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#Experience ♪ Memorable Japanese Traditional Wedding Garments @ Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store

#Experience ♪  Couples & Lovers of Japanese Traditions Assemble! Experience Traditional Wedding Costumes in Ginza Mitsukoshi!!

"Travel to welcome new memories."
Taking a lot of photos is a sure fire way to ensure
we don't forget all the memories of our travels. 
However in the mix of things it's hard to think
of taking a picture naturally to capture a memory
or a moment because you would much rather live
it instead. Whether it be... Beautiful scenery and people
 met by chance ...or an interesting moment ... Make
sure you capture all these so you have something to
look back on later and reflect.

Certain memories come and they can stay with
us for a lifetime regardless of if they are captured
or not. Here we will try to introduce one such memory
you can gain by visiting Ginza Mitsukoshi Department
Store. A very glamorous and beautiful kimono experience
 in Ginza, the essential shopping destination for Tokyo

Rather than the start of your trip it may be best to
try this experience towards the end in order to insure
that the memory remains for a while. Doesn't matter
whether your trip is a shopping trip, or even a food
trip, all trips can stand to benefit from experiencing
You'll know you're in the right place when you find
dazzling shops well-known throughout the world
for their unique designs and appealing products
lining the streets for as far as the eye can see.
This, ladies and gentlemen is "Ginza" and one of
of the oldest department stores stands alone,
Mitsukoshi Ginza.

Traditional Wedding Clothes Experience
 in Ginza Mitsukoshi

<Traditional Wedding Clothes Experience>
A once in a lifetime chance to dawn the traditional
Japanese wedding attire.
You can easily transform yourself in just 20 minutes.
After changing you can take pictures using your
own camera.

※ This experience is prepaid.
※ May not be available during holidays.
※ Photos can only be taken on the 7th floor.
※Please use the restroom before changing.

* Location: Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Bridal Salon
* Hours: 10:30AM to 7:30PM (last order)
* TEL: 03-3535-1866
* Period: 2016 March 23 - 2016 April 5,
* Price: groom - 10,800 yen (tax included)
Bride - 14,040 yen (tax included)

Japanese Wedding Culture

A Japanese wedding is no different than any
other, a joyous affair often costing quite a bit
of money not just for the bride and groom but
also for guests in attendance. The more meticulous
parts are what set it aside.

Will you keep it simple?
Greetings ➔ wedding invitations ➔ wedding reception ➔

Greeting: The first meetings of the families to discuss
how they will handle things involving the wedding and
venues etc...

Wedding Invitation: As a general rule wedding invitations
are only sent out to individuals who can attend the event
in advance. Japanese weddings have quite a bit of catering
and space-limiting venues so it wouldn't work out to invite
too many or too few people. 

Wedding: Similar to weddings in the west people are
 somewhat sorted according to their association with the
 bride, groom or both. The interesting part about Japanese
weddings is there is a bit of dichotomy with the Japanese
traditional wedding attire and procedures VS the popular
western style. As a result it's uncommon to see both
styles within the same wedding! ^^ 

Reception: There isn't much of a change between
western weddings and Japanese weddings as you'll
most likely find yourself at a table with people you
know as opposed to a table of complete strangers.
The reception itself is only about 2-3 hours long with
a bunch of performances from friends and family of
the bride/ groom serving as entertainment for the
Isn't it interesting how we all have so much in common
and different when it comes to weddings..?

Ginza Mitsukoshi, presenting a culture of a "good life"

When you think of the central hub of shopping
in Tokyo, one can't help but be reminded of
Ginza. For the past 100 years, a certain department
store has been leading the way and telling everyone
what shopping in Tokyo means to the fashion world,
while setting the latest trends along the way. Count-
less renovation has helped to broaden its outward
appeal and consistently bring in a pioneering spirited
following. Yes, it is truly a cultural experience just

Ginza Mitsukoshi
* Transportation:
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line /
 Hibiya Line to Ginza Station and get off at [A7, A8]
 exit directly, display the location on Google Maps
* Hours:10:30 AM to 8PM (9th, 11th, 12th floor restaurants
 11 AM to 11 PM)

7F - Bridal Salon

Where the experience takes place, the Bridal
Salon is located in a lovely corner of the 7th floor
and at first glance it appears that all they have
are just western style wedding garments...

