Friday, March 25, 2016

:::SPECIAL:::Nippori Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street's Sweet, Non-greasy Lucky Cat-Shaped Red Bean Pastries

:::SPECIAL:::Nippori Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street's 
Sweet, Non-greasy Lucky Cat-Shaped Red Bean Pastries

Warm and friendly staff and sweet but not
greasy lucky cat-shaped red bean pastries!

Remember our recent journey to the Yanaka Ginza
Shopping Street while searching for mischievous
sleepy cats? Well today we'll take a more in depth
visit especially to the pastry shop from before
where we met the friendly staff!

If you haven't yet viewed the previous article, 
be sure to do so here!

Before we move any further, some more
information about the shop:

Taito-ku, Tokyo Yanaka 3-9-15

11:00 - 18:00 (to 18:30 weekends · Holidays)

This shop isn't very hard to find, just get
off the train at Nippori station, make your way
to the Yanaka Ginza Street and follow the main
road and you'll run into the shop.

The Front of the store - showing takoyaki deals

In addition to the red bean matcha pastries, you can
see that the store offers takoyaki as well! 
Come for the sweets and end up getting some-
thing salty after all. ^^

Store Decorations

On the wall there appeared to be a lot of pictures
and some promotion going on within the store. I
asked the store clerk and they informed me that 
they were just independent promotions from the 
guests who frequent the shop. Nothing about a 
Japanese program.... XDDDD.

Cat corner store merchandise

After entering the store, my first impression was 
wow, there are a lot of cat goods here. I saw a lot 
of kitty corner piled goods, some really familiar, 
(the orange cat in the middle of the photo!) and 
others I've seen for the first time. First impression,
when as a university student I went to Guam to play
and brought back a cat like this that seems to say
 yo! How is it that all over the world they're still
selling the same merchandise.

The Menu

For people who are interested, you can refer back to this
 to help you decipher the menu. 

After hesitating, I asked the clerk for advice, and they
told me "why don't you try the red bean pastries?" 
I was the first time I had been asked such a question
so initially I froze for three seconds... just smiled
and told them I would give it as try. Matcha red beans!!

1 pastry is Only 180 yen !!

There's ice cream too!

The delicious ice cream was cute as well with 
the smiling cat lining the flyer. Although I can
usually eat ice cream any time during the year
it was really cold so I decided to save it for next
time possibly when it warms up.

Think small shop

Although it's a very small store, there are still
a couple seats where you can eat before you leave. 
There's also tissue holding trays with a cute cat


After ordering, and shaking a little bit in the cold
of the store, we finally get our freshly made baked
red bean matcha lucky cat pastry! Oh, and the bag
is also very cool!!

Red bean matcha lucky cat pastry

Very neatly wrapped in paper let's take it out and
have a little look-sy. 

They really chose the right name when they named this cat 
lucky, because drawn by aspirations of gaining luck customers
will come in, in waves. The next real question is which part to
eat first? Perhaps we should start at the face? Well eventually
we have to eat it all so.... ~

# Matcha red bean stuffing !!

Personally I feel that this is really super delicious! 
Japanese Matcha red bean is often too sweet, but this time
they got it right and it's not! The matcha's deep bitterness,
 and the sweet red beans offer a dazzling ride! Just enough to
fill you up. 

We initially had many reasons for visiting this shopping street,
most of them involving cats, the valley cat many reasons, but
at least now you'll have a new reason to come visit here. Come 
and talk with the store clerks to perfect your Japanese!

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