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# Accommodation ♪ A Getaway to Nature - Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

A relaxing cycling trip in Nasu -
Highly recommended for those who want to spend your holidays in nature!

If you want to get out of the cities and take a healing trip in nature, Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture is a good choice for you.  You can ride a bike and enjoy a cycling trip in this beautiful town. Nasu is not just famous for the greenery, there are also many popular hot springs (Onsen) and hotels in this area too!

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu consists of 9 hotels:
1) "Main Building (Honkan)" with gorgeous view rooms
2) "Annex" for couples and business travelers
3) Luxurious "Queen's Collina" where Beatles John Lennon's words and pictures are displayed
4) Forest Villa which is the best for families
5) Romantic "Garden Sweet" where a church and a garden are connected,
6) "Oriental Garden" where you can find a fine arts gallery and a swimming pool in the garden
7)  A Japanese traditional "tatami" style hotel for couples and families
8) "Cottage" where you can see the nature just from your room
9) "Owl Forest Cabin" where rooms are decorated with owls

 This time, we want to give you a different travel experience including
1) Stay at the Owl Forest Cabin
2) Take a cycling trip to visit favorite spots in Nasu
3) Experience Nasu with all your 5 senses

Hey, it's time to put on your helmet and get on the bike, let's go!

★Hotel Sunvalley Nasu
Address: 203 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi, 325-0392

Nasu reservation desk:

+81-287-76-3800 (9:00-20:00)

Tokyo reservation desk:

+81-3-3388-3800 (9:00-18:00 except Sat, Sun and holidays)
Official page: http://www.nasu3800.co.jp/

Special Experience - Owl Forest Cabin at the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

This time, we will be staying at the Owl Forest Cabin in the woods. Look how cute the room is decorated! We highly recommended the Owl Forest Cabin for families and couples.

Do you know that owls symbolize good fortune and luck in Japan?

You can spend your night in Nasu with the symbol of fortune!
You can find owl decorations almost everywhere in the Owl Forest Cabin which is also known as the sixth hotel in the resort. A cabin can accommodate up to 3 people.

Price: 12,000 to 15,000 yen per person per night (dinner and breakfast included)

Welcome to the Village of Owls!

How come there are so many owls decoration in this area? Some people say that the hotel wants to bring good fortune to their guests while some people say that the owner of the hotel likes owls a lot! No matter what the reason is, it is a great design, right?

~ Simple and Cozy Guest Room ~

The best thing you may find while staying at the cabin is the forest view right outside your room. At night, when you close the curtains, the cabin becomes a very special and private space for you and your friends.  Air conditioning, heating, and air purifier are prepared in the room too. Of course, a spacious bathroom is included.

~ A Relaxing Atmosphere ~

Feel like stepping into a fairy tale story when you enter this cabin room.
See how many owls you can find in your room!

Owls Hide and Seek - Part 1

Look down! Two owls are welcoming you to their cabin!

Owls Hide and Seek - Part 2

What is this yellow owl thinking in the sun?

Owls Hide and Seek - Part 3

Got you purple owl! Why are you looking at us that way?

We will leave you to find out other owls in the cabin when you visit there!

One of the 100 Best Spots in Tochigi Prefecture -
Yahatazaki Kogen (Full blossom of cuckoo flowers)

It is said that the full blossom of cuckoo flowers is a bit late this year, so we are here a bit early.

Usually the best season to visit is from end of May to early of June! 

Speical Cable Car and Bus Tour

During the period of full blossom of white cuckoo flowers, a special cable car (Mt. Jeans) and bus tour is arranged for the visitors. However, this special tour service has ended for 2016. For coming year's operation time, please check with the front desk of the hotel during your stay.

What's special about Hotel Sunvalley Nasu?

1) Healing Onsen (hot spring) at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

The onsen at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu is highly recommended not just because of the relaxing and unique sulfur smell, but it is also said that it is good for people who have diabetes and high blood pressure.

2) Tasty Food Waiting For You

There is a huge selection of food and restaurants for you to choose at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu.  You can find Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Italian cuisine, and Chinese cuisine at the hotel.  We are sure that you must be able to find something that you like to eat!

