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# Gourmet ♪ Everyday Tuna Dismantling Show at Kabukicho, Shinjuku! Let's enjoy the fresh and delicious tuna, "Maguro" in Maguro Shoten (Tuna Restaruant)

# Gourmet ♪ Everyday Tuna Dismantling Show at Kabukicho, Shinjuku! Let's enjoy the fresh and delicious tuna, "Maguro" in Maguro Shoten (Tuna Restaruant)

Speaking of gourmet in Japan, 
what would you think of?
Ramen, sushi, Japanese hot pot, sashimi, and tonkatsu (pork cutlet)?
Since Japan is an island, no doubt you don't wanna miss the fresh seafood!

Yes!!! That is Sashimi!
Speaking of sashimi, you don't wanna miss this!!!
Speaking of Maguro, you don't wanna miss this place!
Come with us to Kabukicho, Shinjuku 
to enjoy the Tuna Dismantling Show everyday!

Come on!

Kabukicho, Shinjuku
One of the busiest streets in Tokyo!

Just come out from the JR Shinjuku East Exit,
then pass through the buildings, 
you will see the big billboard of "Kabukicho-ichibangai."
Today, our journey starts from here! 

The entrance of "Kabukicho- ichibangai."

Wow! Passing though all the restaurants and pubs, entertainment spots and neon lights,
most of them are ready for the the evening's business!
Yeah!!! Let's live up the area!!
The never-sleeping area of Kabukicho!
There are a variety of entertainment shops here!
No worry!
Just follow us and walk along the street!

Oh!! Our destination for today is just 1-min walk from the "Kabukicho ichibangai" billboard!
Here you are! B1F!

There you are!

Wait!!! Don't be excited yet!
Don't you see the big model of Maguro on top of the entrance!!
Just go down stair on the left to B1F!

Let's see the atmosphere of the restaurant!

Although it is on the basement floor,
it is quite a bright atmosphere than we expected!
Yes!!! The tuna dismantling show is held everyday here!

To enjoy the show to the fullest,
you'd like to choose your favorite seat huh!

#First, the picture above are the open tables and counter seats!
"Maguro shoten"  makes use of its open kitchen design, to show the technique of the staff 
while performing the show!
Of course, it is the direct way to present the deliciousness and freshness of Maguro!
So those seats are the most recommended!

#Half-open seat
for couples or small group of friends.
Have a chat while enjoying the show!

Although you might not directly watch the show from here,
if there are spare seats during the show,
you are okay to switch seats.
How friendly!

# Tatami seat where you can extend your feet.

Those seats are for people who would like to experience the Japanese culture and atmosphere.
Of course, you have to take off your shoes. 
Sitting on the tatami here,
you don't have to bend your legs, 
there is space for you to extend your fee under the table.

You might watch the live of the show from TV.

# VIP room

If you invite special guests, a VIP room is recommended!
Of course, you might enjoy the show through the TV. 

Since it is the specialty shop of tuna (maguro),
let's enjoy a variety of Maguro cuisine!
What are they?
Let's see~

# Recommended dish ① 

Smoked Maguro!
Looks like a prociutto! 
But it is fish not ham here!
Let's feel the texture of the Maguro!

Smoked maguro (Maguro no Nama hamu) 680 yen (tax included)

# Recommended dish ②

Maguro fish fillets

This is cooked with soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar and sauce!
If you like meat, you would definitely like this dish too!
It is over your expectation!

* Maguro fish fillets (Maguro no hire no ookii tebasaki)  780yen (tax included) each

# Recommended dish ③

Oden special!
No doubt, it is included eggs, yam, Japanese radish, and fried tofu. 
Of course, we can't miss our main role, maguro.

Oden  Special (Today's Oden Special) 950 yen (tax included)

# Recommended dish ④

Maguro Roe

Do you like Mentaiko (Salmon roe)?
You might be interested to Maguro Roe as well!

Not that oily, 
add a few drop of lemon juice to have another taste. 

Fried Maguro Roe 1200 yen (tax included)

# Recommended dish ⑤

Grilled maguro (3 rare parts)

Fish brain, face meat, and throat meat.
Wow!! You can taste all three at once!

1. Fish brain 
Actually, it is the top of the head part!
The most oily part on Maguro.

2.  Face meat
Only two small pieces of a fish. Left and right face. 
It is impossible to buy this specific part of maguro only!
So it is unique to enjoy the taste. 

3. Throat meat 
Actually, the meat behind the throat. 
Only 2 pieces of the size of a thumb. 
Unique texture!

#Freshness is the point!

Supposed the whole maguro is 40 kg weight,
fish brain is 75g, face meat is 72g, and throat meat is 18g. 
You can see how unique are those three parts.

# Recommended dish ⑥

Meat on the middle rib of Maguro

Nama kuro maguro no naka ochi 1880 yen/ 2 persons (tax included)

The way to get the meat from the middle!

Wow! What a big rib! 
We recommend you to eat with wasabi or soy sauce!

# Easy to order

Just order with the touch-screen panel!
Of course, it is in multi-languages. 
(Japanese, English and Chinese)

Wow!! It is show time!
365 days a year!
Tuna Dismantling Show everyday!

You know what?
How valuable is a maguro!!!
So what a valuable show every day!
You really don't wanna miss it!

weekday 19:30 ~
weekend 18:30~

Basically, two staff representatives are in charge of the show!
One is an explainer, to explain the steps of the whole process of the show!
One is to dismantle maguro!

Wow!! How powerful!
There are different ways to dismantle!
Most cases would divide in three pieces and two sides!
For maguro,
the head part will be cut in a bigger piece,
and 5 more parts. 
2 pieces from belly, 2 pieces from the back and the bone!

Do you remember the 3 rare part of maguro are all on the head part!

Can you feel the art of the dismantling show?
Indeed the professional of tine dismantling!
How gorgeous!

The meat of the back is tight and firm.. 
The meat of the abdomen is plump and full of fat!

Oh!!! The legend of Maguro!!!

Otoro and chutoro (Fatty tuna and medium fatty tuna)
Chutoro is usually found near the skin on the back and belly. 
Otoro is the highest level of tuna,
You might find its sweet tenderness!

For real, it you go visiting High class sushi restaurant in Ginza, 
it costs probably 4500 yen or more a piece. 

What a smooth back!
Wait! It is tuna huh, not meat of pork or beef.

Look! How healthy is the color and texture!
You know what? A tuna swim at a speed of 50-80 kilometers in average
and 100-120 km at the highest.

A delicious maguro!
Thanks for the actively exercise!

The climax of the show!
Most ladies would be happy to hear collagen!
 Collagen from the big bone! 
How much will you want? lol
Pure Collagen!

Are you ready to grab some?

The real special dish after the show!
A mountain of maguro!!!
For about 3-4 persons, 2800 yen!

Good news!
A special price during the time sale.
(30-min after the show)

from 2800yen → 1999yen (3-4 persons tax included)

Maguro shoten (Tuna Restaurant)

Phone: 03-5155-3255
Open Hour: 
Monday-Saturday 17:00-1:00 
Sunday, holiday 17:00-23:00
Open all year round. 
113 seats (Available for reservation)
Transportation: 4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station/
1-min walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station (No parking lots)


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