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#Travel♪Right in Front of the TOKYO SKYTREE !! A charming Hotel Story - Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage

Recommended Tokyo attractions & accommodations A Charming hotel right in front of the Tokyo SKYTREE

To all my first time visitors to Tokyo is there any
place that you're particularly excited about traveling
to? Some of the most popular places have to be
Shibuya and Harajuku to the west of the main part
of the city. However in recent years, Ginza, Ueno,
 Asakusa, and the unforgettable Tokyo Skytree have
seen a surge in popularity as tourist destinations. 
For those wanting to ride the way of exploring
the unique wonders of the east side of Tokyo
take a gander at Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage
 located directly in front of the Tokyo Skytree!

A convenient hotel for sightseeing and surprisingly
 has convenient transportation as well. It's very use-
ful to take look at a tourist destination map and see
how close you'll be to everything.
Available lines to Oshiage Station 
- Keisei Oshiage Line
- Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line 
- Toei Asakusa Line

Possible destinations easily accessible from
Oshiage Station 
- Asakusa (limited to the Keisei Oshiage Line)
- Nihonbashi (Experience the origins of Edo.)
- Ginza (Global brand shopping destination.)
- Shinbashi (Visit Odaiba and more..)
- Daimon (Tokyo Tower!!!)
- Jimbo-cho (Outdoor sporting goods, musical instruments,
 and famous secondhand books.)
- Omotesando, Shibuya ( Shopping Spot! You know greatness awaits.)
* Shinjuku (via the Toei Asakusa Line)
 - Asakusabashi (JR Sobu Line transfer) 

All of the major tourists destinations are accessible
from the nearest station!

But alas, there must be more charm to the
hotel than just the dazzling views and convenience...
Let's take a look shall we?

Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage

From Oshiage station, take the B3 exit then it's
just a simple 1-minute walk.

Finally a hotel that is within reach! Understandably
you don't want to carry your heavy luggage very
far from a station just to check into your hotel.
The hotel itself is also conveniently located near
 Tokyo Solamachi, giving you a place to take care
of all your shopping needs.

Directions from the airport to the hotel:
From Haneda Airport
By train: About 40 minutes by Keikyu-Kuko Line from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station.

By bus: About 40 minutes by Skytree Shuttle Haneda-Kuko Line (for Tokyo Skytree) from bus stop No. 4 of the International Terminal.

From Narita Airport
By train: About 60 minutes by Narita Sky Access.

* Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage
- Address: 1 Chome Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045

- Number of rooms: 260
- Room Type: Single
Double Room
Moderate Twin
Superior Twin
Premier Twin
Deluxe Twin
UNIVERSAL TWIN (Not available to make reservations on the web)
- Check-in: 14: 00 / Checkout: 11:00
- Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage the official website (English)

Wanna make a reservation online?

In front of the hotel is a large and comprehensive
 shopping mall, "Tokyo Solamachi"

The hotel couldn't have possibly picked a better location.
Perhaps considered Japan's main landmark other than
Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree casts its shadow over a giant
shopping center offering a variety of goods and services
geared towards tourists and citizens alike. Drop by here
to improve your souvenir game before going home or
to pick up some essentials for your trip!

* TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN previous expeditions!
Part 1:
Part 2:

Attractions ① A charming hotel nestled in
 the perfect location

The first major attraction of the Richmond Hotel is it's
 location in the heart of Asakusa. Especially in a place
 where most foreign tourists who are looking to feel
 the atmosphere of traditional Japan come.
Asahi Breweries' headquarter building with an unusual
 design sits nearby and the Sumida River cuts an interesting
path through the metropolis.  The World's largest digital radio
 transmission tower completed in 2012, TOKYO SKYTREE, and
TOKYO Solamachi also dot the landscape. They gathered enough
attractions in this area for tourists to enjoy during the day
 without having to move very far. ^^

Attraction ② Comfortable King Sized Beds!! A good nights rest!

