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# Cosmetics ♪ Japanese Popular Spring make-up with CANMAKE!

# Cosmetics ♪ Japanese Popular Spring make-up with CANMAKE!  

How impressive to welcome the coming of this warm and beautiful season!
Hey girls, are you ready for a spring makeup, getting along with your friends and family in the beautiful mother nature!

Let's JAPANKURU show you the latest Spring makeup
with the popular Japanese cosmetics brand CANMAKE!
Check it out!

# Latest trend in 2016

Along with the rapid changes in fashion trends, 
makeup styles and trendy colors are also undergoing rapid changes together!
Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year in 2016!


Two warm pastel colors join together, giving a very good healing effect to the people living in the modern world!
Especially, if you are dressing up for dating,
these colors are perfect to match romantically. 

We'd better catch up with this latest trend!
Let's see how CANMAKE demonstrating it and bring us a spring makeup!

# Are you ready?
After getting done with the basic skin care,
let's have our journey of beauty started!

# Makeup foundation
light as air~

Foundation Case + Airy Cover Fit Foundation

The foundation has a light and soft texture,
contains a highly flexible powder that quickly and evenly blends into your skin.
It is resistant to sweat and water and provides complete coverage for pores and uneven color.

Of course,
 SPF45 / PA +++ UV protection is guaranteed.

* Airy Cover Fit Foundation 750yen + TAX
Used color: [01] Light Ochre    
(2 colors)

# From inside to outside

Light and soft powder pack and excellent quality cotton puff!
Don't forget to get the cute foundation mirror case too!

*Foundation Case 
450yen +tax 

# Makeup to match your skin

To create smooth makeup, 
a bright skin is very important!
Just a thin layer to cover the dullness!

Before and After!
Can you feel the effect?

Beside base foundation,
you need a good cheek color!

Powder Cheeks
An excellent shape color creates a soft and nature makeup!
No need to draw a gradient effect, 
you can also create a very natural blush makeup.

* Powder Cheeks  550 yen + TAX 
Used color: [PW33] Shell Pink
 (10 colors)

# Ways to use

Just place the powder blush at the center of cheekbones 
and apply to a wider range

 Before and after!

Can you feel the change of the atmosphere?
Wow! A rosy face give people a healthy impression!
This PW33 color is natural enough, 
even applying multi-coated layers!
No exaggerated makeup is formed.

# Special tips!
For a shinny eye-shadow!

Glow Twin Color

2-color eye shadow like a glitter of the shining stars!
This time,
we use it as highlight!
Just a gently touch is enough!

# Make a clear contour by highlighting

Like the above picture,
two-color glitter is available. 
A the bright one; B the natural one!
Let us show your some easy tips to use this eye shadow to create a better makeup!


A.  Bright part for eye brow and inner angles
B. Natural color for the entire eyelid
C. Mixed color for the surrounding area of the eyes and 
area above the cheekbones and under the lip

# Shiny Facial contours

Simple highlight to add a sort of three-dimensional effect!

* Glow Twin Color  650 yen + TAX
Used color:  [04] Cherry Blossom Lavender (2 colors)

# Tips for your eye-makeup

 Eyeshadow Base
To cover the dullness of the eyelids and make the color more long-lasting!
Besides, it has moisturizing ingredients and glitter, 
to help smoothing the texture on your skin!

* Eyeshadow Base 500 yen + TAX
Used color [PP] Pink Pearl (2 color)

# Eye shadow for this spring!

Perfect stylish eyes (5 colors)
Not only five natural colors on one palette, but also the glitter to help creating a gorgeous appearance!
Especially, the TOPPING JEWEL color in the middle, 
which makes your natural makeup looks more gorgeous!
A CANMAKE eyeshadow palette is something you'd better have one with you!

A little eye shadow blush is designed as a cotton swab!
You can decide and outline the range of applying area in details!

Let's see how we use!

#Step 1

Use the color of the upper left corner for the whole eyelids and the inner angles.

#Step 2

On top of the first layer, you the upper right corner as a natural color!
Applying a wider range of area is recommended to create brighter eyelid!

#Step 3

Use the light purple on the bottom left corner for the inner angles.

#Step 4

Use the darker purple color on the bottom right corner to outline the eyeliners in details.

# Special tips for latest style makeup of CANMAKE

① Pink and natural eyebrows
②Another layer at the inner angles
③TOPPING JEWEL in the middle highlights the lovely makeup 

# Like a blooming beautiful flower

* Perfect stylist eyes (5 colors) 780yen + TAX
Used color: [12] Dreaming Flower (8 colors)

#Lovely colors

No worry of an exceed "Princess" girly look!
Just a shade with pure red and purple colors, 
which helps to create a calm and quiet look!
A profound impression!

# A natural makeup is done!

# Outline a clear eyeliner

Quick easy Eyeliner 

Only 1.65 mm. 

Natural Eyeliner 

A little bit gorgeous natural eye makeup!
This natural eyeliner is recommended to draw a thin and natural one!

* Quick Easy Eyeliner Eyeliner 500yen + TAX
Used color: [02] Cherry Brown (2 colors)

# Any other magical secret is ~ mascara

Flaring Curl Mascara 
Neither brown nor black. 
It is brown mascara with black fine fibers, 
to achieve a stunning color. 
Not too strong, not too soft,
the perfect combination. 

# Fulfilling eye lashes 

Waterproof and functional brush head design,
containing caring ingredient for the overall eye lashes.

Flaring Curl Mascara 650yen + tax 
Used color: [01] Chocola Black (one color)

# Effect after applying CANMAKE's eyeliner+ mascara

Just a simple eyeliner and mascara can perfectly achieve a significant change of your makeup!
How dramatic is the effect!

#Erase lip color and improve the color and lasting power of your lips!

Moisture-rich formulation containing conditioning agents, to prevent your lips drying out.
Prevents lips drying or chapping, for long-lasting plump girlish lips ♡

Lip Concealer Moist In ' 

* Lip Concealer Moist In '  580yen + TAX

#Like a honey lip gloss

Lip Tint Syrup

A thin layer is good enough for a presentation of bright and moist color but not sticky!
Long lasting even after eating
SPF15/PA+ UV protection

# A natural combination of eye makeup, blush and lips

Long lasting lip color helps creating a naturally rosy look!

* Lip Tint Syrup  650 yen + TAX
Used color:  [01] Cherry tree syrup ( 3 colors)

A Spring makeup of CANMAKE is done!

# Before and After

No exaggeration! 
Overall, a pink color makeup!
Here you are!
Spring style of CANMAKE in 2016!

No forget the beautiful nails!

Colorful Nails
Easy to apply and long-lasting base formulation!

Long-lasting, quick-drying, with fantastic shine! 

You might put it into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, 
to speed up the time of quick-drying as well!

* Colorful Nails  360 yen + TAX
Used color: [47] Marshmallow Pink / [78] Candy Pink (39 colors)

Let's enjoy the spring time with the latest beautiful makeup!
Are you longing for a romantic love story in this charming season? 

Available in most of the drug stores in Japan
Official Homepage

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