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#Shopping ♪ High Quality Japanese Cosmetics Shiseido: The Ginza~ Luxury Skin Care

#Shopping ♪ High Quality Japanese Cosmetics Shiseido: The Ginza~ Luxury Skin Care
Daily Skin Care Professionals

"Introducing a new skin"

Each and every day I feel I am aging at a faster
rate, whether it be the wrinkling of the skin or
the dark spots that are popping up in various 
places, time moves fast. They say that after the
age 25 is when your body first shows signs of 
aging through losses of "collagen" and break-
downs of the dermal layer making blemishes
 immediately noticeable. It's written in all of our
 DNAs to lose the elasticity of our skin to decline
over the years, but what can be do to counter-
act these problems?

To wait till the absolute last minute when
you start to see these changes will be a mistake
because by then it may be too late. The trick is
to steadily care for your skin as the years go
by to achieve the desired results you'll want 
in your 40s and later. 

Today's Resolution ➔ Daily skin care from 
here on out!

Even the best makeup will fall flat on it's face if 
your skin is not in line. It's like skipping step
one, two and three and jumping to the fourth
step, you may make it, but you'll be stumbling 
your way up the rest of the way...^^

Therefore, on behalf of Japanese cosmetics we
would like to introduce something we've introduced
time and time again. By careful research that combines
 next-generation technology, energy from the source
of energy in life , and to suit all skin types, 
we present to you THE GINZA COSMETICS.

THE GINZA.... Say what..?

A Skin care brand to suit all skin types made through
 meticulous research combining next generation of
 technology and the source of energy in life.
As the name suggests, it's a luxury cosmetics brand 
from the luxurious Ginza street and the phrase "solution 
skin care that all of the skin wants" is the best way to
describe the quality of products. Moreover, the Ginza 
Cosmetic brand is beyond the concept of cosmetics,
 it's a full-fledged beauty and richness lifestyle makeover.
To solve all of your skin's problems and immediately create 
clean skin beauty once again is THE GINZA 

* THE GINZA official website (English)

Where can I find THE GINZA?

This time we had the pleasure of experiencing
THE GINZA at the "Imperial Hotel Tokyo".
Referred to as one of the three main hotels you
must stay in when visiting Japan, the Imperial Hotel
Tokyo only offers the best of quality brands so it's
fitting that we would find a THE GINZA store inside.

* THE GINZA Imperial Hotel shop
Hours: 10:00 to 19:00
TEL: 03-3503-7971
 In the underground arcade of the main hotel building
* In the Tokyo metropolitan area products can be
 purchased at the hotel or at the airport duty-free shop.
* Imperial Hotel Tokyo is a short 5-minute walk Tokyo 
Metro Hibiya Station.

Discover more of your beauty in Ginza

Women's efforts for beauty seem to have no end...
Covering unwanted things with dark makeup and 
pretending it'll go away is not true way to display
your true beauty, or you're true charm.

* THE GINZA Japan domestic stores

7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
[TEL] 03-3571-7735 
[Business Hours] 11:00AM-8:00PM

The Ginza Imperial Hotel
The Imperial Hotel Arcade 1-1-1 Uchi-Saiwaicho, 
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
[TEL] 03-3503-7971 
[Business Hours] 10:00AM-7:00PM

<Kanto> Japan Duty Free GINZA
GINZA MITSUKOSHI 8F 4-6-16 Ginza, 
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
[TEL] 03-5159-3400 
 [Business Hours] 10:30AM~8:00PM

<Hokkaido> New Chitose Airport Duty Free Shop
New International Terminal Bldg. 3F 
[TEL] 0123-46-5254 
[Business Hours] According to flight departure

International Terminal 3F
[TEL] 03-6428-0740 
[Business Hours] 24 hours

International Terminal 3F
[TEL] 03-6428-0749 
[Business Hours] 6:00AM-11:00PM

International Terminal 3F
[TEL] 03-6428-0756
 [Business Hours] 6:00AM-11:00PM

<Narita Airport> JAPAN DUTY FREE NORTH 1
Terminal 1 North Wing 3F
[TEL] 0476-32-8683 
[Business Hours] 8:00AM~10:00PM

Terminal 1 North Wing 3F
[TEL] 0476-32-8684 
[Business Hours] 8:00AM~8:00PM

JAPAN DUTY FREE Main Building Shop
Terminal 2 Main Building 3F
[TEL] 0476-34-8511 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~9:15PM