Kogen-no-table - Spring Food Festival

The Italian restaurant, Kogen-no-table, changes their menu from season to season.  Not just the seasonal ingredients that they use, even the food design is matched with the season! For those who love crabs, a good news for you, Kogen-no-table provides crabs all year round!

Kogen-no-table - Freshly Made Tempura

Very tasty prawn tempura, squid tempura, and other vegetables tempura!!

Kogen-no-table - Freshly Made Dessert

Finish off your dinner at Kogen-no-table with a freshly made crepe! Don't forget to put chocolate sauce on top of it! Wow!!

Kogen-no-table - Huge selection of High Quality Dessert

A huge selection of dessert is made by experienced pastry chefs everyday at the hotel.  Please remember to leave some room for dessert!!

Cycling Tour in Nasu
Let's get out and do some exercise! 

Actually many cyclists enjoy biking in nature and that's why you can find many professional bicycle rental shops in Nasu area.  If you are not a professional cyclist, don't worry, you can still enjoy cycling in Nasu because bike lanes are built here.

(Currently, Hotel Sunvalley Nasu does not provide any bicycle rental service. However, Hotel Epinard Nasu provides this service for their guests)

*Nasu Blasen Base(那須ブラーゼンベース)
Adress: Takakuko, Nasu, Tochigi 2888-41
Operating hours:
09:00〜16:00 (November to April)
09:00〜17:00 (May to October)
(Holiday: Every Wednesday and other non-specified days)
1) Take JR North-East Shinkansen and get off at the Nasushiobara Station
2) Take Higashiro Bus bound for Nasuyumoto
3) Get off at Shirasawa-bashi stop
4) 2 minutes walk from the bus stop

Rent a bike that fits you!

Have you heard about the "Nasu Blasen" cycling team which is the promoter of the cycling tour in Nasu? Actually, Nasu Blasen Base is the base of this cycling team! Even you are not a professional cyclist, you can still visit their shop and get some good advice from these experts. They provide a huge selection of bikes at really reasonable prices too!

Just in case you worry about getting lost in Nasu, you can get the Nasukougen Cycle Map (200 yen) at the shop. You can find other useful travel information on the map too!

Rental Information

Nasu Blasen Base provides 3 kinds of bikes, Cross Bike (Hybrid bicycle), Road Bike, and Mini Velo.  You can rent the Cross Bike (Hybrid bicycle) or the Road Bike at 1,000 yen for 3 hours or 2,000 yen per day.

The Road Bike costs around 700,000 yen!!

I.  Road Bike - For climbing hills and long distance cycling

If you are familiar with bikes,  you must have heard about BOMA, and actually it is used in races a lot!

What makes Road Bikes so special?

In order to increase the cycling speed, this bike is made of light materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. Also, it is very simple to change the tires too!

Please keep in mind that this bike is not for cycling on bumpy roads.

II. Cross Bike (Hybrid bicycle) - Cheaper but a bit heavier

This type is similar to the bikes that we can always see

The good thing about this kind of bike is that it performs really well when you change the gear or try to make a stop, especially for crowded places.

Since the tires are not too thin, so it's easier to make a balance and easier to control the bike.  Recommend for those who want to have a safe ride with an easy control bike.

This bike costs around 200,000 yen!
III. Mini Velo

This Andex Mini Velo bike is highly recommended for ladies because women shoulders and hands are usually smaller than men, and this type of bike is perfect for them! Gear-change devices is equipped as well.

Let's get going!!

Feel the Nature

Maybe you are not too familiar with Nasu, but just remember, Nasu is famous for cycling trip in Japan. So why don't you visit there and rent a bike to cycle around this beautiful city!!

First, let's stop by the famous place for couples! How gorgeous the view is!!

Remember to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend here next time.  We are told that the night view from here is a must-see!!

Recommended Cycling Course and Spot 1 - The Killing Stone (Sessho-seki)

For those who follow our blog must have seen the story of the Killing Stone in our earlier blog.  The Killing Stone can be found in front of the Nasu Yuzen Jinja.  It was said that the village was haunted by a spirit of a nine-tailed fox, until a Buddhist priest came and performed certain spiritual rituals. He turned the spirit into the Killing Stone and built 1000 Buddhist monk statues to bring back peace to the village.

