Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#Cosmetics ♪ Have a date this spring! Cherry blossom viewing journey in Japan! with CANMAKE♥

#Cosmetics ♪ Have a date this spring! Cherry blossom viewing journey in Japan!

A word full of hopes!

Though still feeling the chilly winds, flowers bloom astonishingly!
Telling us spring has come already!

Speaking of spring in Japan, 
what will pop up in your brain at first!
No doubt,
most of you would have a picture of a world dyed pink by all beautiful pink cherry blossoms!
Are you ready for a date?

# Have a date with cherry blossoms

After some spring rain,, 
Winter has gone; spring has come. 
Not only Japanese, but also foreigners are busy to meet the cherry blossom in this season.

# Have a date in Spring 

Spring is a very beautiful picture.
It is a world of flowers,
fascination, love and vitality.

Let's have a date with this fantastic season in Japan!
Enjoy a wonderful time!

# Makeover before dating

Spring is a dry season. 
Let's get ready with a latest spring makeup for a romantic date!

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# Walking through the romantic cherry blossom road!

Wind breezes and cherry blossoms are there!
With a new make up style for spring, 
talking through this cherry blossom tunnels, 
feel the romance of spring!

# Feel the air of spring with your five senses

# Enjoy this beautiful season

Although the season of cherry blossom is ended,
here are some reference for you maybe to prepare for next year!

JAPANKURU Recommended
BEST 5 in 2016

1. Tsuyama Castle 
Okayama/ Tsuyama
Best Period: Early April~ Mid-April

2.  Okazaki Park
Aichi/ Okazaki
Best Period: Late-March~Early April

3. Rikugien Garden 
Tokyo/ Bunkyo-ku
Best Period: Mid-March~Early April

4. Meguro River
Tokyo/ Meguro
Best Period: Late-March~Early April

5. Daigoji
Kyoto/ Fushimi-ku
Best Period: Mid-March~ Early April 

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# Finally!!!

Have been waiting for a while under the cherry trees!

# Have a great time under the cherry trees together!

Time with your family,
with your beloved,
kids, pets and friends!
Just enjoy the happy moment!

Okay!  Let's go picnic! 

MR: I will go and grab some food, huh!
MS: Then, I will walk the dog then!

# Wow!! 
The Japanese kids are so cute!
Oh!! there is a kindergarten nearby!

You can see how Japanese starts learning, appreciating and enjoying cherry blossom!

# Let's spend the time together under the cherry trees!

Have you experienced Hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) in Japan?
In Japan, it has been a kind of seasonal culture for a long long time. 
Occupy a good place under the cherry trees, 
enjoying delicious food and drink and beautiful cherry blossoms at the same time. 

# Picnic under the trees

Although it is not handmade food, 
what a happy moment with the beloved and charming cherry blossoms. 

Look up the sky,
indulging in the season of spring!

Many people say that Spring is a romantic season! 
Wanna have a beautiful and happy memory, 
Let's try to have a new styled makeup this spring with CANMAKE!

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