I actually got the best sleep I ever had here...^^
The trick right from the start was the mattress,
using "Simmons" brand bedding we all found ourselves
sleeping a little too soundly! Simmons leads the way with
premium beds and mattresses that will truly have you on
cloud 9. These beds are no doubt great remedies for
healing the fatigue of travel.

Attraction ③ Laundry facilities for a long stay

One of the major drawbacks of traveling for an extended
period of time is the buildup of laundry. Luckily at the
Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage you don't have to
worry about it anymore. A public facility is provided in which
you can do coin laundry and get back on with your trip.
Towels, underwear, socks, laundry emergencies occur when
you least expect it so it's nice to know that you'll be

◦ washing and drying : 120 minutes 400 yen (less than standard 3kg)
◦ washing and drying: 80 minutes 300 yen (amount less than 1kg)
◦ wash only: 35 minutes 200 yen (less than 6kg)
◦ drying only: 100 yen for 30 minutes (less than 3kg)
(※ tax included ※)

Attraction ④ Enjoy exploring the high-tech amenities

LCD widescreen TVs are installed in rooms as
per standard for hotel rooms nowadays, the earlier
mentioned washers and dryers have you covered on that
end and the room is huge!
Enjoy a variety of movies (including adult videos..^^*)
A great end to a busy day of traveling... Time for a good
nights rest if we aren't too busy enjoying the amenities!

Attaction ⑤ Lovely charming hotel souvenirs ~

Very cute water glasses have been placed in the rooms!
 (And it was free!) Please tell me you feel the same
excitement as me over this surprise? (Lol)
Each place you go, it seems like they are loaded with
souvenirs! And the best part is that they were shaped
like the iconic SKYTREE!

Welcome to the Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage ~
The lobby is on the fifth floor.

From the entrance of the hotel building take the elevator
 to the lobby on the fifth floor. Open the elevator door and be
 greeted at the entrance lobby by a calm atmosphere and
gorgeous views of Tokyo's skyline.

Nittori is also here so please enjoy ~

To the left side of the building you'll find a store very
similar to Ikea in the states, specializing in household
goods. It's a bit of stretch for someone traveling to
make a large purchase, but you never know when
inspiration may strike.

High quality interior and warm atmosphere

Though it's just an hotel, and not quite a luxury hotel
at that, it's still impressive with it's unique interior
design and sensible atmosphere.
A large window allows sunlight to brighten up the rooms
creating a perfect balance and harmony with the pastel
colors that decorate the interior.

The latest in guide services
 (Multi-lingual guidance screen equipment)

Communication with the staff at the front desk is
hassle-free and of course they speak English!
Using the multi-language PC screen, you and the
staff can now clearly communicate verbally.
Even if you you don't understand something,
it can be clearly explained immediately! ^^

Automated check-in / check-out machine

It's true! They now have automated check-in and
checkout!  At check-in, just enter the reservation number,
confirm some information and you'll get a card to your room,
simple as that. Even if you need to check out, you can also do
so without help from the staff.
English, Japanese, Chinese, and even Korean languages can
now be used. At last, no more fear of checking in, in a foreign

The goodies-

Know before your go, the benefits of amenities.
After checking in and seeing your rooms you'll
notice the following is provided! Bath soaps, mini
shampoos, hair treatments, facial cleansers, body lotion,
facial lotion, hair bands, as well as a cotton. Even an all-in-One
 product Richmond Hotel boasts will secure even fragile skin.
Cute "Jamlabel body shampoo", children slippers and toothbrushes
 etc ....
Should be just about everything right?

* The above amenities information
- Ladies amenities
- Kid Amenities
(※ Jamlabel body shampoo can be individually purchased
in the rooms.)

Destination Breakfast!

Next to the front desk is the American family restaurant
"Sizzler"! It is also used as a breakfast room offering a
 fresh salad bar and variety of different foods for you
to sample.

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere

Enjoy the comforts of American fine dining!

