Thursday, August 18, 2016

# Must-see Video ♪ Favorite Onsen Ryokan in Nasu! Sansuikaku (山水閣) Valuable time in Japan!

# Must-see Video ♪ Favorite Onsen Ryokan in Nasu! Sansuikaku (山水閣)  Valuable time in Japan!

A hidden Japanese Onsen ryokan
Enjoy your private time perfectly in a calm atmosphere

Another healing spot in Nasu!
Let's get rid of all the negative ions and dive into the pleasure nature where you will hear the sound of birdsong and river flowing. 

As Nasu is getting famous among foreign tourists,
we would like to show you a hidden spot we highly recommended!

Yes! Our favorite onsen ryokan 
Sansuikaku  (山水閣)  

By the way,
why hot springs (Onsen) in Nasu? 
It is said that Nasu Kogen is a town popular for (toji 湯治)  more than 1,380 years. 
Hot springs that can cure illness.

Time passing though a quiet room


Sansuikaku is a onsen ryokan, divided into two buildings: main building and annex.

Structure and interior of the main building remains the retro atmosphere of the 1970s.
There are 14 rooms. 

A refreshing bath no doubt relax your body and soul!

Of course, don't forget the authentic Kaiseki Cuisine!


Instead bring you to a journey to bustling cosmopolitan,
it is healing time to experience the nature!

Private Onsen Time

Indeed a resort in Nasu Kogen, 
let's enjoy the warm sunshine,
the fresh green, and a fragrant smell of flower. 

What a fantastic place to enjoy your private time and natural self!


Private hot springs 
Newly renovated!
Good for family, couple, of course one-self.


01)  GOYO
Hours: 15:30 - 9:30 next day morning
Fee:  3240 yen 
How to use: Available for reservation (during check-in time), for 50 minutes (Get a key at front desk)

02)  URO
Hours: 15:15 ~ 8:45 next day morning
Fee:   2,160 yen (up to four people)
How to use: Available for reservation (during check-in time), for 45 minutes (Get a key at front desk)

Enjoy a valuable time your precious ones!


Another glance of the mysterious time?


<Nasu Kogen Resort Sansuikaku>
那須高原の宿 山水閣
Address: 206 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301
TEL: 0287-76-3180 (Hours 9:00 to 21:00)
Reservations: phone or WEB (English correspondence is possible)
Booking page (in English):
Official Website (English):

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