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#Must-see video♪ Enjoy the Hot Springs Resort representing Nasu Kogen! Hotel Epinard Nasu, Japan

#Must-see ♪ Enjoy the Hot Springs Resort representing Nasu Kogen! Hotel Epinard Nasu, Japan

Hotel Epinard Nasu
(ホ テ ル エ ピ ナ ー ル 那 須)

This is another large scale of Hot Spring resort in Nasu Kogen together with Hotel Sunvalley Nasu, which we introduced in the previous article. 

Again, to recall your memory, 
Hotel Sunvalley Nasu welcomes all kinds of guests, such as family, couples and friends.
There is a coed mixed hot springs, which boys and girls can enjoy together with their swimsuit.  

How about Hotel Epinard Nasu?
It is a facility resort to satisfy most of the family. 
Its excellent quality of food makes people wanna come back again and again.

Various room types
In order to let everyone to feel the natural landscape and seasons closely, 
swimming pool, hot springs, massage, karaoke, game room, experiential workshops
(pottery making, necklace making) are included in the facilities. 

Themed rooms for kids, couples, and families are popular!

Baby room and kids room for 0-3 years (elementary school kids)

Stunning views of Nasu Kogen!

Rooms with terrace, which you can spend the time with your pets

Open-air hot springs
There are also massage rooms at the entrance, too.
Time to relax!
Hours: 12: 00 ~ 25: 00 / 04:30 ~ 10:00

Nice open-air view

Okay! It is show time!
Come to take a look at the variety of entertainment at this large resort!
Hotel Epinard Nasu.


<Hotel Epinard Nasu>
ホ テ ル エ ピ ナ ー ル 那 須
Address: Takakuhei 1, Nasu, Tochigi 325-0302 , Japan
TEL: 0287-78-6000
Reservations: phone or WEB (English correspondence possible)
Official Website / booking page (English):

Once more
Just 1:15 for a moment of joyful!


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