Friday, September 30, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: # Worst behaviors that people can't stand others doing on the trains in Japan!!

Are Japanese the most polite people in the world?
Are there anythings that they don't do on the trains?

If you have taken the trains in Japan before, you may find that the atmosphere inside the train is very different from the way it is in your own country.  That's true! Actually there are many unspoken rules that Japanese is following.

Recently, a survey of 500 Japanese was carried out and top 10 worst behaviors that they can't stand others doing on the trains are selected. Let us share with you today!!

As you may have known, Japanese seldom make big noises on trains. That's why they always ask the passengers to put their mobile phones on "Manner Mode" which is the "Silent Mode"!

In ranking no. 8 and 4, Japanese chose that they can't stand the music coming out from others' headphones (no.8), and people talking on the phone on trains (no.4)! Well, either get a better headphone or turn the volume down a bit next time! Wanna chat with your friends while you are on the trains? Maybe not a good idea!!

Keep you voice down a bit, ladies!!

As we have mentioned, Japanese don't want to disturb others or be disturbed by others, so you can imagine there are many things they can't tolerate people doing on trains. For example:

Putting makeup on while taking the trains (no. 10)
Ladies, better wake up earlier and do it at home!

Eating on the trains (no. 9)

Actually eating is allowed on trains in Japan, but please keep the trains clean. Oh, it is common sense not to eat something smelly on trains right! Put away your durian, mate!

Watch out your bags and backpacks (no. 7)
It is really hard to avoid bumping into people on a crowded train, but try to keep it tightly to your body! If you did bump others, please apologize and don't pretend that you don't know about it!

Strong perfume and body odor (no. 6)
I guess nobody can stand a smelly person sitting next to him/her. Well, put a deodorant or prepare an extra tee in your bag before you hit the gym!

Blocking the train doors (no.5)
Maybe you are tired and want to lean against the seat divider to rest; however, in Japanese eyes, if you are blocking the train doors, you are being "Jama" to others! Try to leave more space for people getting on and off the trains!

I bet many of you may want to take a seat and rest after a long shopping day! However, there are many things that you have to pay attention to about the seats!! Actually the top 3 are all about the seats on trains!!

Not giving up your seats to those in need (no. 3)
Don't just looking at your smartphone! Try to pay attention if there are any people who may need your seats more than you. Even though there are the priority seats on Japanese trains, it is still a common sense to give up your seats to those in need, right?

Taking more space than you need!! (no. 2 and no. 1)
It is fine to leave some space between people that you don't know IF the train is emptied. However, it is not too nice to do that if the train is not emptied!! Also, don't put your bags or shopping bags on the seats. There are overhead racks on trains in Japan, so you can put your belongings there if you need to.

In Japan, there is a phrase "Read the Air" which means "Sense the Atmosphere". This is very important indeed! Not just on trains, try to "Read the Air" and follow what the Japanese are doing! Be a nice and considerate visitor!

Hope you enjoy reading our blog today!

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