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# Transportation ♪ Let's enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom in your Tokyo Travel with Hinomaru Limousine ~LIMOTAXI

# Transportation ♪ Let's enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom in your Tokyo Travel with Hinomaru Limousine ~LIMOTAXI 

Spring has come!
Do you feel the spring breeze?
Speaking of spring in Japan,
no doubt you would think of cherry blossoms, a.k.a sakura in Japanese.

Let's follow JAPANKURU!
We are going to show you around the cherry blossom spots in Tokyo
by taking Hinomaru Limousine ~ LIMOTAXI!

Okay! Let's check it out!
JAPANKURU's choices of 5 Cherry blossoms viewing spots!

You will then know the advantage of travel with LIMOTAXI!

#Whether you are sightseeing or on a business trip to Japan,
let's start your journey in Japan with a rental taxi

This time, we are introducing a rental taxi called LIMOTAXI!
It is owned by a company Hinomaru Limousine founded in the 1950s. 
Business started from 10 vehicles to today's business of rental car/taxi. 
At the same time, a specialized company representing Tokyo, operates a variety of luxury cars, limousines, tourist buses and shuttle bus from Haneda / Narita airport to numerous hotels.
Optional tours within the Tokyo metropolitan areas are available  as well!
All are friendly and convenient service for tourists. 

* Hinomaru Limousine Service (English)

* Hinomaru Limousine Service reservation page (English)

* Hinomaru Limousine Service Optional Tour (English))

# Let's start our journey with Hiromaru Limousine 


It offers an excellent quality of airport taxi. 
Supporting visitors to plan the trip in Japan, such as 
service from airport to hotel or customized destination with a safety and comfort.
You might make reservation on the homepage!
For more info about LIMOTAXi,
you might check our previous articles. 

# Have a comfortable and convenient journey

Let's sum up the advantage of [LIMOTAXI] Service!

1. Door-to-door service from airport-hotel-airport
2. Door-to-door service from hotel-hotel
3. Simple and easy online reservation service
4. SMILE CALL interpretation Service Available (charged) 
5. A variety of vehicles car 
6. Optional tours Around Tokyo areas
7. No-smoking vehicles (clean and comfortable)

#Get around the Cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tokyo

After the spring of rain, 
Tokyo finally welcomes the real spring season. 
Whether Japanese or foreign visitors can't wait to feel the taste of spring!
Come on! 
Are you ready for a tour of cherry blossom viewing!

# Let's go!
A cherry blossoms viewing tour started!

Not only door-to-door service from airport to hotel,
but a comfortable day tour within Tokyo!

- No more transfer and transit of public transportation
- no worry of heavy and big baggage 
- Translation service is available (No worry if you don't speak Japanese)
- fixed rate and reasonable price
- Easy to make reservation on net

* Hinomaru Limousine Service reservation page (English)

Check it out!


Nakameguro/ Meguro River 

The most beautiful sakura area!
Wow! Can you feel the tenderness of the sakura in full bloom along the 2 sides of the river!

Of course, the night view here is highly recommended too!
How romantic!

There are a lot of stylish and delicious restaurants, 
of course you might also buy a sandwich and a drink to have a easy-going cherry blossom viewing.

<Meguro River>
2-3 Meguro-gawa, Meguro, Tokyo 

Our destination!
Great to have LIMOTAXI, 
so that we don't have to hold a map wandering in the crowd in the cherry blossom season!
Accurate! Speedy!

# Cherry blossom in full bloom on the two side of the river!

Wow!!! Many people come to enjoy this great season in Meguro!

# Don't forget a beautiful shot!

Jiyugaoka, Shibuya, and Daikanyama is in the neighborhood area. 
Even it is not the sakura season, it is a nice spot for photograph. 
Especially bridges across the Meguro River!


Roppongi Hills
Mohri Garden 

Mohri Garden, located in the middle of Roppongi Hills.
About 4300 square meters of area, 
cherry trees and ginkgo trees are surrounded the lake in the middle. 
Not only experience the art of traditional Japanese garden,
but also the 4 seasons of Japan!
What a good harmony of nature and model art!

<Mohri Garden>
6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open Hour: 7:00-23:00 (maybe changed)

Nice spot of Cherry blossom viewing = Sightseeing spots

Light-up event has started from last year here!
You know what the history of cherry trees here are longer than Roppongi Hills!
So you don't wanna miss out this "historical area" then!

# Enjoy the luxuries in the city

On the right, there are modern buildings for shopping and offices!
On the left, it is Japanese garden.
 Co-exist of the beauty of fusion in a modern city, Tokyo!



More than 1300 cherry trees.
Plenty of varieties will be in their full bloom in different periods. 

<Shinjuku Gyouen>
11 Naito-machi, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Open Hour: 9:00-16:00 (Closed at 16:30)
Fee: Adult 200yen/ Elementary~junior High School 50yen/ Child Free
Closed: Every Monday (If Monday is national holiday, Tuesday is closed too), 
12/29- 1/3

* No liquor are allowed.
Toys for entertainment and liquor are prohibited.

# How convenient!

Wow!! Already been to 3 spots!
A great enjoyment of Tokyo!

This time we have chosen a mini vehicle popular in Japan. 
ALPHARD for 7 passengers. 
Comfortable and luxury!
Can you feel the VIP status?

Yes! You might pick your favorite LIMOTAXI for your trip!



Located the west of Tokyo Imperial Palace.
A street of 700 meters long, 
there are about 260 cherry trees along the 2 sides of river.
It is just like walking through a pink tunnel.

At night, 
you can cross the river by boat!
How romantic!

Kudan-minami, Chiyoda, Tokyo 

# One of the favorite spots in Tokyo!

Not only the cherry blossom season, 
if you wanna feel the 4 seasons of Japan,
Chidori-ga-fuchi is your choice!

# Feel the romance of cherry blossom

save time for a longer romance lol

Ueno Park

Zoo, National art museum and science museum can all be found in Ueno!
You know what it has been known as the favorite cherry blossom viewing spots since Edo Period!

Wanna have a picnic under the cherry trees?
You'd better come earlier to find a good spot!

<Ueno Park>
Ueno Park, 3 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
Open Hour: 5:00-23:00

# The best service!
 Friendly tourist guide

Every cherry blossom season, Ueno Park is well- facilitated for tourists enjoying the cherry blossom viewing. 
Tables and seats available for 10 people. 
Let's get together under the cherry trees!

Although food and drinks are available to buy in the park!
We recommend you to get them around Ueno Station.
More variation and choices!

Cherry blossoms, zoo and art museum! 
A fulfilling spot!

#Kind and friendly service 

How impressive to the Japanese hospitality !
LIMOTAXI has no exceptions. 
No worry! Even if you are a lady carrying a big suitcase!
Mr./Ms. Driver would definitely help you!

A convenient LIMOTAXI in your Tokyo Travel

Come to Japan to have a special and new start in spring!
Although Tokyo has a convenient transportation system, 
if you wanna go around as many cherry blossom spots you want,
LIMOTAXI will be your choice!

* Hinomaru Limousine Service (English)

* Hinomaru Limousine Service reservation page (English)

* Hinomaru Limousine Service Optional Tour (English))

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