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# Japanese Souvenir ♪ Ochazuke (Seasoning for Rice Soup) - From the leading premixed and instant food compnay, NAGATANIEN

Journey with NAGATANIEN Ochazuke~ Shinshu Limited Flavour

Part 3 - Japanese Ochazuke Journey presented by JAPANKURU

This time we will take you to the biggest relaxing spot in Japan - Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture.  Before we talk about the limited flavor edition of NAGATANIEN's beloved Ochazuke, let us show you around in this beautiful and relaxing Karuizawa. Grab you bag and sunglasses, let's go!

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Karuizawa is in Nagano Prefecture which was called "Shinshu" in the old days.  Shinshu is surrounded by the beautiful nature.  Therefore, you can see four beautiful seasons here and enjoy different kinds of entertainment and relax yourself in the nature. Today, the first stop we will take you to is the famous shopping heaven - Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza! You can find more information about it here:

Taste of the Nature
Karuizawa is not just only named one of the best summer getaways in Japan, the vegetables and fruits grown there are also highly rated because of the natural environment. So, what are the ingredients of the limited flavor edition of the NAGATANIEN Ochazuke?

It's Wasabi and Shinshu Local Vegetable Nozawa!!

Do you know that wasabi is the signature vegetable in Shinshu area? That's because it is grown with Shinshu's high quality water and weather. Added with the best tsukemono (Japanese pickles) ingredient, nozawa vegetable, NAGATANIEN is happy to present you the Shinshu Limited Flavor Ochazuke!

How about the taste?

I bet you have never experienced this special taste before.  With the wasabi, not just only the color makes the ochazuke more tasty, it also gives you a long lasting taste in your mouth!

So what about the Nozawa vegetable?

On top of the long lasting taste of wasabi, you can also taste the fresh and crisp nozawa vegetable when adding the NAGATANIEN's Shinshu Limited Flavor Ochazuke to your rice!

Cooking Direction

1) Just simply put the NAGATANIEN's Shinshu Limited Flavor Ochazuke on top of your rice.

2) Then add boiling water to it.

3) NAGATANIEN's Shinshu Limited Flavor Ochazuke is ready!!
See how simple it is!

If you want to eat something light and refreshing next time, why don't you try to make yourself a NAGATANIEN's Shinshu Limited Flavor Ochazuke!

Shopping Heaven - Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is located in the center of Karuizawa where you can enjoy the nature and shopping at the same time! There are more than 230 shops for you to shop!

Let's take a break and relax.

Another look of Karuizawa

If you visit Karuizawa in winter, you will have a total different experience. How about do some shopping for your winter collection too!

Of course, having a bowl of NAGATANIEN's Shinshu Limited Flavor Ochazuke in winter is an excellent idea, but if you want something light in summer, Ochazuke is highly recommended too!

Want to bring something special and memorable to your friends and family next time?
Collecting different limited flavor of NAGATANIEN Ochazuke is a good idea for sure!

Thanks for joining us today!
Wanna know where Journey with NAGATANIEN Ochazuke will take you to next time? Keep your eyes on our blog! "Mata Kondo" (See you next time!)

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