Monday, August 22, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: # The Making of Our Photo Shoot in Okinawa! Everything you want to know about our photo shooting team!

The Making of Japankuru's Photo Shoot in Okinawa

We bet you have already read about all our earlier blogs about Okinawa; the water sports, the food, and the souvenir etc. If you are planning your next trip to Okinawa, you can check out our sharing again here:

# Travel ♪ Water Sports in Okinawa! Scuba Diving in the Blue Cave with Marine Support TIDE ZANPA!!

This time, we would like to take you behind the camera and show you our professional photo shooting team members who always take amazing pictures and video just for YOU!!

Let's watch a short clip first!

After watching the short clip, you must wonder what kinds of camera or equipment that we used for the photo shooting. Actually in order to make a perfect photo shoot, it was the first time that our team started using a drone for shooting. What's more? In order to do shooting under water, we also upgraded our photography equipment and camera gear!

DJI Phantom 4 - Drone

In general, there are couple things that you should be careful with when using drones:

1) NOT to fly it near the airports
2) NOT to use it in crowded places

Other than that, you should check with the policies and rules in your area before using a drone.

This time, the beach and the parking that we used were free!! Also, there are a lot of water sports and good facilities too, for example, pay shower room is just 100 yen for 10 minutes!

What's more? Restaurants can be found near the beach, so you can grab something to eat and drink while enjoying the sun and beach!

Other Photography Equipment and Camera Gear

Underwater photography equipment - nikon D800 with NAUTICAM professional underwater camera case for D800

Do you know that the camera with the cases weights 11kg!! However, it becomes lighter when you hold it in water! Taking photos underwater is not an easy job!

Look at our professional photographer in the water!

The next set of pictures are amazing right? Wanna know how did we take it?

In order to take a wide shot of the sea and the sea kayak, we used the DJI Osmo camera gear to help us!

Actually our photographer wanted to take the pictures from the motorboat in the front; however, it is too bumpy to take good pictures, so we could only give up this idea..........

So finally we used a smaller waterproof camera to do our photo shooting. We bet you can also imagine how bumpy the boat ride is!!!

Flyboard Photo Shooting

Our photographer told us that taking pictures under the flyboard rider was just like getting inside a tornado!!

More go behind the camera pictures of our photo shooting!

Amazing pictures of stunning sunset in Okinawa.

Behind the camera, you can see how professional our photographer wain order to take some good pictures to show our followers including YOU!!

We hope that you enjoy our special sharing today! We will continue to bring you interesting information and amazing pictures and videos about Japan!

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