Friday, March 25, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: Recommended Rokkatei rum raisin butter sandwich crackers!!

Recommended Rokkatei rum raisin butter sandwich crackers!!

One of Hokkaido's classic souvenirs, Rokkatei 

Because the souvenir culture in Japan is so strong, we're
 always on the lookout for new Souvenirs and something
has recently caught our attention. It'll make a great gift for
say a boss when you're returning from a business trip. Although
people are raving about this treat all over the internet we thought
we'd give our assessment of it as well. Currently in Japan, this 
souvenir ranked highest in the list of recommended treats. 

Buy these snacks for your workplace, the Lunar New Year 
or any other festival as a souvenir! Check out more information
at the official website below. ~ 

::: Rokkatei :::

 Please identify this package

With elegant packaging, don't underestimate it. No way
you can tell how it'll taste just by the packaging. In contrast,
you can't think too highly of it either... ^^ 

# Big Red festive atmosphere :D

Opened, to an impressive red packaging, in fact, 
since it's the Lunar New Year, you can expect many treats
to symbolize this in their designs. Both delicious and beautiful,
a perfect mix!

# Double big satisfaction

This particular box sold for ¥ 2,500 (including tax), and 
as per instructions must be kept below 25 degrees 
celsius to prevent it from melting. It also comes 
with a standard nine to ten day expiration date to
insure the product doesn't go bad before it's enjoyed.

They also offered thirty to forty packs as well
so please choose at your own discretion. 

Where can you get it? 
Please refer to the following URL and you can
see all the locations where the snacks are sold from.

:::Store Guide::: 

The real deal

The biscuits are essentially made of a mixture of flour
 with stuffing made from 100% Hokkaido produced milk.  
There's also cream and white chocolate, raisins, plums, 
shooting flavors into your mouth with every bite. With a
pure concentrated butter aroma, these thick crispy biscuits
are like a fragrant sweet cream filling package coupled with
 the full taste of fresh sweet and sour raisins.

The first bites !!

As we bite into these tasty treats, the smell of wine and cream
overtakes us, making us relaxed and happy. The cute appearance
of the biscuits is something that you'll too notice while eating.
 Enjoy these treats with a coworker and eat away the blues
of another long work day. ^^

While chewing we found ourselves instantly impressed 
with the thick mellow perfect balance of the treats.

# Visibly Delicious !!

Look at this tempting section, the number of raisins lie
there buried in the succulent cream. Can't wait to take
another bite ASAP!

The Verdict:
We recommend it to everyone! Go to a souvenir shop
and pick this up, or even shop online at retailers like amazon,
order up a box and enjoy. Oh and don't forget to enjoy
hokkaido during your travels!

::: Rokkatei :::
:::Store Guide::: 

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