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# Japanese Souvenir ♪ A representative brand of convenient food! Nagatanien in Trip to Kansai ~Kansai Edition

# Japanese Souvenir ♪ A representative brand of convenient food! Nagatanien in Trip to Kansai ~Kansai Edition   

On top of the cooked bowl rice, 
add some toppings like seaweed and other seasonings, 
pour some hot water!
There you are!
A simple Japanese dish called Ochazuke!
It is said that it is good to eat during hangover!
Highly recommended!!

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Let's see...

First we have been to Kansai area, 
full of delicious gourmet!

Nagatanien Limited Edition Ochazuke of Kansai Area!

A street that encourages to eat continuously!
Takoyaki or crab in Dotonbori?
A lot of choices.....

it turns out to be....
the selection of delicacies from two kinds of excellent ingredients.

The first one is Kobe beef!

You don't wanna miss the taste of Kobe beef huh!
How about the ochazuke of Kobe beef flavor?

Oh!!! Which reminds me the Kobe beef we had in
The Original Teppanyaki Steak - Misono!

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Soft texture and amazing combination of the taste on the teppanyaki!

Let's go back to the our Nagatanien Limited Edition Ochazuke of Kansai Area!

It is the flavor of Kobe Beef!
Can you see the above picture?
Those are all ingredients included in the bag of Ochazuke!
Seaweed, onion powder and green tea powder! 
Of course, our main role!
Freeze-dried Kobe beef!

What is those white powder?
Haven't seen them in other ochazuke though!

Let's see how we made it!

First, pour the bag of ingredients on top of the cooked rice!
Actually both cool or cooked rice are available!

Then, pour the boiled water into the bowl!
That is it!

Ochazuke is done!
Wait! Those are different from the ochazuke that we have imagined!


Restoring the deep delicious Kobe Beef!

Oh! Not just a Kobe beef flavor of Ochazuke!
Indeed Nagatanien,
Ochazuke overflowing the premium sense!

Oh!!! The  "white powder" that we mentioned above!
It transforms the ordinary boiled water into the soup of Kobe beef taste!
It exceeds the level of a convenient food!

Wow! It reminds me our memories of the trip to Kobe!

Exotic fashionable city, 
romantic harbor,
and the most important one is the luxury Kobe Beef!

The second one is Blowfish/Pufferfish!
You don't wanna miss the taste too!

Japan's largest amount of pufferfish can be caught at the southern part of Kansai area, 
You know what the organ, liver and skin are the most poisonous! 

Only qualified chefs are allowed to cook the pufferfish dish!
What a special creature!
Let's try this Nagatanien Limited Edition Ochazuke of Kansai Area.
Pufferfish flavor!

Deep and refreshing taste!

Different from Kobe beef, 
Pufferfish is seafood, 
so it is not that too heavy, 
a refreshing taste!

It is ideal to taste if when you are hangover!

Wanna share the taste with your family and friends?
Get some as your Japanese souvenir!!!
Easy to bring home and give as present!

Nagatanien Limited Edition Ochazuke
(Japanese Souvenir)

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