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# Accommodation ♪ Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, listed on Michelin Guide representing Hotel in Tokyo! Let's rediscovery its charm again!

# Accommodation ♪  Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, listed on Michelin Guide representing Hotel in Tokyo! Let's rediscovery its charm again!

Staying at Ryumeikan, let's enjoy the travel in Tokyo joyfully! 
Check out all the sightseeing spots and eat all the goodies!

How do you choose where to stay?
Location or price?
Recently, most people are looking at the convenience, service and premium style.

For those who care about the standard of service would willingly to pay slightly more expensive for a better enjoyment!

Especially, when you go out for a day around Tokyo!
You must be feeling exhausted after crazy shopping, or sightseeing!
You'd better prefer a comfortable place for rest then!

Thereby, we highly recommended Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo!

1.  Easy transportation  (Just 3-min walk from Tokyo Yaesu North exit)
2. Listed in Michielin Guide
3. A lot of Japanese Izakaya around

Okay!!! Let's see our stay in Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo then!

Charm Point 1
Easily accessible and convenient transportation

Just 3-min walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu North. 
Around, there are Marunouchi area, the Imperial Palace, Ginza, and Roppongi!
All are popular sightseeing and shopping spots in Tokyo!!
How convenient huh!

Access from Narita Airport

① Limousine Bus 

1. Keisei Bus, 95mins, 3,000yen/ person
Narita Airport Terminal 1 or 2 >> Tokyo station Yaesu South Exit

2.  TOKYO CITY AIR TERMINAL(T-CAT), 60mins, 800yen /person
Required to take taxi from Hotel to T-CAT
* so Keisei bus is highly recommended!

② Narita Express

Express Train from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport 
60mins,  3,140yen/ person

③ Taxi

180mins, 27,000yen

Access from Haneda Airport

① Limousine Bus 

1. Keisei Bus, 60mins, 900yen/ person
Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station Yaesu south exit

40mins, 800yen/ person
Required to take taxi from Hotel to T-CAT (about 1,500yen)

② Train

From Haneda Airport Terminal 2 to Hamamatsu-cho Station 
by Tokyo Monorail 470 yen
From Hamamatsu-cho Station to Tokyo Station
by JR Yamanote Line 150yen

③ Taxi

60mins, 8500yen

Here you are!
Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo!
Just 3mins walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit!

Inherited "Hotel Ryumeikan. "which is opened in 1899.
Keeping its original hospitality, 
with the fusion of tradition and modern, cultural and artistic sense; therefore, 
bring Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo into the world famous Michelin Guide!

* Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo 
1-3-22 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 
Room numbers:135 
CHECK IN / OUT: 14: 00/11: 00
 Official Website 

What a beautiful view of Tokyo from the 15th floor!

Have the breakfast here at the lounge!
Enjoy the blending traditional and modern Japanese cuisine in buffet style!

Talking about the history of RYUMEIKAN 

We got to go back to 1899, about 115 years ago.
It was Meiji period, the early modernization of Japan.
"RYUMEIKAN Ryokan" was opened in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.
15 years later, two more ryokans were opened near Tokyo Station and retain a good business!
Until 1923, the ryokans were destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake.

After several years of reconstruction,
[Ryokan Ryumeikan Tokyo] was opened in 1963 in front of Tokyo Station.
And the main ryokan in Ochanomizu was renovated in 1975.

Getting along with the speed of development of the Japanese economy,
Ryumeikan from the traditional ryokan become "RYUMEIKAN Corporation."
After the fancy traditional Japanese restaurant <Hanagoyomi> was opened,
and the renewal of Yasesu RYUMEIKAN in 2009,
all led to the birth of today's [Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo].

In 2014, the main building in Ochanomizu was renewed again.
That is today's [Hotel Ryumeikan OCHANOMIZU HONTEN] 

If you are interested, 
please refer to related articles:

Lobby on the 15F

Take the elevator to the 15F
A luxurious and comfortable space greets us calmly!
Next to it it the restaurant Hanagoyomi!
Free Wi-Fi access is available. 
Let's come to have a cup of tea while looking at the view of Tokyo Station.

