Wednesday, April 27, 2016

# Japanese Souvenir ♪ A representative brand of convenient food! Nagatanien in Trip to Hokkaido ~Hokkaido Edition

# Japanese Souvenir ♪ A representative brand of convenient food! Nagatanien in Trip to Hokkaido ~Hokkaido Edition

After the trip to Kansai, 
let's move to the north this time!

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Here you go!!
Limited Edition of different areas in Japan!

From Hokkaido to Okinawa,
 there are a lot of choices for you!

The ones shown above are only part of the them!
Besides ochazuke, easy curry package is available too!

Nagatanien Limited Edition Ochazuke
(Japanese Souvenir)

Only today's focus!

Speaking of cool summer and cold winter,
you will think of Hokkaido,
where a lot of rich ingredients can be found.

The selected representative ingredients for Nagatanien Hokkaido Edition are
urchins and crabs.

Looks delicious~

If you visit Hokkaido, 
you'd better try the real taste of seafood!
Seafood bowl rice!

Tuna, shrimp, salmon roe, and other seafood!!
How gorgeous!

Hokkaido representative 1
~ crabs~

you definitely don't wanna miss during your trip to Hokkaido!
If you miss the taste after you leave Japan,
no worry!!
Nagatanien is there with you!
Flavor of Hokaido Crab!

A lot of crab pieces!

Can you see those white one!
This is ochazuke!
How gorgeous huh!

Hokkaido representative 1
~ urchins~

Wow!!! Can you see the golden urchins???
You will be surprised by its soft texture!

You know what urchin is ranked top 5 of the favorite sushi in sushi shop!
There your are!
Flavor of Urchins!

Beautiful pink color and concentrated essence!

Wow!!! Can you image the golden urchin has turned out into this tender pink ochazuke!
Indeed the limited edition!

Simple is the best!

Let's out the ochazuke on top of the cooked rice!
Few seconds,
it is done!

Transparent like crystal!

Both are great!!!
With the perfect amount of seaweed and green onions, 
you can't stop your chopsticks then!

Taste the "Hokkaido"!
Enjoy the view of "Hokkaido" !

Are you familiar with the Otaru Canal in the movie "Love letter."


What a beautiful white world!

Snow, hot springs and ochazuke!

Soaking in a open-aired hot spring in the snowy Hokkaido,
at the same time, 
getting ready of the Hokkaido limited edition of Nagatanien Ochazuke!

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