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:::SPECIAL::: Japan Sanrio business exhibition! A Quick Look at Attractive New Products & Activities for 2016

Japan Sanrio business exhibition! A Quick Look at Attractive New Products & Activities for 2016 

Japan Sanrio business exhibition! A 
Quick Look at Attractive New Products & Activities for 2016 

Out of Hello Kitty, pom pom purin, Gemini KIKI & LALA 
and many other cute characters, which one do you prefer
the most? Ahahah of course personally I like Gudetama
the most!

Us here at Japankuru were lucky enough to be
invited to the Sanrio trade show! This exhibition is 
so fantastic that it's not actually open to the public,
but it was okay because we got an invitation to see 
the new products and information for 2016!

Of course we spent the most time here!

Seeing the huge Gudetama family just sitting there
in it's cute display I was surprised at first, then my 
surprise turned to disappointment because I was 
informed that they are not being sold yet...

Very much desired and anxiously awaiting their

My oh my did I feel at home when walking around
I could hear people speaking in voices like  Gudetama...
Truly felt like I was amongst friends.. ^^

The ever-popular Pom Pom Purin

Don't underestimate this popular little guy because
he finished first in sales last year! He is really the star
of today's event. Although people feel a little surprised
by it. In fact, don't you feel like he gives of the impression
of Hello Kitty?

Who is this?

Our host Sanrio host mentioned that prior to the show there
was a character design competition and this space was set
aside to announce the winner called "Haguruman style". This
creature is now one of the top three most popular.

To learn more about the contents of the event,
Check out this page! (Although it is in Japanese)

When I saw an article discussing this election, it seemed
 very interesting, it's good to see that Sanrio is so interested
in what us everyday people can make. If you can't understand
the Japanese just try using Google Translate.

Aggressive Retsuko and gang

Although the figures aren't exactly the most
popular, they have been featured in various
animations. Sanrio said they would not discuss
potential characters but there is a chance for
some of the roles to develop further!

::: Official Website :::

Fantasy style Hello Kitty and Melody.

Personal Favorite Baskin-Robbins collaboration!

:::For more information:::

The Different styles of Little Twin Stars

From 3/16 to 4/4 Little Twin Stars will have an exhibit. ~
 Matsuya Ginza 8F EVENT SQUARE
Event Date:
March 16, 2016 - April 4, 2016
 10: 00~20: 00 (last admission 30 minutes before closing time)

Kimono Kitty ♡

All lined up!!

In collaboration with Hello Kitty popcorn shop,
there was a super cute popcorn tube created.
Who wouldn't want to hold something as cute
as this?!

More info:

Official Website:
February 13, 2016 for one year from this date.
New Tomei Expressway NEOPASA in Okazaki
Hours 7:00 ~ 22:00

A Gudetama kendama I really Wanna'!

Oh! This is actually for sale now!? I can't wait to
find it at a store so I can play anywhere! I'm currently
using the 200 yen model kendama from Daiso so I
definitely need to upgrade.

DecoLatte introduced by Japankuru!!

It's really easy to get caught up in getting Gudetama
souvenirs wherever you go so you need to be careful.

Deco Latte Story

Super delicious Sweets

A solution for all those sweet tooth having
folks out there! I bought quite a bit on my
own as well because of well... you can see a lot
of different positions for Gudetama, it tastes
good and they're just cool!.. don't judge me... ^^ 

Pink Melody merchandise area ~

Two versions of the Little Twin Stars' plates ~

Pom Pom Purin ornaments!

Heel Collaborations!!

Great fashion! Seeing your own very special character
with you each step you take is amazing.

More info:

Sanrio characters through the ages!

This so familiar... Oh, what is his name?

Very interesting face modeling masks!

"Ichigo Man!"

A role modeling mystery! ha ha!

I saw the several page introduction about how this
superhero fights evil monsters and the real identity
of the hero is unknown, although it really is Hello Kitty.
Based on some old picture books you can see how
she got her mysterious powers...
I really think this idea is both old-fashioned and new. ^^
More info:

Another Interesting Collaboration Product

This picture actually shows off a lot of different
things going on at once. It's not really easy to organize
and it's instead just a bundle of recommended Sanrio
products directly from their official website for your
viewing pleasure.

:::Official Website:::

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