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#Shopping ♪ Must-shop BEST 5 at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!

#Shopping ♪ Must-shop BEST 5 at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!

Karuizawa, Nagano, located at the Honshu in Japan, has a cool weather especially in summer.
Since the 19th century, famous summer resorts have been built. 
Therefore, it has become an area for Japanese people to spend the hot and humid summer!

Gone through the winter, 
a warm spring has come! 
Spring breeze blowing!
We are ready to have a shopping tour at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. 

 Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, located at the southern part of Karuizawa.
Let's see some tourist attractions around here!

Our main destination in this trip!
① Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Fashion, groceries, outdoor activities, and a wide range of restaurants and attractions!

Shopping - 10:00-19:00
Food Court- 10:00-19:00
Restaurant - 10:00-19:00 (※Depends on restaurants)
Karuizawa aji no machi - 11:00-22:00
Cafe - 10:00-19:00
TULLY'S COFFEE - 9:30-19:30
(※To be changed due to seasons)

Official (English)

Besides, there are 2 other spots. 
② Karuizawa Lake Garden 

A garden to view beautiful white roses and other flowers around the lake side.

 Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort 

Enjoy the beautiful snowy view while skiing

1016 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano

Are you ready for the must-shop BEST 5 at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!

Popular shop ①

It is known as bape®
A leisure brand known as its Ape image!
Yes!! You can find it here at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!

bape® has basically has the following brands:

Today, we have come to A BATHINGAPE®PIRATESTORE.
There are only 3 of them in japan!
It is based on the concept of pirate. 

 Location: NE -07
-  Shop guide (Japanese)
-A BATHINGAPE® official website (Japanese)

Like a lot of hidden treasure everywhere in the store!

With the concept of Pirates, people who visit here would experience the feeling of treasure hunting!
Men, women, kids, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc. 
A lot of choices!

An active brand in many aspects! 
A BATHING APE is a brand created by NIGO®, a Japanese fashion designer in 1993. 
It is now being bought by a Hong Kong 's apparel brand. 
Its business extending from fashion to music and food in these years!

Popular among gentlemen, ladies and kids 

Men's, women's and kids' clothing, fashion groceries, life products!
A nice place welcomes family as well as couples to visit!

Realistic style VS cute style

Do you know the cute one is named milo?
How cute?
Which one do you prefer?

The original trademark?

It is APE, neither gorilla nor chimpanzee nor orangutan!
Wow!! How cool is the camouflage pattern!
It is a popular style huh!


It means the "easy-going life of APE,"
an idea came up from the movie <Planet of the Apes>
by designer NIGO®

A rich assortment of products!

Every single item is good for casual style outfit!
For unique personality, 
come and have a look!

Popular shop ②

OAKLEY, a favorite brand of a lot of sports-lovers. 
Men's, women's wear, sportswear, bags, shoes, watches, sun glasses, etc. 
Integration of the latest technology, 
design combines the sense of design and practical function outdoor items. 
It you like sports, 
you will be excited to see all kinds of collection of sporting items.

- Location: NE -30
- Location (Japanese)
-OAKLEY Official website (Japanese)

Ultimate originality and high technology are perfectly combined 
to form the Oakley's philosophy!

Founded in 1975, Oakley, now has become one of the world's popular fashion sports brand!

Beloved Sunglasses

From the early 1990s, Oakley hold a  large-scale recruitment of a group of designers and scientists.  Exceeding the highest technology and creative industry, dedicated to design both stylish and functional sunglasses; these products  then is loved by many sports stars and 
officially used in movie <Mission Impossible Ⅳ>!

Not only fashionable but also functional 

Besides its appearance, 
sunglasses with the most advanced technology!

Saying, Oakley in the late 1990s, having these shining sunglasses bring its brand to further expansion to clothing, bags, watches, shoes, jewelry, etc.
Making it to be a more unique brand!
In 2000, It was chosen as the top 15 fashion brand, and top 30 consumer goods at the world-famous Forbes magazine.

Let's expensive the intensity of lens!

With the eyes, you might not believe the strength of the powerful lens!

According to the explanation from the staff, this is called Plutonite lenses, which can withstand a bullet nine meters away. 
Even you hit it with an iron hammer, 
only cracks but not broken. 
Oh!!! How surprised!!!

Countless charm of Oakley!

Application of ergonomics, fluid mechanics, cosmic engineering, construction engineering, optics,  etc. How attractive is the product combined the most advanced science and technology!