But alas, kimonos too!

Japanese traditional wedding clothes are, of course
also available to be tried on. although they may look
fairly easy to whip on, they are in reality actually
extremely difficult and are something that trained
professionals must help you with. However to make
putting it on a little easier, the tops and bottoms of
the kimonos have been divided. To get a chance
to see the burden placed on married couples as
they walk down the isle, come by and see it for

<Kimono dressing experience>
* Price: 10,800 yen per person (tax included).

Where all the magic begins

So now let's get all changed! You'll be guided
 into a large fitting room like this with two or
more professionals assisting you to change. 
Come on, this is no time to be shy! ^^
No need to worry about privacy because there
is a curtain installed to make sure no one can see
from the outside.

Gentlemen first~ !?

Wearing your own clothing underneath you can
try on the outfits over them. However it's
recommended you wear something light so you
don't overheat. You'll be carefully dressed by the
staff so don't worry too much about how you'll
arrange everything. The first step is putting on
and tying the straps of the *Hakama ka.

*  袴 下 (Hakama ka)
The badge worn under the hakama kimono, meaning a short kimono.

The Hakama

Similar to a skirt and worn more like an
apron, the Hakama. Worn just below the
waist and designed to fold over for the
perfect fit, you'll then be strapped in
and they will fit like a kind of wide pants
similar to what you'd find in ancient Japan.

The dignity of the hakama

After putting it on, it'll definitely shatter your
first impressions of what it'd be like to wear one.

Dressed by delicate hands

The stories of Japanese hospitality extends far and
wide. One thing is for sure, when you come to Japan,
you can expect to be treated very well regardless of
who you are. The bridal salon makes no exception
as they are literally there to take care of you.

Carefully constructed till the end

Through the delicate and caring hands of professionals
we've almost reached the final stage. As a final touch the
symbol of the house in which the outfit was designed, the
pattern (or crest)is added to the stomach area to complete
 the outfit. 

* Coat: The coat was used for protection from the cold and
doubled as a way to keep yourself clean from the dust indoors.
It's set aside as an option for men, but doesn't fall in line with
the outfit for women so it's a men's only item.

Already my turn!

The brides attire, referred to as the kakeshita, is
a special kind of kimono in which padding is added
at the hem in order to help it fit properly. It also has
furisode style sleeves that can only be worn until
marriage, after which she can no longer wear it. 

All proper attire... check!

Each foot is fitted with the proper traditional tabi socks!^^


Layer upon layer of clothing is carefully applied, and
it might be a good time to say please go to the restroom
before getting dressed! We can't tell you the amount of
time you'd have to wait just to get it all back off again.
Plan ahead!^^

Feminine yourself up!

A bit of hair work is also included to give
the bride to be her most appealing look. It
truly is like a transformation. The purpose of
wrapping up the hair like this is to give a more
mature look. 
(Unfortunately, makeup won't be applied at this

Traditional Costumes have a purpose for everything

Pay special attention to the back of the neck, this part
will come in handy later! ^^

Back in the days, wardrobes didn't just have to be
stylish but more importantly they had to be functional.
This particular section of the outfit exposes just enough
of the back to entice the onlooker. 
What an interesting place to be considered sexy. ^^

A newly born bride in the hands of an expert.

The beauty of high-quality traditional clothes

What is this? ①

Tabi, intended to be worn for traditional ceremonies
and other events. Made of cotton, and often used at
in conjunction with sandals and geta (wooden clogs).
They are conveniently form fitting to the big toe, with
the other toes grouped together. This makes putting
on sandals much easier and more comfortable.

