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#Accommodation ♪ Enjoy the view of TOKYO SKYTREE ~Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International~ in front of Don Quijote

#Accommodation ♪ Enjoy the view of TOKYO SKYTREE ~Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International~ in front of Don Quixote

an unique atmosphere with many traditional lovely streets located in the center of the city.
Discover the new landscape, and the traditional lifestyle of Japan with both modern and traditional artistic facilities. 
And this is place gathering numerous attractions,
that is why attracting many tourists.

Once again, 
what is the charm of Asakusa?

・A chic and modern area
~Beautiful view of TOKYO SKYTREE
・Nakamise-dori street
~Sensoji, shops of Japanese traditional snacks like Ningyo-yaki, Kiri Dango (dumpling) , senbei (rice cracker)
・Shopping area, aquarium, TOKYO SKYTREE
~ Solamachi ~
 Within the walking distance 
or might be you can take the Tobu Skytree Line from Asakusa Station to Tokyo Skytree Station!

All are easy from Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International!

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
Address: 2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Number of rooms: 270
Room types:
Standard Room Two Beds
View Room Two Beds
Premier View Room Two Beds
Corner Room Two Beds
Check-in/ check-out: 14:00/ 11:00
Homepage (English)

Rooms that can overlooking TOKYO SKYTREE
What a beautiful view!

Nearby Station:
From Asakusa station of TSUKUBA EXPRESS    3-minute walk from Exit A1
From Asakusa station of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line   8-minute walk from Exit 1
From Tawaramachi station of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line   8-minute walk from Exit 3 
From Asakusa station of Toei Asakusa Line  8-minute walk from Exit A4  
From Asakusa station of Tobu Isesaki Line (Skytree Line)  7-minute walk

From Haneda Airport: 
By train: 55 minutes by Keikyu Line.
By bus: 65 ~80 minutes by Airport Limousine.

Enjoy this beautiful view while having the nice breakfast at the hotel restaurant!

Welcome to Asakusa

A sideways exit in the west from Asakusa Sensoji Temple!
It is a cultrual street~ Rock boardway   (六区ブロードウェイ).

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International 
is just located besides a souvenir shopping building called Marugoto Nippon



A lot of friendly service at 
Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International 

On top of the Marugoto Nippon,
we have come to the lobby of the hotel on the 5F

There are 6 friendly services can be found here!

Okay! Let's check them out!

Friendly Service 1 
Concierge service 

You know what?
Concierge services can be found in most of the premium luxury hotel!

What is concierge services?

In general, a concierge assists guests by performing various tasks such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, arranging for spa services, recommending night life hot spots, booking transportation (like taxi, limousines, airplanes, boats, etc.), coordinating porter service (luggage assistance request), procuring of tickets to special events, and assisting with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions. 

In one word
→ Assisting guests to plan a smart travel!

Friendly Service 2 
Touch screen monitor

Guests can check all the travel information around the hotel by themselves. 
Since it is in multi-languages, 
guests from foreign countries can enjoy this service easily!

Let's plan your trip here smartly!

Friendly Service 3 
Currency Exchange Machine 
・available 24 hours 
・in languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese)

Friendly Service 4
Free copy Machine
Easy for guests to print out their tickets of reserved service, museums and other entertainment

Friendly Service 5
Halal Services for Muslim guests

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted, according to Islamic law. 
The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life.
Generally in Islam, every object and action is considered permissible unless there is a prohibition of it in the Islamic scriptures.

A prayer room is well-equipped!
What an impressive service to respect the cultures of other countries.

Another room for special care for Muslim guests.

Clean and purify your body before worshiping!
Worship in Islam is considered significant!
So it is convenient and easy for Muslim guests to 
wash their hands, mouth, nose, face, head, feet, etc. 

Friendly Service 6

A compact beautiful garden on the 5F
What a nice spot to overlook the whole picture of Asakusa!

Let's check out the nearby spots!

1. Nakamise-dori
8-min walk from the hotel
Crowded with all traditional Japanese stores on two sides 
from Kaminarimon to Sensoji
A nice spot to buy Japanese souvenir here!

2. Sensoji
2-min walk from the hotel
Oldest attractions which most tourists visit in Tokyo

3.  Kaminarimon
8-min walk from the hotel
It was once destroyed by fire in 1865 and reconstructed and reinforced in 1960.