Popular shop ③
LEGO®click brick

Speaking the world's famous toys, 
you don't wanna miss this!
LEGO Land in Karuizawa!

- Location: NE - 22 ・ 23
- Location (Japanese)
-LEGO®clickbrick Official site (Japanese)

LEGO Woody and Buzz Lightyear at the entrance welcoming us!

You know the origin of LEGO?

In 1932, Carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen built a toy factory in Denmark in 1932.
The glorious history of LEGO began.

While continuing to produce the necessities of daily life and carpenter works
he founded the company LEGO (Danish: leg golt; means play well)



LEGO City Series 

The most well-known series- LEGO CITY!
Small cars, police, trains,. 
A large-scaled toy sets!

Welcome to the LEGO World!

LEGO is not just building blocks, but a kind of culture!
It gives the power of creation to the people around the world!
Unlimited patterns and styles, through various combinations, 
all kinds of LEGO Creative events or shows, 
to form a creative legend!

Meet the LEGO World

 Through the Lego city series, we can see a different angle of the city in the ordinary appearance!
What a happy time to play LEGO with kids!
Please take a good good care of kids!
Preventing them from eating the bricks!

LEGO Friends Series

Lovely series for all ages!


Speaking of Japan, 
Ninja will come to your mind!

A relatively compact series might require you to put more effort to finish it!

LEGO for adults

Not only kids, adults too like playing LEGO!
Come to LEGO®clickbrick at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!
Don't miss this interesting world!

Popular shop ④ 

Recently, many new cooking appliance can be found!
Kitchenware manufacturers keep innovating new stuffs!

We like this kitchenware shop at 
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza!
It is just like a convenient store of kitchen utensils and all kinds of kitchen groceries!

- Location: NW -06
- Shop page (Japanese)
-T-FaL® official website (Japanese)


With kitchen supplies and small household electrical appliance, T-faL® has a long time of the original technology to produce many innovative products.
It is now leading the world stick cookware manufacturer,
 provide a more convenient and creative goods in the world!!

Do you know?

Tefal is named with the combination of two words:
Teflon (non-stick coating/ material that is easy to clean wok)
Aluminum (Al)

In North America, Brazil, Japan and other places, 
T-Fal is the brand you would see!

Look at its separable design!

One of its main products!
Easy for storage!
Safe and convenient!
It is resistant to over 10 kilograms!
How strong!

International brands Tefal popular item

Fine stainless steel !!
Its thermal conductivity and durability is excellent!

A specialized household goods brand Tefal !!

Frying pan!

A major feature of this pan is its handle, made of stainless steel titanium!
On the thermal conductivity, 
food will not stick on the pan!
A good idea for Mother's day gift!

Special price only at T-faL®OutletStore!

Tefal's recommended item!

Simple and neat design!
Good for new married couples!

Magical tools for your daily life!

Save more storage space!
Love it!

Ceramic knife

Not easy to rust,
and prevent bacteria growth!
Delicate surface, 
good for any kinds of food and cuisine making!

Popular shop ⑤

Originally from Komagane in Nagano.
It was founded in 1928, loved by locals. 
Now, it is well-known throughout Japan. 

"Meijitei" (Sauce cutlet bowl rice)
- location: AJ (aji no machi) - 12・13
- Location (Japanese)
-Official (Japanese)

takoyaki, okonomiyaki, sushi, noodles, 
let's try the classic Japanese dish!
Bowl rice!

Sauce cutlet bowl rice
Cutlet, sounds KATSU in Japanese.
Same as sounds of the another Japanese words, VICTORY!
That is why many people would have this before exams!

A classic Japanese set!
Miso soup, salad and main dish!

Let's try the original sauce of Meiji-tei!

Not heavy but well matching with the cutlet!


Are you ready for the trip to Karuizawa?

* There are 10 areas within Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
- Karuizawa aji no machi 
More than 240 stores of premium brands, fashion, groceries, sporting goods, outdoor activities, etc. 

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Fashion, groceries, outdoor activities, and a wide range of restaurants and attractions!

Shopping - 10:00-19:00
Food Court- 10:00-19:00
Restaurant - 10:00-19:00 (※Depends on restaurants)
Karuizawa aji no machi - 11:00-22:00
Cafe - 10:00-19:00
TULLY'S COFFEE - 9:30-19:30
(※To be changed due to seasons)

Official (English)


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