The Killing Stone
Address: 182 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu, Tochigi
Tel.: 0287-72-6918

Legend of the Mysterious Killing Stone

It was said a long time ago, there was poisonous gas leakage in this area, and many people and animals were killed. That's why it was called the Killing Stone. Don't worry, it's totally safe to visit this famous spot now!

Recommended Cycling Course and Spot 2 - Nasu Yuzen Jinja

You can easily find Nasu Yuzen Jinja just near the Nasu Information Center.
How do you like this area?

Nasu Yuzen Jinja
Address: 182 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu, Tochigi
Tel.: 0287-76-2306

Recommended Cycling Course and Spot 3 - Foot bath

If you get a bit tired, why don't we take a break and enjoy the foot bath at the "Konbairo No Yu".

"Konbairo No Yu" Foot bath
Address: 182-14 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu, Tochigi

Recommended Cycling Course and Spot 4 - the Beautiful Royal Road

If you want to see Nasu in spring, the local people will definitely recommend you to take this cycling route.  It is officially called prefecture road no. 21; however, the greenery scene in spring is too great to see, so it is also named the Royal Road by local people.

We were there around 7 o'clock in the morning in June, the air was so fresh! How relaxing it is!!

Recommended Cycling Course and Spot 5 - Ohinata Marche

This market is opened in the morning of the 2nd and 4th Saturday from May to November.

The vegetables and fruits selling here are free from chemicals and pesticide, the bakery products selling here are also baked with natural yeast.  You can also find other products selling here at reasonable prices.  This is definitely a good place for you to visit if you want to experience how the Japanese local people shop and eat.

Ohinata Marche
Address: 5706-41 Takakuko, Nasu-machi, Nasu, Tochigi

Bakery products baked with natural yeast

Look how nice the sale person is! You can get detailed information about the bread that they are selling too!

The Pink Lemonade

What a nice thing that we found!! The Pink Lemonade! Why don't we take a break and take a sip of this nice drink :)

Where should we go after shopping at the Ohinata Marche?

As we have mentioned earlier, bike lanes are built in Nasu area, so a safe cycling trip is guaranteed!

Recommended Cycling Course and Spot 6 - Bagel que-veau

The bagels here are made of Japanese flour, sugar and salt. It's absolutely Made In Japan!!
15 different kinds of bagels are made everyday at the Bagel que-veau. What kinds of bagels do you like? Original? Vegetable?

Bagel que-veau
Address: 23-4 Takakuko, Nasu-machi, Nasu, Tochigi
Tel.: 0287-62-1484

Which flavor do you like? Original? Nuts? Brownie? Red Beans? Cheese?
No matter which flavor you choose, you will just get addicted to this chewy bagel!!

Chewy bagel with red beans filling,. A healthy snacks with good quality

No matter you travel to Nasu in which seasons, you can still experience the special and unique Nasu trip.  Maybe you are not too familiar with Nasu yet; however, we hope that you can find out more about the beautiful Nasu after reading our blog and even pay a visit to Nasu soon by yourself.

This time, we stayed at the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu and we could summarize the 5 best things about this great hotel for you.

1) Popular resort with 9 hotels
You can experience different hotels every time you visit there

2) Variety of relaxing hot springs
You can wear your swimming suit to enjoy some of the hot springs

3) Pets are welcome too
You can find a restaurant just for your pets, I bet your pets are happy to travel along with you too!

4) Huge selection of food
Buffet, Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Chinese cuisine are served

5) Can be reached by bus
Other than Shinkansen, you can simply take the bus from Ikebukuro to get there

We hope that you enjoy this cycling trip with us this time! Start planning your next trip to Nasu and enjoy the famous hot springs there! Remember to check out our blog again if you need more information about Nasu!

★Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

Address: 203 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi, 325-0392

Nasu reservation desk:

+81-287-76-3800 (9:00-20:00)

Tokyo reservation desk:
+81-3-3388-3800 (9:00-18:00 except Sat, Sun and holidays)

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