JAPAN DUTY FREE Satelite point
Terminal 2 Satellite 3F
[TEL] 0476-34-8522 
[Business Hours] 8:00AM-9:00PM

Fa-So-La DUTY FREE Cosmetic & Perfumery 
Main Building Shop
Terminal 2 Main Building 3F
[TEL] 0120-191-625 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~9:30PM

Fa-So-La DUTY FREE Cosmetic & Perfumery 
South Wing
Terminal 1 South Wing 3F
[TEL] 0120-191-625 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~8:30PM

Fa-So-La DUTY FREE 3rd Satellite Shop 
Terminal 1 3F
[TEL] 0120-191-625 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~9:45PM

Terminal 1 South Wing 3F
[TEL] 0120-023-029 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~8:30PM

<Chubu International Airport> Centrair Duty Free
3F International Departures Lobby
[TEL] 0569-38-7123 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~9:30PM

<Kansai International Airport> KIX DUTY FREE 
Main building south
Inside international gate
[TEL] 0724-55-2354 
[Business Hours] 7:15AM~10:50PM

KIX DUTY FREE Main Building North
Inside international gate
[TEL] 0724-55-2349 
[Business Hours] 7:15AM~11:50PM

AAS Duty Free
Inside international gate South Wing 3F
[TEL] 0724-56-6425 
[Business Hours] 7:30AM~10:30PM 

Duty Free Shop A.S.D
Inside international gate North Wing 3F
[TEL] 0724-56-6531 
[Business Hours] 8:00AM~9:30PM

<Hiroshima Airport> Duty Free Shop
64-31 Hongocho Zennyuji, MIhara, 
Hiroshima 729-0416

<Fukuoka Airport> Duty Free Shop
International Terminal Bldg. 3F
[TEL] 092-483-7003 
[Business Hours] 8:00AM~last departing 

Sensuous perfume and more @ The Ginza

Do you know about a popular refined, sensuous
 themed luxury fragrance by Serge Lutens?
Serge Rutten, while a French photographer, filmmaker,
hair stylist, a fashion designer, is also a perfume art
director (no shortage of job titles there right?).
In other words, an extremely talented and versatile 

During the 1980s, he became popular while working 
for Shiseido as an art director. He worked to create an
 unique image for Shiseido, and in 2000 his own perfume 
brand was established, Parfums-Beaute Serge Lutens.
Though many people only know about the perfume
brand, there was also a cosmetics line that was one of 
his, called  "Nécessaire de Beaute".

* Serge Rutten official website (English)

#1 THE GINZA must have item!

One product we can recommend with absolute
confidence is the 


The most important step - apply directly!

Soon as we entered the shop we were met with
hands on dedicated service. Even the most basic
of products had the appeal of really high end

Fit and good to go

The good thing about skin care products is you can
see instant results because of the quick cycle of skin
 regeneration. Try using The Ginza products for about
a month and we guarantee you'll see an immediate
difference. It's always great to try out new products
and see what works best for you, but if you're using
a product that works with all kinds of skin, there's no
real fear that it won't work right? Go in and try a 
sample just to see how it feels on your skin!


The dedicated beauty solution you have 
desired, helping to prevent the dangerous UV rays
 that are extremely hazardous for your skin. 
(SPF30 · PA +++). It also works well to keep your
skin moisturized and prevent dirt and other chemicals
from entering into your skin. The icing on the cake is 
that the product goes on smoothly and doesn't feel
like there is something caked on your body. 
Feel free to apply it as a base for makeup if necessary. 

 30,000 yen + TAX

Primary care of THE GINZA

The basic care method using THE GINZA  skin care products is
quite simple.
STEP 1 cleanser ➔STEP 2 cosmetic ➔STEP 3 milk ➔?

◦ Apply the adequate amount to help enrich the skin.
◦ After wetting the cotton, please apply while 
pressing lightly from the central portion of the face outward.
◦ Continue to apply the next product until all the dry portions
are saturated.
◦ Apply the same amount evenly throughout the face.

