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:::SPECIAL::: # Gourmet in Tokyo ♪ The family of Katsudon! How many have you tried so far?

Simple, Delicious, and Famous Katsudon

I bet if you have visited Japan before, you must have a chance to taste Katsudon somewhere in Japan.  This famous food is just simply a bowl of rice topped with a deep fried pork cutlet, egg, and onions. Katsudon is famous not only for local Japanese, it's also a popular dish for many visitors as well.  Who doesn't want something that is simple, cheap and yummy!

Why is it called Katsudon?

Many of you may have known that "don" is the short form of "donburi" in Japanese which simply means rice bowl. That's why you can see many other don like ten-don (tempura rice bowl) and unagi-don (grilled eel rice bowl) in Japan.

So how about Katsu? Actually the full name of deep fried pork cutlet is "Tonkatsu". So now you can guess why it is called Katsudon.  This dish just takes the name "Tonkatsu" and "Donburi"!

Interesting meaning of Katsu

It is said that students in Japan will eat Katsudon before exams or tests because the pronunciation of Katsu in Japanese also means "Win" and "Victory".  Next time, you can try to eat a bowl of Katsudon before your exams!

Family members of Kastudon

Do you know that there are many different kinds of Katsudon in Japan?  Today we are going to tell you more about the members of the Katsudon family! 

This is the most common Katsudon you can see, just simply deep fried pork cutlet, egg with onions on top a bowl of rice.

(Photo credited: FOODEX Japan)

Miso Katsudo

Prefecture: Nagano

If you like food with stronger taste, this Katsudon is the best for you maybe. A thick and strong miso (a traditional Japanese fermented soybean paste) sauce comes with the deep fried pork cutlet and rice. 

I have a good news for you. If you want to try this Miso Katsudon but you don't have time to go to Nagoya, don't worry, you can still find Miso Katsudon in Ginza, Tokyo. 

Misokatsu Yabaton
1 minute walk from Metro Ginza Iichome station, just near Hotel Monterey
Tel: 03-3546-8810

Sauce Katsudon

Prefectures: Nagano, Fukui, Fukushima

Maybe you can guess from the name, this rice bowl is topped with a deep fried pork cutlet (for sure!) dipped in special sauce.  The taste is a bit stronger than the most common Katsudon.  Personally I like this Sauce Katsudon a lot.  It's a good match with rice and cabbage too.  Next time if you visit these prefectures, please remember to try this special Katsudon.

Last year, I spent my summer holiday in Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture.  Of course I wouldn't miss the chance to taste the Sauce Katsudon.  The restaurant that I went to is called Meiji-Tei.

It is founded in 1928 in Nagano, and it is still loved by the locals and visitors.


Address: A12-13, Aji no machi, Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Tel.: 0267-41-1112
Official homepage (Japanese):

Shopping Heaven - Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

I also suggest you to visit the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza where you can enjoy the nature and shopping at the same time! There are more than 230 shops for you to shop!

You can get more information about Meiji-Tei and Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza by reading our earlier blog:

Let's continue with our introduction of Katsudon's family!

Tare Katsudon

Prefecture: Niigata

If you prefer something light, then I think this Tare Katsudon is a good choice for you. The pork cutlet is thinner and soaked with sauce that is sweeter.  Highly recommended for those who want a lighter version of Katsudon

(Photo credited:

Ankake Katsudon

Prefecture: Gifu

This Katsudon is very different from the other ones that we have introduced to you earlier.  It is made with a thick sauce with egg. Very different taste!!

(Photo credited:

Which Katsudon do you like to try next time when you come to Japan? No matter which one you choose, I bet you will say "Oishii"!! (Oishii means yummy!)

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See you there! :)

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