Kind service

With over 100 years of history, Ryumeikan Tokyo Hotel, utilize long-term hospitality
to provide guests all the sincere service. 

Charm Point 2
World class quality listed in Michelin Guide 

A series of annual guide books published by a French company, where France has the most visitors all the year around the world. 
Everyone knows this book!
And Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is awarded!

World Travel Tour Guide Michelin, issued by the French company. 
It introduces tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. 
Since its cover is red in color, 
it is also known as Michelin Red Guide. 
The oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide.

Unique taste 

A design of Japanese classical beauty and a new patterns of spatial design.
A new generation hotel!

 ◦ Ryumeikan PREMIUM
SUITE / JAPANESE SUITE A (Japanese and Western-style room) / JAPANESE SUITE B (Japanese Western-style room)





Check the price

Both emotional room

One of the features Ryumeikan Tokyo hotel is, whether you are traveling or business, their room can provide all your needs - so you can comfortably like office space, so that we seem like home in general, is not it great it?

Independent space for rest!

Separated toilet and bathroom facilities!
Keep the privacy and practical!

Convenient supplies!

Personal vault, chairs, deodorant, slippers, etc. 
Ryumeikan get everything ready for you!

Refrigerator, coffee, coffee machine, kettle, etc. 
Let's have a break in your room!

What is the behind story of this hotel?

About half of the time of your trip, 
you probably spend it in the hotel (including sleeping time)
so let's understand more about this Michelin Guide listed hotel! 

Integrity of the hotel

Ryumeikan has about the history of 115 years. 
Maintain its style of "omotenashi (Japanese Hospitality)"
in this international city, Tokyo in the 21st century. 


Having the area of two TWIN ROOM, 
about  70.2 square meters!

Reserving this room. you could enjoy all the Ryumeikan service!

Take a look out of the window,
you might enjoy the beautiful view in both daytime and night time. 
There is a luxurious bed in this room, about 220 square meters. 
You can sleep in any style freely XD

Turning round and around...
Whether it is long or short trip, 
you probably want to have a rest in comfortable space!
Enjoy the atmosphere of elegance and wideness. 
Calm your soul here!

A space only for guests!

Solid wood made Scandinavian style table is used!
Even it is your business trip or dealing your business in the middle of your trip, 
this is a space for you!
Soundproofing to avoid from any disturbing!

Well- prepared amenity!

Toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, shaving foam, body shave, 
cotton swabs, towels, bath towels, shower cap, hair band, bath salts, etc. 
Everything is well-prepared!
How impressive!

Have a bath to welcome a refreshing morning!

Bathroom and toilet in Ryumeikan has been put effort on the designs. 
Most of them are bright and in white decor. 
Brighten your mood for a brand new day!

A room surrounded by a beautiful night view

Attractive sunset and brilliant street views!
Enjoy your day and night in Tokyo here at Ryumeikan. 

Charm Point 3

Experience the atmosphere of the Japanese Izakaya

In the neighborhood area, 
a number of small Japanese Izakaya gathering together, 
which made us feel like we have come to a retro town!

A good chance to experience Japanese culture!

Let's find the treasure hidden in the Japanese Izakawa. 

In the morning, 
you might try the breakfast in the restaurant "HANAGOYOMI."

Fresh vegetable and seafood buffet!
Start your day healthily!

Weekdays: 7:00~10:00 (Last admission: 9:45)
Weekends, Holidays: 7:00~ 14:00 (Last Admission 13:30)
2,500 yen (tax included)

We had a great enjoyment in your trip to Tokyo!
Thanks, Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo!

* Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo 
1-3-22 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 
Room numbers:135 
CHECK IN / OUT: 14: 00/11: 00
 Official Website 

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