* Order of use can be found in the item description

Create a lather using cool or lukewarm water
then apply directly to face and thoroughly
rinse off afterwards.
★ (130g) 6,000 yen + TAX

High-performance lotion with moisturizing
 ingredients relieve dry skin. It will help to 
produce smooth skin and care for the
 stratum corneum.
* 1 Moisturizing Ingredient: Erythritol/PEG/
PPG-14/7 Dimethyl Ether
★ (200mL) 18,000 yen + TAX

High-performance emulsion that sustains the moisture
in skin and helps to keep skin fine.
*1 Emollient Ingredient: PEG/PPG-14/7 Dimethyl 
Ether Phytosteryl/Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate
★ (150g) 20,000 yen + TAX

*Additional Information
☆ Cotton swabs used in skin care are actually
high-quality cotton from Shiseido ☆
It is divided into two kinds of cotton

Cotton cosmetic products used to produce beautiful skin
using only natural materials of the highest quality.
60 pieces of 400 yen + TAX

Cotton pads made to be used with the Clarifying Lotion 
Silk blend base that softly exfoliates old
surface cells.
60 pieces of 400 yen + TAX

* Ginza Cotton Quality Blog #1.

* Ginza Cotton Quality Blog #2.

STEP 4 is exactly this!
STEP 4 is made up of our main recommendation for today:
The maximum protection function is a key selling point for
this item! Reversing the adverse effects to the skin from
ultraviolet rays (SPF30 · PA +++) adds life to the skin. 


 30,000 yen + TAX

In order to further make my skin shine

The UV-blocking function is only a bonus when you think
about the use of the product for seamlessly blending
into the skin and covering small blemishes.
It felt like I was putting on a second skin after just
pouring on one drop...^^

Beauty begins with the correct skin care

The decrease in the elasticity of the skin is triggered by
the loss of moisture within the skin. This loss of moisture
is brought about with age and the loss of the ability to keep

It is very easy to see the differences.
Using only a thumb and an index finger, press them against
your face and you'll see, in your 20's the shape will soon
recover, but in your 30s it'll take maybe a second or two,
in your 40s a couple seconds, and later in your 50s it may take
 more than 5 seconds. This simple exercise will show you the
elasticity of skin and how it's affected over the years.

* Than Ginza step-by-step instructions for
 commodities (English)

Ginza shopping is always fun

Ginza is a symbol of shopping in ​​Japan, and is lined with
world-famous brandname shops. In particular, trend setters
 who travel to Japan, cannot pass up an opportunity to
travel to Ginza.

How much do you really know about the great city of

Over a period of about 50 years from the 1870s to the
1920s relics from the west was traded in the area and as
 a result these long-standing shops of unique and foreign
products found their base. The atmosphere of the area
remained throughout the years and it developed to this giant
 shopping sprawl with all world's stage shopping stores and
 products. Makes you wonder what it will be like here in the
 next 15-20 years...^^

No UV worries!

wearing a protective film where you don't have to worry
about the elements when you step out. Including dryness
from dust and other harmful components in the air which
aren't visible at first.

A beautiful lunch getaway

Just because it's Ginza doesn't mean that everything
has to be unaffordable and too high-class for everyday
people like you and I. An amazingly clear and clean
atmosphere dressed in white.

(BTW! Famous Hollywood actors and directors the likes of
Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.. have visited and signed seats here!)

Feel special things in a special place

What about your daily life?
Dreaming of a relaxing elegant meal in Ginza, the ritzy capital of
Tokyo? Why not make your dreams a reality here?
Enjoy the sweet simplicity of this gorgeous meal.

Sweet lunch time

An environment is really what is responsible
for raising us and to some degree we can
control said environment.  Why not improve your
environment by enjoying lunch with someone
special, or depending on your preference
enjoy this delicious lunch alone. ^^

A full day of THE GINZA

Living in a first-class lifestyle in a city that is loved
by so many is a great feeling. And the role that Shiseido played
in respect to Ginza was very large. As time passes without
slowing down, so does our aging skin. Of course wrinkles
 will come but we will also lose the vibrance in our skin. 
Collagen and protein can be ingested frequently in an
abundance of food and water, but you will need to correct
your lifestyle as well. To delay the clock of time when it comes
to skin preparations must be made early on, however there's
still steps we can take to ensure things don't get worse. 

More than anything else, it is important to worry about your daily
 skin health and care. ★★★ Fundamental to the care of skin
are cosmetics that are striving to make advances in the ever
changing world we live in. One thing is for sure, when it
comes to trusted cosmetics, look no further than The Ginza.^^

* THE GINZA official website (English)



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