- What do you eat !? - How much you eat !?

The relaxed atmosphere and a menu full of healthy salads
 will first direct you to the salad bar and variety of drinks.
Don't hold, back it's an all you can eat so eat all you can!

Included breakfast ticket

Give the Richmond Hotel original fruit cake a try
while you're at it! We hear that the Chocolate orange cake
is actually quite delicious.

Which floor shall we peruse next?

With easy to understand pictograms on
the elevators, navigating the different floors
is made easy giving you peace of mind.

* Floor Plans
First floor - Entrance
3rd floor - Parking
4th floor - Parking
5th floor - Front lobby
6th floor - Rooms / Laundry
7th floor - Rooms / Facilities (such as vending machines)
8th floor - Rooms
9th floor - Rooms
10th floor - Rooms / Facilities (such as vending machines)

Fully equipped, GOOD!

Note that you can only find vending machines on the 7th
and the 10th floors. Other services include beverage
vending machines, ice machines, microwave ovens ...
These services have been included for those interested
in longer-term stays.

Beep! Suica/ smart card your merchandise !

Used for travel all over Japan is an electronic
keycard that you can load with money and use
to ride the many different train lines (Suica)!
However the more convenient use for the cards
is the ability to make purchases using the money
stored on the cards for everyday items and even
at vending machines. The card itself is only a
refundable 500 yen from the train station
so just about everyone has one.

So in other word, you don't need to even
bring your purse with you, just wait for that
sweet "Beep" ♪ sound and you're good to go!
How simple right? The future is upon us!! ^^

Beep! Your way into the rooms as well!

Easy access to the rooms via the security keycards.
Don't forget to insert the cards into the slot after
entering the rooms to get power in the room. (Lol)

Living large in the Deluxe Double Twin room

Deluxe Twin sized beds in a room 54㎡ in size is actually
the largest size in of Richmond Hotel. I feel a sense of
openness and sense of security in this
giant room... You feel it too, don't you?
In addition, this Deluxe Twin is located at the corners of the
building, offering large windows located in the corner of the
 room where you can see Mt. Fuji when the weather is good!

Optimal relaxation conditions

A spacious sense of security in a wide open room
Where you can finally stretch your legs. Why not just
put on a movie on the large crystal clear TV that's

It's the little things that count

Little modifications such as an ion air purifier, silently
offers a health-style, removing harmful substances such
 as a variety of bacteria and dust in the air is something that
 really impressed us. So considerate〜^^

A bedside outlet & Wi-Fi

Very very very very useful bedside outlet that actually
 comes with a charging connector!? Recently LAN / Wi-Fi
 availability has become of too basic and something that
is a given for hotels. So then the question must be asked,
how do hotels step their game up? It's important to consider
that people nowadays keep a cell phone with them 24/7,
so a hotel who caters to this need is definitely doing
something right.

Very Impressive!

A useful charging connector featuring various types for
 almost all portable devices had been prepared for each
 room separately.
Such attentive service spirit! It is very impressive! ...> _ <

Various useful items ...

Slippers in a shoe box, and two types of irons!
It's safe to say that this room was created with
real travelers in mind.

For going out

Get ready for an evening out on the town with
a provided freshener spray for your clothes
to wipe away the smell of the restaurant you
ate at earlier.. Definitely an essential item all
travelers could benefit from having.

Open the storage below the LCD wide-screen TV and ... ~!

When total rest is necessary...

A mini-sophisticated looking refrigerator, and coffee drip
packs, coffee cups, glasses, wine opener are just some
of the other items also available ... This is just a small taste
but finally getting a feel for this hotel? (Lol)

Beautiful bathroom landscapes

A glass door separates the shower and the bathtub
and an amazing view of Tokyo's skyline. Is it just me
or does this seem like a place you could stay at
for a VERY long time? It's especially lovely at night
when all the neon lights are lit up. ^^
Depending on the room each one offers a unique view
of Tokyo from the bathtub, it makes me wonder
which one you or I'll get next time.

