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# Accommodation ♪ A New And Modern Style Hostel In Shinjuku, Tokyo! IMANO TOKYO HOSTEL CAFE&BAR!

A New And Modern Style Hostel In Tokyo!

The image of hostel is usually simple, inexpensive, and not safe. However, today we are going to give you a new idea and concept about hostel!! In Shinjuku, one of the hottest sightseeing spot in Tokyo, you can find a new hostel with a total different concept and atmosphere!


As we have mentioned, Shinjuku is one of the hottest spot for visitors. Because of the easy access from airports and transportation, many visitors choose to stay in Shinjuku!!


A: From Shinjuku Station, just 10 minutes walk you can reach this hostel.

Address: 5-12-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: +81-3-5362-7161
Hours (Lobby): 24 hours
Check-in time: 16:00-23:00
Check-out time: 11:00
Reservation email:
Other enquiry:
Accepted cards: VISA, JCB, Master, Diners, AMEX

From Shinjuku Station: 9 minutes walk from east exit
From Shinjuku Sanchome Station: 3 minutes walk from E2 exit, and 4 minutes walk from C7 exit
From Higashi Shinjuku Station: 8 minutes walk from A2 exit

Q: How do the guestrooms look like?

A: There are many different types of rooms for your to choose. Rooms from two persons to ten persons are available. Safety boxes are also provided here, so you can keep your valuables in the safety boxes during your stay.  For parties of four to five, you can even rent a private room to stay with your whole family.

For those who want to meet some new friends during your trip, this is definitely a good place for you.  A hostel that is not expensive and safe, no wonder it is a popular place for many foreign visitors.

You may have many other questions about IMANO TOKYO HOSTEL CAFE&BAR. We have summarized a few as follows:

Q: Can I deposit my luggage first before my check-in time?

A: Of course you can! Even on the day that you check-out, you can deposit your luggage at the lobby on that day.

Check-in time: 16:00-23:00

Q: Can I check-in to my room if I arrived after 23:00?

A: Don't worry, hostel staff is available 24 hours. However, IMANO TOKYO hopes that you can try to check-in before 23:00 to avoid disturbing other guests.

Q: What should I do with my shoes?

A: Once you reach your floor, please remember to take off your shoes and put it in the shoe storage.  You can put on the free disposable slippers during your stay or even rent a pair of slipper at the front desk.

Rental slipper: 100 yen + tax

Q: Are there any keys for the rooms?

A: Keyless door lock is used in IMANO TOKYO. The password of your room is given when you check-in. If you forget your password, please contact the front desk again.

Q: How do the guestrooms look like?

A: There are many kinds of guestrooms in IMANO TOKYO, just like the tatami style room, family room, room for two persons etc.  In the picture, this is a guestroom for eight persons with a tatami area on 4F.

Q: Any differences between the rooms on different floors?

Room for 10 persons

This is the biggest room in IMANO TOKYO, and the price is relatively cheaper. If you want to talk to other guests, this room is a good choice for you.

Room rate: from 3,500 yen for one person (for both men and women)

Room for 8 persons

Price is the same as the room for 10 persons, but there is a tatami area in this type of room. You can communicate with other guests while sitting on the tatami.

Room rate: from 3,500 yen for one person (for both men and women)

Room for 6 persons

The beds are put in different ways which gives more space in the guestroom. This room type can be found on both 2F and 3F but 3F is for women only.

Room rate: from 3,800 yen for one person (for both men and women on 2F / women only on 3F)

Family room for 4-5 persons

Highly recommended for family since you can have the whole guestroom for your family. 4 beds and a futon bed set is provided to sleep on the tatami area.

Room rate: 20,000 yen + tax per night

Tatami room for 2 persons 

It is very rare to find a tatami room in hostel. If you come here with your partners, this is a good choice.

Room rate: 10,000 + tax per night

Q: Where should I keep my luggage?

A: You can put it inside your room but please don't block the road. Hangers are also provided.

Q: How do I find my bed?

A: There is a number written on the side of each bed. Once you have the room and the bed numbers, you can find your bed easily.

Q: Are the bedding sets clean?

A: Don't worry, the bedding sets are cleaned after use. However, please remember to put on the blanket cover by yourself before use.

Q: Is the bed very small?

A: Even for men, you can see the area is very spacious. You can even put things that you need beside your bed.

Q: Anywhere I can charge my phone and tablet?

A: Electric sockets are provided near each bed. Other than that, reading light and a shelf are provided too. Please note that the shelf is only provided in 8 and 10 persons room on 4F.

Q: Is there WIFI provided?

A: Yes, WIFI is provided throughout the hostel. Electric socket can be found near your bed too.

Q: Can I eat in my room?

A: Eating and drinking are prohibited in guestroom. However, you can enjoy your food and drink in the lounge area on each floor.

Q: Is the women only floor available?

A: Yes, women only floor is located on 3F where rooms for 6 persons can be found. Please note that only women is allowed to come to this floor, even for the lounge area.

If you want to stay with you male friends together, you can choose the rooms on 2F where rooms are available for both men and women.

Q: Are toiletries provided?

A: You can find basic toiletries at the lobby at very reasonable prices. For example, a toothbrush costs only 100 yen + tax.

Q: Is there any shower room?

A: Yes, there are a few shower rooms on each floor. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are provided for free. You can take shower anytime you like.

Q: Do I need to bring my own towel?