4. Gojuto Pagoda
53 Height from the ground 
Important cultural property 

Yeah!! On the way to the room!

With one touch!!!
A beautiful is welcoming!!

Room type 1
View Room Two-Bed

Room size: 27.0 sqm
Bed size: 1200mm width ×2000mm length

What a relaxing space!
Spacious structure to feel a sense of openness and peace.

Don't get bored!  LED  widescreen TV!
To watch highlighted movies and TV show anytime you want!

There you are!
Real View Room !!!!

You don't really wanna get out of the room huh!

All are individual!
Toilet, bathroom and sink!
(View Room Two-Bed
Premier View Room Two-Bed
Corner Room Two-Bed only)

Well-facilitated amenities

Slippers, iron, moisturizers, deodorants!
All are ready whenever we come back to the room!

What a comfortable stay with this beautiful TOKYO SKYTREE view!

Offering ultimate relaxation!

Comfortable "Simmons"bed/ ionic air freshener and purifier/ Wi-Fi / Outlet plug at the bed sides

Look at this view!

There is no reason of not visiting Asakusa during your trip to Tokyo!

Let's take a look!
What an artistic building!
It is produced by Yamamoto Kansai, fashion designer. 

Can you see the pattern of Guma Dori (山本 寛斎) ?
With the bold motifs of the blend of ancient Eastern and modern Western art, 
it shows the intense sensations in color and composition. 

* Guma Dori (隈 取 り)
Exaggerated facial expressions of actors in Kabuki (歌舞 伎)

Room type 2
Standard Room One-Bed

Room size: 18sqm
Bed size: 1500mm width ×2000mm length

Room type 3
Standard Room Two-Bed

Room size: 21.0 sqm
Bed size: 1100mm width ×2000mm length

Room Type 4 
Corner Room Two-Bed 

Room size: 33.0 sqm
Bed size: 1100mm width ×2000mm length

Extra bed is available!

Richmond Hotel Asakusa Premier International is from the fifth floor to the 13th floor.

* Floor Information
5th floor - front desk / Premium lounge / meeting room
6th Floor - Room
7th floor - rooms / facilities (vending machines, etc.)
8th floor - room / laundry
9th floor - room / laundry
10th floor - room / laundry
11th floor - rooms / facilities (vending machines, etc.)
12th Floor - Room
13th Floor - Room

Vending machines and washing machines are available on 7F and 11F!
Good for long stay too!

Let's enjoy a romantic breakfast in Asakusa! 

Enjoy your breakfast time with this beautiful Asakusa View!

The openness makes you feel like you are in a foreign country!

Premier lounge 

Japanese or western?
Or both?
Have your favorite meal here!

* Premier Lounge
Location: Richmond Hotel Asakusa International Premiere fifth floor 
Hours: 6:30 to 11:00
Price: Adults  2500 yen
           Children (ages 6 to 12) 1000 yen
           (Infants under 5 years old are free of charge)


Have a welcome drink here on the 5F!
Feel free to use the outlet plugs!

Japanese and western styles!

You know what?
You can taste the best rice in Japan!
Koshihikari produced in Niigata Prefecture!
You won't wanna miss the cooked rice original from Uonuma!
the butter croissants! 

Roasted beef made from Japanese beef!

Special "Egg station" 

Chef is there to make us
omelet, scramble egg and some egg dishes.

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International's SPECIAL

Fresh grapefruit juice
The whole grapefruit!

No sugar!
100% natural!

Recharge of vitamin~

Halal Lunch Box

Both Western and Japanese styles.....

Kitchen for making halal lunch box

It is a licensed restaurant with the halal certification 
from the Islamic Cultural Center of Japan.
(Japan Islamic Trust)

Let's have a cup of coffee....

As many cups as you want....
for take out

~Keep on adding freshness to Asakusa~

・Rock boradway
Full of traditional and modern artistic colors

・Don Quixote, 
・Marugoto Nippon
Full of daily life elements

Tokyo new landmark

Be honest, no reasons of not taking a visit to Asakusa!
Glad that we discover this brand new hotel in this great area!!
For your reference while planning your trip to Tokyo then!

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
Address: 2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Number of rooms: 270
Room types:
Standard Room Two Beds
View Room Two Beds
Premier View Room Two Beds
Corner Room Two Beds
Check-in/ check-out: 14:00/ 11:00
Homepage (English)

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