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:::SPECIAL::: # The Most Crowded Trains in Tokyo! Try to avoid taking these trains during the rush hours for work!!

~ Trains that you may not want to get on ~
Insanely crowded trains in Tokyo!

Have you ever tried to get on a Tokyo train during rush hours? I bet the experience must not be pleasant! It is always a funny thing in foreigners' eyes how the Japanese get on a crowded train. Just keep PUSHING PUSHING and PUSHING!! It is really hard to imagine how Japanese can tolerate people keep pushing others to get themselves into the train though :P

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Every year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism releases the most crowded trains in Japan. They use the "Congestion Rate (%)" to rank the crowded trains as follow:

Congestion Rate
70% or below: You may be able to get a seat
150%: There is no space between passengers
200%: You may not be able to move

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So among all the trains in Tokyo, which lines are the craziest and the most crowded ones? Any ideas?

Top 10 Crowded Trains in Tokyo

No.1: Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and JR Sobu Line
(Congestion Rate at 199%)

No. 3: JR Yokosuka Line
(Congestion Rate at 193%)
No. 4: Odakyu Odawara Line

(Congestion Rate at 191%)

No. 5: JR Nambu Line
(Congestion Rate at 190%)

No. 6: JR Chuo Express Line
(Congestion Rate at 188%)

No. 7: Tokyu Denen Toshi Line
(Congestion Rate at 184%)

No. 8: JR Saikyo Line and Toei Nippori Toneri Liner
(Congestion Rate at 183%)

No. 10: JR Tokaido Line and JR Keihin Tohoku Line
(Congestion Rate at 182%)

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Just from the congestion rate, you can see that for all the top 10 trains, you will not be able to move a bit since there is no space between passengers!!! How crazy is that!

So my advice for you is to have a nice breakfast near your hotel first, and try to get on the trains after the rush hours. Japanese are very punctual and most of them will get to work before 9am. If you go to the station around 930am, the trains should not be too crowded :)

By the way, now you know the most crowded trains in Tokyo. Do you know which station is the busiest one in Tokyo??

It is Shinjuku Station!!

Do you know that Shinjuku Station holds a Guinness record that it is the world's busiest station! An average of 3.64 million passengers per day pass through this station!! Many trains pass through Shinjuku station, for examples JR Lines, Odakyu Lines, Keio Lines, Toei Lines, and Tokyo Metro Lines.

Next time when you come to Tokyo, be smart and make a better plan so that you won't take the trains during the crazy rush hours!!

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