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2016 Japankuru recommended Japan Travel Plan

Where have you been to in Japan!?

Japankuru is really all about sharing with you the best
things to experience in during your stay in Japan. The span
of 5 years came and gone in the blink of an eye, but left 
everyone with unforgettable memories of journeys far and 
wide across the land of the rising sun.

Through this blog post, we'll take you through some of 
the wonders in order to spend a perfect year in Japan.

An epic 2016 Japan Trip:

For this new year are you thinking of planning a trip
to Japan? Whether it's the ski season, or two or
three weeks during the cherry blossom season, taking
a unique journey across the  countryside in the limitless
natural backcountry, there is something unique for
each part of the year.

Collecting information to reduce the troubles you'll run
 into, planning a trip really is the best part, and this
article is for you planners out there who would like to 
see a rundown of things to experience during the year.

Use Japankuru as your guide into 2016

(Kuru = come)

Drug store bandits

Japankuru recommends a non-drug store shopping trip
to the far reaches of Japan! From super cheap and famous
 Don Quixote store to the slightly more expensive Matsumoto
 store, or the less well-known Papas national drug store there
is quite a bit of options. And who could forget about Aeon, 
Daiei, Ito-Yokado etc. these shopping centers are popular because 
they offer really great high-quality goods.! However hitting up the
drugs stores can do some serious damage to your wallets so 
be careful!

Photo: JR Akihabara atré3F national drug store

Soak in the snow in January and relax in the 
open-air hot spring

Here, you can enjoy an open-air hot spring inn in 
the outskirts of Tokyo in the snowy white. Oh! 
Usually only seen in the movies and comics, here
 it will no longer be a dream!

Photo: Hotel Okawa village

February ski season!

 From December to May you can experience ski / 
snowboard fun in mountainous Japan!

Although when it comes to snow country skiing 
it's best done in Hokkaido, but, in the outskirts of Tokyo
you can also find places to unwind on snowy slopes.

For our recommendation, Naeba Ski Resort offers a
great assortment of slopes and amenities for the outdoorsy
types! What better way to start the year than
racing down a snowy mountain?

Photo: Niigata Prefecture Naeba Ski Resort


When everyone wants to come: March

Japanese cherry blossoms called "Sakura" in 
Japan paint everything in vivid pink!

 Tokyo's cherry blossoms season runs from late 
March to early April, so if you would like to see the
 cherry blossoms decorate the beautiful city full of
 people, we recommend arriving towards the beginning
 of April! The main reason why the blossoms are so
significant is because they are symbolic of a new
beginning. Japan's fiscal year ends at the end
of March, so that's when you'll have graduations,
school entrance ceremonies, and companies 
hiring on new employees.

Pictured:  A beautiful scene in Ueno Park 
while sipping DecoLatte!

April is all about the Chichibu Shibazakura!

A straight ride from Ikebukuro Station via the
 Seibu Chichibu train for about an hour and thirty 
minutes and you'll arrive at Chichibu, the scene of 
the Fuji Shibazakura festival. The landscape is truly
majestic and fitting to be classified as one of the
best in Japan!

Photo: Chichibu Fuji Shibazakura festival

May is camping season!

In America and Japan as well as many other countries
the popularity of this outdoor activity has skyrocketed.
 all kinds of products in Japan and more are popping
Not a bad idea to take a camping trip in Japan's vast

A beautiful view overlooking Mount Fuji while camping?
 Even if only for one night you will still create some
 unforgettable memories!

Photo: Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanashi

In June we'll think of Kyoto!

Although the temperature is suitable for travel in 
June, this time of the year also coincides with the rainy
 season in Japan. However Kyoto is very beautiful at this time.

Put on an elegant kimono or yukata, and then hold the
 overflowing sense of culture as you walk with umbrella in 
hand down alleys of this ancient city. Take photos to 
remember the moment, oh and if you rent a kimono in 
Kyoto, be sure to do so at  Rental Kimono Okamoto!

Photo: Kyoto near Kiyomizu Temple

July under Hokkaido's brilliant sky!

Once in your lifetime, you must go to Hokkaido! Unspeakable
 beauty of nature, each season with it's own different style,
 food, and spas as well. Something you absolutely
cannot miss in 2016!

Photo: Otaru Canal

An August so beautiful it'll make you want to cry

A little too enthusiastic?

From the popular anime "Slam Dunk", Enoshima!
Every summer a trip to Enoshima isn't too bad because
it's not as crowded as Tokyo, and it offers unique sea aromas
, stair-climbing , tasting fish with rice and cold beer, and the
beloved Enoshima observatory. The perfect place to enjoy
a beautiful sunset after a full day's journey comes to
an end!

Enoshima Fireworks show is also held in November!

Photo: Enoshima Kamakurakōkōmae Station

September BBQ PARTY bar!

Although you can have a BBQ party in Japan at any time
during the summer, September is probably more known for
hiking time.  Around this time of the year there's many
universities holding BBQ events!

Thinking back to when I was in school, boy oh boy do I
miss those school BBQs! I wish I could go back and visit
but I will just have to settle for crashing some Japanese
BBQs! ^^

Photo: Musashino University BBQ party

October is the time for a Kyushu Trip!

Take your first attempt at renting a car and journeying
out to Kyushu! Whether you're interested in spas, dining,
shopping,  or whatever, escape to Kyushu  to see your
 three wishes become a reality!

Kyushu is the place people from Tokyo want to go
on their vacation, so you know it must be good!

Photo: Kyushu Yamanami Highway

November weddings!

Japan has also garnered attention with Hotel Epinard
 Nasu alpaca weddings. Many foreigners each year
make their way to Nasu just to experience these unique
endeavors. For more info, please see our previous

Photo: Hotel Epinard Nasu alpaca wedding

Romantic lighting in Tokyo for December!

Romantic Christmas themed lighting season is great to
explore in December in Japan, although it continues all the
way through the end of January! It lasts for a while so be sure
not to miss out. ~

Photo: Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View observation deck

What are you planning for 2016?

Japan really does have a lot to see and do,
so what are you waiting for? Hurry and get a
plane ticket today!

This time we only went through a short list of the many
other things to see in Japan throughout the year. Be sure to
keep reading our blogger to see what else you can experience
here in Tokyo and across the nation! From all of us members
here at Japankuru, we have members who have lived in
Japan for up to 13 years! So with all that experience
you better believe we have a lot more in store of what
to show you!

Japankuru your way to Japan now! ^ _ <

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