Wednesday, September 28, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: # Japanese Halloween themed desserts!! Ice cream, sundae, and donuts from baskin robbins, Cold Stone and Mister Donut!!

Get ready for Halloween!!
What is it about? Makeup? Costumes?
It's all about desserts!!

In just a month, it is the spooky Halloween time! Have you prepared your costume and makeup for this year's party? If not, get ready for that, you still have a month to do it!

In the meantime, let's enjoy some delicious Halloween themed desserts from three famous Japanese dessert shops!!


Picture credited to baskin robbins
 This year's theme is Crazyyy Halloween! What kinds of crazy ice cream can you try? It is "Grow in the dark" ice cream!!! Can you believe that?

This new ice cream is mixed with 3 flavors, soda, grapes, and melon. Are you dare to take this challenge to try this monstrous ice cream?

Picture credited to baskin robbins 
Other than the glow in the dark ice cream, there are three other new flavors for this Halloween!

How can we miss pumpkin in Halloween! Mixed with maple cinnamon, this new pumpkin ice cream is a must-try item for Halloween!

Dark chocolate ice cream mixed with blood orange sorbet, vampire seems not too scary now!

Cocoa cookies and chocolate chips are added to this peanut flavored ice cream! What's more? Orange colored caramel is added too!

Picture credited to baskin robbins
Wanna try something that is more special? Sure, how about a cup of "I SCREAM SUNDAE"!

Blood Berry

Are you dare to try this bloody sundae? Don't worry! It is just delicious berries sauce on top of ice cream! Added with chocolate cakes and cookies! It looks scary but it is very yummy!

Spicy Choco

Ice cream topped with spicy chocolate sauce!! How interesting is that! In case you are not a big fan of spicy thing, the sauce is provided to you separately.

Period: Now until 31 October 2016


Picture credited to Cold Stone
This American ice cream shop is famous for their made-to-order ice cream. All ice cream is mixed right in front of customers on a -9 Celsius degrees cold stone plate. This year they have 6 new creations for Halloween!! 

Spooky pumpkin night
Mixed with pumpkin ice cream, chocolate ice cream, OREO cookies, marshmallow, color sugar and spooky chocolate! 

Ghost mint paradise
Mixed with mint ice cream, raspberry and cranberry gelato, blueberry, Oreo cookies, and spooky chocolate!

Vampires green tea trap

Mixed with raspberry and cranberry gelato, green tea ice cream, strawberry, brownies, and spooky chocolate!

Choco chip pumpkin devil

Mixed with pumpkin ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, pecan, chocolate fudge, cinnamon and of course, the spooky chocolate!

Berry scary monster

Mixed with sweet potato ice cream, green tea ice cream, strawberry, white chocolate, and spooky chocolate!

Blacky monkey banquet

Mixed with cocoa ice cream, sweet potato ice cream, raspberry, banana, and spooky chocolate!

Which one do you want to try this Halloween? How about all of them!!
(Six pictures above all credited to Cold Stone)



Picture credited to Mister Donut
Wow! These are must-try items for those Snoopy fans!! This year, Mister Donut collaborates with Snoopy and creates four special Halloween donuts for their fans!

Picture credited to Mister Donut
Snoopy Donut White Choco (top left)
Snoopy shaped donut that is coated with white chocolate, filled with whipped cream.

Spider Choco Ring (top right)
Coated with chocolate, filled with whipped cream, topped with purple and white colored sugar, delicious spider web is ready.

Pon de Ring Pumpkin (bottom left)
Halloween version of the famous mister donut's Pon de Ring! It is coated with pumpkin sauce and topped with chocolate and purple and white sugar. Yummy!

Snoopy Donut Chestnut Choco (bottom right)
Snoopy shaped donut that is coated with autumn limited chestnut chocolate, filled with whipped cream. Trust me, this is good!


After reading our blog today, I know that you can't wait to try all of the desserts above! While you are preparing for your Halloween party, don't forget to try these interesting desserts in Japan!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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