Friday, March 25, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: SUSHI!! Mountains of Shabu-shabu - the New All-You-Can-Eat Program @ Hassan in Roppongi !!

A Variety of Delicacies in Roppongi 
@ Shabu-shabu & Sushi Hassan !!

Japanese cuisine is truly blessed!! When we heard about it,
we had to check out this program to quench our appetites,
and we were so moved, we had to share with everyone!! For most,
finding a great restaurant in Japan with large portions is a losing battle.
The society itself is more geared towards having enough versus 
being wasteful. But this unique dinning program offers sushi, Japanese
 beef, fried skewers, plus all kinds of vegetables for people who 
like to take into account the health benefits. XDDDD

So before we dive in, we'd like to share some
basic info with you. ~

:::Shabu-Shabu & Sushi Hassan:::
Denki Building B1F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station Exit 3 , 2-minute walk 
Open Hours: 
Weekdays: 17: 30 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22:00)
Saturday: 12: 00 ~ 15: 00 (LO 14:00) / 
17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22:00)
Sunday and holidays: 12: 00 ~ 15: 00 (LO 14:00) / 
17: 00 ~ 22: 00 (LO 21:00)
No fixed holidays
Total number of seats: 98 seats (9 rooms)
Banquet maximum capacity: approximately 20
Credit cards: VISA / Master / JCB / Amex / Diners /

You can eat everything in this full package !!

Oh my God!! It looks so rich in flavor and appetizing!
> //// <

You can survive until the end of the article,
be strong and resist the urge to run over there right
now! This is such a special meal that reservations
are actually required in order to enjoy this. Use the 
information below when making a reservation
and be sure to let them know the folks at Japankuru
sent you! ~

:::Hassan all-you-can-eat set:::
(※ Reservation in advance is required)
The set includes: - appetizers
- Sushi made with fresh seasonal ingredients
-A4 grilled beef
- Kushiage (fried skewer)
- Various vegetables and sauce
9,000 yen, per person (tax included)
Reservations: WEB or TEL
WEB reservation page 

Take a deep breath and prepare because now
we're going to share with you the food. ^^


These bite sized samples are partially filling, but something 
just to warm up the tongue and get the blood flowing. 
  Tofu made from mugwort and sesame seeds and shrimp
 (left), and stewed lotus root along with beef (right) are a
 great start to this long course.

Japanese beef to get people's blood boiling!!

Oh! You feel it don't you? The mouth-watering aroma, and 
sizzle of the grill as this beef is prepared before your very
eyes? In Japan, there's a system for classifying the grade
of beef with A5 being the highest. Here at Shabu-shabu &
Sushi Hassan you can enjoy A4 quality deliciousness !

Cook the meat to your own personal
preference and enjoy unlimited proportions~ !!

(Due to the texture, it appears to look frosty, so in Japan it's 
known as the "frost" beef, an it's an extremely expensive

Just look at the meat, cooked to perfection!! XD

A soft, salty taste intoxicatingly superb! Oh and did we
forget to mention all of this is all-you-can-eat!! > //// <

A variety of vegetables

Eating the meat alone is a treat, but when you add
vegetables into the works then you have a meal on 
your hands. Sure enough, the mixing of meat with
veggies is the most delicious combination!

Sauced Up

Taking another angle on the meat and vegetables combination, 
you can also add new flavor or should we say spice to the mix.
With the addition of  mustard sauce, yuzu pepper sauce, and
 chili sauce, you can use your preference to unleash new flavor

How packets are happy!

Packing the delicious grilled meats and a variety of seasonal 
vegetables  into fresh lettuce is another way to enjoy it. Now
that we think about it, there's no real reason not to do this.. ^^


No double dipping!

For those who love the taste of the meat itself, try dipping
it into a recommended radish flavored vinegar sauce
provided to maintain the original flavor and taste with
a hint of tang from the oily solution. BTW double dipping
is encouraged. ^^

Fresh barbecue after

In addition to the super delicious beef, something you 
absolutely can not miss is the sushi, after all, "sushi" 
is used in the shops name so it must be good. The best
part is there isn't exactly a set menu for the fish, but 
instead it's a seasonal thing where you'll get urchin,
 bluefin tuna, etc... BTW currently gizzard shad and 
the silver-stripe round herring are in season!

Intricately prepared sushi!

The sushi is extremely fresh and abundant (never ending)
and if you look closely you'll notice the excellent craftsmanship
of the professionally created sushi. 

Fried skewers!

Not just for appearance but functional! The skewers
were cut into small bitesized pieces to make it
even easy for children to enjoy. 

Another flavor kick to the face!

Pork, chicken, small dumplings, taro, asparagus and other
vegetables, as well as shrimp and scallops and other
 seafood, wrapped in a thin layer of seasoning and a
provided dipping oil that'll take the flavor to the next level!
Perhaps it's too tender, crispy and well, legendary- -?
(Haha), I guess it really is possible to come up with all
these ingredients to make kushiage (skewers) delicious.

Although you may have passed out from these dazzling
pictures into the imagination sea, when you regain
access to your facilities make sure you go to Roppongi
to experience for yourself!!

Please share with your friends!

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