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::: Special ::: 2016 Mascot Grand Prix in Japan! Is your favorite Japanese mascot ranked in this year?

2016 Mascot Grand Prix in Japan
What is your favorite Japanese mascot?

There are so many mascot (ゆるキャラ、yuru-kyara) in Japan! From prefectures to sightseeing spots and even local shops, you can find all kinds of characters they create to attract people's attention and boost up the sales of the local products.

Melon Bears and Kumamon
One of the most famous mascot must be KUMAMON from Kumamoto prefecture. This black bear has lots of fans around the world, especially in Asia! 

Even JAPANKURU has our own mascot, KURUKI!!

Have you noticed KURUKI got a new set of costume? That's right! We made KURUKI a samurai outfit for the 2016 International Travel Fair (ITF) in Taipei! Did you go to see KURUKI??

There is an official organization and website of the Mascots in Japan! Every year, there is a vote for "The Best Mascot of the Year!". Let's see who are the winners in 2016!

Picture credited to http://www.yurugp.jp/ranking2016/

No. 1

Shinjou-Kun (しんじょう君)
From Kochi Prefecture (高知県)
Susaki City (須崎市)

No. 2

Hanipon (はにぽん)
From Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県)
Honjou City (本庄市)

No. 3

Chuppi (チュッピー)
From Okayama Prefecture (岡山県)
Soja City (総社市)

(Picture credited to http://www.yurugp.jp/ranking2016/)

Other 2016 top 10 mascots are as follows:

Picture credited to http://www.yurugp.jp/ranking2016/
No.4: Tochisuke (とち介) from Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県)
No.5: Takinomichi Yuzuru (滝ノ道ゆずる) from Osaka (大阪府)
No.6: Mimurin (ミムリン) from Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県)
No.7: Shimanekko (しまねっこ) from Shimane Prefecture (島根県)
No.8: Yuzukappa (ゆずかっぱ) from Tokushima Prefecture (徳島県)
No.9: Hanitan (はにたん) from Osaka (大阪府)
No.10: Tsugesan (つげさん) from Osaka (大阪府)

Official Homepage (Japanese): http://www.yurugp.jp/ranking2016/

Is your favorite mascot ranked in this year? For myself, I learnt a lot of new mascots from this ranking. I think some of them are very cute and some of them are .......... haha interesting

I guess not only for kids, adults like us also like seeing cute mascots too. Just like JAPANKURU's KURUKI, right? :)

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