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# Japanese Fashion ♪ A fashionable boutique at Shibuya Jinnanku! ~ FREAK'S STORE~

# Japanese Fashion ♪ A fashionable boutique at Shibuya Jinnanku! ~ FREAK'S STORE~

Boys and Girls!
What are you looking at while shopping?

Price, quality or design? 
Brand, product review or trend? 
Everyone has different reference! 
In the fast-paced life today, 
boutique, so called "selected shop" has become popular these days among young people!
Most of them provide a diverse selections of choice, 
so that we can save time to shop around!

Today, we are going to bring you to an American-style boutique in Shibuya, 
one of the most fashionable street in Japan. 

More than half of the products are casual-styled brand!
Of course, there are many new and unique styles items!
Let's take a look at them!

Come on!!!
We are here!
The land of the latest trend!

In this area, 
a variety of Japanese fashion brands and boutiques can be found here!

Today, we are going to visit

Although it is not a huge area, 
a wide variety of brands, 
started by students in age 20s to professional fashion designers!
Just come to visit to find your own fashion philosophy!
Wanna check your fashion taste or just experience the life style here? 
This is a good choice for you!

# FREAK = People that try hard to enjoy life

Brand concept=
As an American-style boutique,
enjoy one's lifestyle in an unique way!

FREAK'S STORE Shibuya shop
Tower 1, 2, Jinnan building,1-13-1 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone:  03-6415-7728
Open Hour:
Weekdays 12:00 ~ 20:00
Sat, Sun, Holidays 12:00  ~ 20:30



Gathering all men's and ladies' fashion

A 2-story building  FREAK'S STORE 
1F is Men's floor, which gives you a classic feeling
2F is Ladies' floor, which gives you a bright and modern feeling!
Providing a space for you to shop calmly!

1F  Men's Fashion

From shoes to jeans, and jackets etc.
Everything in casual style can be found here! 
Come to be part of the trendy person!

Like the Japanese men's magazine "safari" 
always loves to come to report and do a featuring article here. 

Treasure hunting!

Sporty, Japanese-made jeans and so on. 
Natural casual style!


Material used in this denim brand is pick up through serious selection. 
After it is finished, again it is gone through a strict quality inspection!

Men's fashion 
Let's make your casual style more brilliant!

Stylish and practical style! 

Simple jacket of outdoor activities!
With a non-patterned T-shirt and a necklace on top,
simple jeans and  sandals for the bottom!
A simply stylish outfit is completed!

①16SS- 65/35 outdoor jacket  14,000 yen + tax
Easy to use in all seasons!
・many practical pockets, 
・modified cutting line, 

② White T-shirt 8,700 yen + tax
Knit jeans 10,800 yen + tax
・New sense of material used

③ PARROTT CANVAS bag  12,000 yen + tax
・Highest rating "Parrot Canvas Company"
・Simple design, color, and long-lasting 

④ wakami necklace (red)  3,600 yen + tax 
(green) 2,800 yen + tax 

Featuring product
Pants full of practical design 

You know what?
 This is one of the most popular men's items in FREAK'S STORE!

It looks like a simple jeans. 
But actually, comfortable material is used and it has a slightly shorter length, 
so that it can show the your shoes apparently!

One point accessory!

Neat outfit with unique accessories!
This time we have a wakami red necklace on top of the white T-shirt and a white canvas bag for a perfect causal style!

Firstly import to Japan!

Do you know the brand MYSTERY RANCH? 
If you are sport lover, 
you would be familiar to this brand.
It is said that FREAK'S STORE is the first shop bring this brand to Japan!
Whether it is the sizes or designs, 
you'd better come personally to check the characteristics of this brand!

Durable material is used!
Because of its durability, it is assigned officially in the United states army forces. 
They are not mass-produced,
most of them are made after order received. 

Speaking of casual style,
you don't wanna miss the sandals~

Don't forget to have a slightly shorter length pants!