Astonishing view from the bedroom

Because of the different location of each room you can
expect different views of TOKYO SKYTREE, but one thing is for
sure, when you do lay eyes on it, it truly is a sight to behold.
Currently, at a height of 634m, TOKYO SKYTREE is the World's tallest
radio tower. By day a landmark, and by night, legendary.

The "water pressure" check

After using multiple hotels, one important thing to
check is the water pressure. There's many people
who can be turned off if the room itself doesn't
have a strong enough water pressure. Well, here
you have nothing to worry about, the pressure was
strong and filled the tub fairly quickly.

Popular amenities, "Jamlabel whole body shampoo"

This item made from nature-friendly ingredients is just one
of the cool amenities included in the room. Each room is
equipped with face, hair, and body shampoo to make sure
you reach an optimal level of cleanliness.
I guess you could call it an all-in-one shampoo, and it's
hypoallergenic in case you're wondering!

(※ JamLabel whole body shampoo can also be separately
 purchased in the front lobby.)

Quality bathroom, wash basin & Amenities

A clean and presentable bathroom is a must for not
just any traveler, but everyone in general. It's definitely
a plus to find so many freebies inside your room
because it lightens the load of things you need to bring
from home, saving you money! you'll find a basic toothbrush,
 and toothpaste... ah~ the essentials. ^^

Neat separate toilet

In fact, this is one of the most desired spaces in
all of the hotels in Japan. Usually bathrooms
here don't separate the toilet from the shower/
bathtubs so it can feel a bit uncomfortable.
If the toilet is in a separate space, it works
better for say couples or families traveling
together because they can use the shower/tub
area and toilet at the same time now.

No shortage of single rooms

Luxury rooms with Japanese designs, delicately placed
here and there. Even though it's a smaller single room,
we definitely didn't feel out of place.

Bright and sunny room, depicting an urban landscape

The overall neat interior and charm of this room decorated
 with modern accessories in a simple space features a nice
 window overlooking the scenery of Tokyo.. How lovely ^^

Great interior taste

After you've seen as much hotels as us, it's
difficult to find the actual charm in it, and it
all starts to blend together. However the rooms
here were decorated quite nicely with the perfect
score of interior accessories to demonstrate
their Japanese sensibilities.
Fun find! Did you notice the *geta nightstand
lamp? (LOL) ^^

* Geta (wooden clogs): Wooden shoes utilized in ancient
Japan and used today with kimonos!

Richmond charm revisited

- The best sleep you could expect in a Simmons bed.
- Laundry facilities and amenities equipped!
- LCD wide-screen TVs installed in the rooms
(Impressive free movie selection)
- Bathroom view of a downtown landscape
- Full of rich amenities.
- Comfortable environment created from an ion air purifier.
- Multiple outlets and LAN / Wi-Fi service.
- Cute service products and a variety of useful items.
- Salad bar and charming breakfast!

All of these charms and more are the reason
why we come back to the Richmond Hotel time and
time again... ^^

Clear your tired eyes at this destination

More than your average hotel, truly "comfortable"
It doesn't matter if it's a short trip or long trip, all
that really matters is rest! We all seek that clean,
 comfortable and relaxing space, and the Richmond
Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage gives you space to
do just that.

◦ Business, short-term OK: for those who really want
to relax during their travels while getting work done.
◦ Best location: located next to useful shopping
◦ Amazing service: Customers are considered
a priority so you can expect to be treated like a

When it comes to hotels in Tokyo, there's just no
beating the location and accessibility of
Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage!

* Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage
- Address: 1 Chome Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045

- Number of rooms: 260
- Room Type: Single
Double Room
Moderate Twin
Superior Twin
Premier Twin
Deluxe Twin
 (Not available to make reservations on the web)
- Check-in: 14: 00 / Checkout: 11:00
- Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage the official website (English)


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