What is this? ②

Suehiro or a holding fan, commonly held
by ladies of the old days in Japan as a status symbol
and simply something to keep cool with.

What is this? ③

Small knives are added, because in former Japan
they were actually used for self-defense! ^^
What a time they must have lived in right?!

Talking about the transition of beauty

This particular style of embroidery was quite popular
because of the level of detail and time it took to create.
It all begins with a simple pattern that is drawn on the
cloth, then painstakingly applied by hand and machine
till it is done to perfection. Said to have a very high value
getting a chance to wear such vivid colors of embroidery is
not an experience just anyone can get. 

A charming you and I

In the span of just 20 short minutes, we have
transformed ourselves into something spectacular.
Forget the ideals of purity with an all white dress
and add a little spice to your life with a breathtaking
design to boot. The bright colors work together to
create the illusion of being reborn again.

Our first step towards happiness

Was that a bit cheesy!?
I wish I could enjoy a traditional Japanese wedding
experience myself.... (lol)
It's true what they say, the clothes makes the man (or woman).

Traditional wedding Clothes Representing Japan

Recently in Asakusa and other traditional tourist destinations
 such as Kawagoe, you'll often see tourists wearing kimonos
as they walk up and down the streets. Japan is a great nation
that no matter how far it advances societally or technologically
it will forever hold on and celebrate its roots. And it's just that,
that gives it its charm. Take your chance to partake in this
cultural experience and build a memory you won't forget.

General Japanese Men

With a crested hakama you're looking at the typical
traditional style of Japanese men ready to be wed.
Aside from the black color you'll also find white or
gray making an appearance. During the Edo period,
it's also the style celebrated by the famous Samurai.
How handsome he looks! ^^

Beautiful red wonder

This colorful and beautiful kimono is a sight to behold.
Wondering why the bride is wearing red?
The reason is because, red  is the color that
 symbolizes the blood, which means the new born baby.
Mainly in a traditional wedding red is worn to symbolize
the new union between a man and women in which
the bride is born again. In contrast, white is something
that is more associated with death than marriage.

Moments in Time

After being transformed by the traditional Japanese
wedding clothes, all that's left is for a fashion show!
Strut your stuff on the 7th floor and take as many
pictures as you like. The red carpet will even be rolled
out for you!

(Bridal salon employees will guide you and photograph
for you)

How about a bow!?

Leaving with precious memories.

A wedding is an important once in a lifetime ritual
that unfortunately not everyone can take part in.
However if you can spare 20 minutes than you too
 can experience what it's like to wear hundreds of
years of tradition on your back. While wearing
these traditional clothes you can think of how
life was back when these were the hottest styles
on the market and how much has changed since
then. In the end, we were able to spend a really
meaningful time at the Bridal Salon and wish
you can as well! A great experience you can
do as a couple, or even alone!!

<Traditional Wedding Clothes Experience>
A once in a lifetime chance to dawn the traditional
Japanese wedding attire.
You can easily transform yourself in just 20 minutes.
After changing you can take pictures using your
own camera.

※ This experience is prepaid.
※ May not be available during holidays.
※ Photos can only be taken on the 7th floor.
※Please use the restroom before changing.

* Location: Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Bridal Salon
* Hours: 10:30AM to 7:30PM (last order)
* TEL: 03-3535-1866
* Period: 2016 March 23 - 2016 April 5,
* Price: groom - 10,800 yen (tax included)
Bride - 14,040 yen (tax included)

* All the deals in ONE PLACE!
In Ginza Mitsukoshi, there's also a foreign customer
 service counter!

[Overseas customer service counter]
Location: Underground first floor
Sales: 10:30AM to 8:00PM
Service content - duty-free counter
- Multi-language shopping advisor
- Foreign Tourist
- Currency Exchange
Ginza Mitsukoshi overseas customer service
 counter visiting blog:


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