FREAK'S STORE's recommended items 

It is a sandals brand of Republic of South Africa since 1990s.
Firstly, it was produced at a local factory with the traditional African patterns and colors. 
Its unique design and quality was then being recognized by the public. 
In the last 1990, it has become a popular sport sandals in Japan.

It has become quiet for a while, 
but now SHAKA has come back to the frontier line!

SHAKA  7,800 yen + tax 

# Essential fashion items from today

Not only the sense of design, but also its perfectly comfortable cutting line,
to create these sporty sandals!

There are 4 colors: 
white, khaki, navy blue, and black!

A lot of shoes !!!
All are FREAK'S STORE selected!

Sandals, slippers, shoes, and boots!

# Well-known brand, NIKE 

Sneakers or ordinary shoes, any kinds!

# Well-known brand, adidas

Last year was retro style!
This year keeps on maintaining the traditional style, 
and focusing on the functional and simple neat shoes.

Wow!! The most well-known series Stan Smith!
Over 10 millions pairs are sold!!!

King of summer!

Another well-known brand Wakami!
Not only popular of its summer accessories, 
but also its handmade technique. 

Using the technology of Central United States, 
together with the classical design, 
easy for overall mix and match!

Add some popular elements in a natural casual style!

Oh!! Trendy item of this year!
MA-1 Air Force jacket!
It is getting familiar and popular from last year!
Good for any styles!

An essential look of white T-shirt and jeans, 
on top, here you come the Air Force jacket!

MA-1 JACKET  13,800 yen + tax 
・ Exquisite handmade accessories

Leather Necklace Keyholder and necklace 

HERITAGE LEATHER, an American brand founded in 2000. 
It looks simple, but you can feel the passion on this fine jewelry!

Necklace  5,500 yen + tax  

Trend is coming in a cycle!

MA-1 Air Force pilot jacket, white T-shirt and jeans
Natural and non-artificial.
Many girls like it!

You know what it has been well known since Tom Cruise wore it in the movie"Top Gun."
Wow!! It is 30 years ago! Time flies!

# One charming point

This jacket is 60% cotton and 40% nylon.
Comparing to the general jacket, 
its front pocket badges is designed uniquely! 
Its comfortable fabric also gives a sense of cutie. 

A brand new self!

Ladies' fashion

A different atmosphere!
What a bright and cheerful ladies' floor!
Of course full of American's style fashion!

Not only Shibuya fashion can be found here in FREAK'S STORE. 
American's style casual wear!

Trendy and fashionable!

What is mix and match point?

Know your style!
Simply have a white blouse and a long skirt/pants to highlight the beauty!
Of course, a pair of jeans are recommended if you prefer a sporty style!

①Lady blouse 8,800 yen + tax
・Classic design and natural feeling
② Pants 7,500 yen + tax 
Casual and comfortable

A nice coordination is done!

Simple but stylish!
Let's try! 
Of course, the point is to add some accessories!

Highly recommended, 
simple bag, colorful scarf! Cool!
Have your own style!

Welcome to FREAK'S STORE!

Oh!!! Look at this warm smile of the staff on the ladies' floor!
Come on!!
Find your own style here!
At the same time, experience the Japanese hospitality!

* Item
Black blouse 19,000 yen + tax

A clear and bright atmosphere!
Simple and neat!!

Simple is the best! 
That is it! 
Just add a little uniqueness to create your own style!

Bags, scarf, and accessories all look simple but they are special!

Mix and match with layers!

* Items
① 2-way outer 9,250 yen + tax
② Knit Top 6,800 yen + tax
③ Shoulder long vest 5,500 yen + tax
④ Jeans 15,800 yen + tax
⑤ Sandals 14,800 yen  + tax

Come on! ! Let's come to find out your style!!

- Faithful to your own style, plus a little uniqueness
- Perfect harmony of retro and modern style 
- Simplicity and elegance style 

FREAK'S STORE can fulfill your need!

Speaking of Shibuya, 
you will think of Shibuya 109!
Then, LOFT, PARCO, 0101 and other department stores!

there are many trendy and stylish boutiques!
FREAK'S STORE may be one of your choices!

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