A: Towel is not provided but you can rent it at the lobby at 200 yen + tax.

Q: Is there any hair dryer that I can use?

A: You can find a hair dryer beside each sink in the toilet. You can use it for free.

Q: Any washing machines and dryers in the hostel?

A: Washing machines and dryers can be found on 4F.

Washing machine: 200 yen for each use
(Washing powder @ 100 yen + tax)

Q: Are refrigerators, microwave machines, and simple kitchen wares available?

A: A kitchen with simple facilities can be found on 5F.

Q: Are there any safety boxes?

A: Safety boxes can be found on each floor. Valuables can be kept in the safety boxes during your stay. Please note that in-room safety boxes are only available on 5F.

Q: Where can I have my breakfast?

A: There is a cafe area on the lobby floor. You can enjoy a nice western breakfast in buffet style here before your journey. Even for those who are not staying at the hostel, you can come and enjoy the breakfast buffet too.

Hours of the Cafe&Bar
08:00-10:30 Breakfast
08:00-17:00 Cafe
17:00-23:00 Bar

Q: Can I buy some alcohol here?

A: Other than draft beer, you can find many other choices of alcoholic drinks here. You can find the cafe&bar always fill with people from other parts of the world. It's a great place to chat and make some new friends.

Bar Menu
Draft beer 500 yen
Bottle beer 500 yen
Craft beer 800 yen
Glass of wine (Red/White) 500 yen
High ball (Whisky & soda) 400 yen
Chu-hi (Can) 300 yen
Sake (Bottle) 500 yen
Sho-chu (Glass) 500 yen

Please note that no outside food and drink are allowed in the cafe&bar area, but you can enjoy those in the lounge area on the guestroom floors.

Q: What is free in the hostel?

A: WIFI, books and magazines, hair dryer, reading light, shower room, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, disposable slippers, kitchen, hangers

Q: What are the paid items?

A: Washing machine, dryer, toiletries, rental slippers, towels

Q: What is the check-out time? Will I get penalty if I check-out late?

A: Please note that the check-out time is at 11:00. If you are late, a 1000 yen penalty will be charged. If you do not check-out at 16:00, an extra day of stay will be charged.

Q: How can I make reservation?

A: Just go to the official website and click on the yellow part, then pick the room type, select the number of persons and date, and you are done!

You can also write to them in English and Japanese.
Reservation email:

Q: Can I have the room rates again?

A: Room rates may vary due to peak and low seasons
5F: Rooms for 4-5 persons (1 Room @ 20,000 yen per night)
5F: Rooms for 2 persons (1 Room @ 10,000 yen per night)
4F: Rooms for 10 persons (from 3,500 yen per person)
4F: Rooms for 8 persons (from 3,500 yen per person)
3F: Rooms for 6 persons (from 3,800 yen per person) Women only floor
2F: Rooms for 6 persons (from 3,500 yen per person)

Q: Any interesting places to visit near the hostel?


01. Tsukemen Shop - Shinjuku Daishoken

Address: B1, 3-23-12 Pandora Building, Shinjuku
Google Map

Homepage (Japanese):

02. Grilled beef tongue - NEGISHI

Address: 2F Ishiduka Building, 1-6-3, Kabukicho, Shinjuku
Google Map


03. Tuna Restaurant - Maguro Shoten

Address: B1, First Metro Building, 1-23-14 Kabukicho, Shinjuku
Google Map

Homepage (Japanese):

Our previous sharing on this restaurant:

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04. Sushi Restaurants - Sushizanmai

Address: 3F Seno Building, 3-18-4 Shinjuku
Google Map

Homepage (Japanese):

05. Sushi Restaurants - Numazuko

Address: 1F Ikeda Plaza Building, 3-34-16 Shinjuku
Google Map

Homepage (Japanese):

06. Sushi Restaurants - Tsukiji Tama Sushi

Address: 13F Times Square Bldg, 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Google Map


07. Tempura - Shinjuku TSUNA HACHI

Address: 36-31-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Google Map


08. Japanese Style Restaurant - Ootoya

Address: 2F Peace Building, 3-34-11 Shinjuku
Google Map

Homepage (Japanese):

09. Japanese Style Restaurant - Yayoiken

Address: 1F Kindai group building, 1-34-8 Shinjuku
Google Map


10. Tonkotsu Ramen Shop - Ichiran

Address: B1F, 3-34-11 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku
Google Map


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10. Udon Shop - Udon Shin

Address: 2-20-16 Yoyogi, Shibuya Ku
Google Map

Other Interesting Spots

Robot Restaurant

Address: 1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku
Google Map


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Shinjuku Hanazono Golen Town
(6 minutes walk from IMANO TOKYO)
Google Map

Hanazono Shrine
(3 minutes walk from IMANO TOKYO)
Google Map

Tokyu Hands
Address: 2-8F Times Square Bldg, 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Google Map

Don Quijote
Address: 1-16-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku
Google Map

LUMINE in Shinjuku
Just connected to the JR Shinjuku Station

Our earlier sharing can be found here:

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 
(25 minutes walk from IMANO TOKYO)
Google Map

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
(15 minutes walk from IMANO TOKYO)
Google Map

If you are looking for a place that is clean and safe but you don't want to spend a lot on accommodation, then IMANO TOKYO HOSTEL CAFE&BAR is the best choice for you! Located in the hottest sightseeing spot in Tokyo, this new and stylish hostel is waiting for you!

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See you there! :)

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