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# Beauty ♪ 2016 Autumn Base Makeup by LUNASOL! Presented to you by the Japanese famous cosmetics and skincare brand Kanebo!

 New Color and Makeup for Autumn 2016

If you are interested in Japanese makeup and cosmetics, you must have known the trendiest makeup in Japan now! It must be the makeup that can bring you the "Luck of Love"! If you want to learn how to do such makeup, just follow us to LUNASOL!!

You may remember that we have introduced KATE products to you before, actually KATE and LUNASOL are all under the famous Kanebo Cosmetics Incorporation!

LUNASOL Homepage (Japanese): http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/lunasol/index.html

2016 LUNASOL New Autumn Products

At the event venue, you can find the new autumn products that are "feathery" themed. As you can guess, a makeup that is as light as feather!

The new base makeup includes eye shadows, blush, mascara, lip gloss, and nail polish! Let's get started with the eye shadows first!

This time, we will use the LUNASOL GEMINATE EYES 05RB color for our eye makeup. It is also called LUNASOL RUBY which is a popular product in Japan!

White plus 4 other colors, this set helps you create a glossy pink that is sharp and charming!

Pictures credited to https://mery.jp/instagram_photos/491845 /
Maybe you have already noticed. This make up is all about PINK!! From cheeks to lips, eyelids, all are in this natural pink color. Okay, now it's time to experience the magic of LUNASOL's products!

Since everyone's skin condition is different, you are advised to put on your daily skin care products first.

After finishing your skin care steps, professional make up artist are ready to help you create the trendiest love make up!!

Five items that you will need to make the LOVE MAKEUP!

Since natural color is the most important part of the love makeup, so you need to pick brighter colors than your skin color. Remember that you only need to apply a thin layer is fine!


LOVE MAKEUP Step 1 - Eye makeup base

After applying the base makeup, you are ready to put on the eyelid base! Remember you only need to apply a thin layer.

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
Product Details:
2 colors in total
(Color on model: No.1)
Price 2,800 yen + tax

LOVE MAKEUP Step 2 - Pink Eye shadow

The main color is white, then apply layers of pink color on the white area, and finish it with strong pink color!

In order to show the layers of pink color, you need to apply more eye shadows to your eyelids.

Now can you see the difference? It glossy but natural, and the swollen eyelids look is gone!

Actually depends on your hair style, you may apply a different love makeup. For people who have single eyelid, you can try to apply the darkest pink to both ends of your eyes!

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
 Product Details:
2 colors in total
(Color on model: No.5)
Price 5,000 yen + tax

LOVE MAKEUP - About Eye Makeup

1. Apply eye shadows (A) to eyelids and eyebrows
2. Apply (B) to area below area (A)
3. Apply the darkest (D) between the folds of the eyelids.
4. Apply (C) to the eye bags
5. Finally apply (E) in between areas A and B to highlight the layers

LOVE MAKEUP Step 3 - Mascara

The interesting part about this LOVE MAKEUP is that we skipped the eyeliner part! However, putting on the mascara is still needed.

You may worry that without the eyeliner, your eyes may not look big enough, but please don't worry, just wait until the whole make up is done!

Advice: Before applying the mascara, remember to use the eyelash curler to make a natural curly eyelashes!! The good thing about this mascara is that you don't need to apply a lot, the light weight of your eyelashes can be shown!

Do you know how to apply mascara to your lower eyelashes? You just apply it vertically then you won't apply too much mascara to your lower eyelashes.

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
 Product Details:
2 colors in total
(Color on model: No.1)
Price 3,000 yen + tax

LOVE MAKEUP Step 4 - Coral pink tender lips

Since the pink color of your eyes is already standing out, we just need to select something that is more subtle for your lips.

Advice: Before you put on the lip stick, you can use the concealer to make your lip color lighter which helps the lip stick stands out more! Remember to apply lip balm first before using the concealer if your lips are easy to get dried.

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
 Product Details:
4 colors in total
(Color on model: No.24)
Price 3,000 yen + tax

LOVE MAKEUP Step 5 - Rose pink cheeks

The last step is your cheeks! We have a secret to tell you indeed..........

The secret is to apply blush on your nose tip! Then you will look like a cute rabbit with a pink nose!

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
  Product Details:
5 colors in total
(Color on model: No. 03)
Case: 1,500 yen + tax
Blush: 2,500 yen + tax
Brush: 1,000 yen + tax

Our make-up artist helps us to make a wavy hair style which is very popular among Japanese guys!

 Our LOVE MAKEUP is done!! Wow!

Before and After

Now you can see the difference very clearly! 

Other Hot LUNASOL Eye Shadows

01. Chocolate? Makeup products?

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage


This chocolate colored eye shadows can help you create nice layers of colors! It is the most popular item of LUNASOL too! Among all colors, color no. 2 is the hottest since applying the brown color of it on the folds of your eyelids, you can create a really natural and nice eye make up! Plus the chocolate box liked case, how can you resist!

02. Eye shadow that you can use everyday

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage

SKIN MODELING EYES 5,000 yen + tax

Actually this classic product of LUNASOL is still one of the best-selling items. It helps to create a simple and natural eye makeup.

03. Eye shadows that you can use in different situation

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage

Picture credited to LUNASOL homepage
 SHEER CONTRAST EYES 5,000 yen + tax

If you are looking for brighter colors, this series is the good choice for you. Color no. 1 is the most popular in this series.

A makeup that will bring you good luck of love! That is LOVE MAKEUP!!

This time, LUNASOL shows us this latest makeup among Japanese girls. If you are interested in trying this new makeup, don't wait, get your new LUNASOL autumn makeup now!!

LUNASOL Homepage (Japanese): http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/lunasol/index.html

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