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:::SPECIAL::: # The SCARIEST Halloween Event!! Freddy, Chucky, Zombies and Sadako from "Ringu" are waiting for you at Universal Studio Japan in Osaka!

Ready to scream and run for your life inside the haunted houses??

This year at Universal Studio Japan, worldwide famous Hollywood and Japanese ghosts are waiting for you! Do you have the courage to meet them all?

Have you ever been to Universal Studio Japan before? This theme park is located in Osaka Japan. If you are looking for some exciting rides with movie themes, this is definitely a good place to visit in your Kansai trip! Let's look at some of the famous rides in USJ!

01. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man The Ride 4K3D

It is the updated version of the Spiderman ride! It is awarded the best attraction in the world! Join Spider-man and beat the villains!

02. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Inside the hottest HP area, you can't miss the "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D". Get inside the Hogwarts castle and get on your broom to have a thrilling journey with Harry Potter! Don't forget your glass of butterbeer!

Okay, after meeting Spider-man and Harry Potter, it is time to meet some other famous Hollywood ghosts..............if you dare.........

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Don't think that you can get out of Harry Potter area that easily..........Death Eaters are coming to catch you when the sun goes away.....

Period: 14 September - 6 November 2016
Time: From 18:10 until park closes (every 30 minutes)
Location: Hogsmeade
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If you are able to escape from the Death Eaters, you are ready to meet the walking dead.....Zombies!!

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In the Horror Area, you have to act quick and run for your life because zombies are trying to get you everywhere!!

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If you want more from the zombies, alright, put on the light-up necklace and you will get more attraction from the zombies! Hey ladies, RUN!!

Horror Area ~Street Zombie~
Period: 10 September - 6 November 2016
Time: From 18:00 until park closes
Location: Horror Area
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If you are able to make it through the Horror Area, you are ready to meet the famous Japanese and Hollywood ghosts!

From the Japanese cursed dolls "TATARI", to the ghost in "The Exorcist" and even Freddy from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and the scary doll from "Chucky"! How many of the above haunted houses are you dare to get in??

Horror Maze
Period: 10 September - 6 November 2016
Time: From 12:00 until park closes
Location: Horror Maze
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Finally, you have to get face to face with the scariest Japanese ghost "Sadako" from the movie "Ringu"! Can you escape from her curses?

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It is said that you will get cursed after getting in this haunted house...........

Cursed Attraction
Period: 10 September - 6 November 2016
Time: From 18:00 until park closes
Location: Cursed Attraction Area
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Sorry to scare you....Actually we got something nice for you and your family too!!

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To celebrate USJ's 15th anniversary, this lively and wild parade will make you forget yourself entirely!!

RE-BOOOOOOOORN Parade ~Halloween Version~
Period: 9 September - 6 November 2016
Time: 14:30
Location: Hollywood/New York Area

We hope that you can enjoy the best Halloween ever in Japan!!

More details about Universal Studio Japan:
#Traveling ♪ Let's go and go to Osaka! Universal Studio in Japan yeah!!! Coooby the Run!!!

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See you there! :)