

Ever eaten bitter tasting ochazuke? The slightly bitter aroma
is reminiscent of the trip I took to Okinawa, mixed with 
 tofu and eggs (goya champuru)!! Although I say it's
bitter, the truth is when you actually eat it, it's not very
bitter at all. It actually tastes very refreshing. 

[Hokkaido Limited Edition Crab & Sea Urchin Flavor]

Hairy crab and sea urchin are two of the foods that 
are the most representative of Hokkaido!! As pictured,
 the sea urchin tastes quite salty!! and to balance
things out it's recommended with a lot of rice. ^^

[Niigata Limited Edition Yellowtail & Red Snow Crab flavor]

Oh the red crab taste!! A refreshing soup after playing 
in the snow when you want to warm up. But each time you
take a bite into the red crab... ~ Super delicious!

[Limited Kansai Kobe Beef Flavor]

Kobe beef flavored ochazuke is a bit too luxurious, 
right? ^^ The sweet taste of the Kobe beef and a 
strong smell of soup will put anyone in a fantastic

[Shinshu Limited Edition Nozawana & Wasabi Vegetables
 & Mustard Flavor]

Nozawana is a particular tasting vegetable indigenous
 to Japan and it's often pickled and a special representative
 product of Shinshu, Karuizawa. The Nozawa ochazuke, is super
-healthy and it also tastes great. ~

[Tokyo Limited Edition Tuna flavor]

Personally I found this taste a bit too salty, 
however for all you tuna fans out there, be sure to
enjoy this flavor to your heart's content!

Until next time, stay hungry my friends... ^^

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