Wednesday, November 9, 2016

::: Special ::: Japanese All Time Favorite Ice Bar - GariGari Kun! New interesting flavor on sale in November 2016!!

AKAGI company announced that they are going to release a new flavor of their all time favorite ice bar "GariGari Kun" in November! However, this new flavor is really special and people on the internet all talked about it.

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The new flavor is the famous Japanese bread, Melon Pan (Melon flavored and shaped bread)! Sounds interesting (weird?)??

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With melon pan flavored candies and cookies, this new ice bar will give you a new taste experience as the company said. People as the press conference has tried this new ice bar and most of them said that it's pretty good!

If you wanna try this special new flavor, remember to check out the convenience store or supermarket on and after 15th November 2016!

GariGari Kun Rich Series

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Actually AKAGI company releases a special flavor every year since 2012. They call it the "GariGari Kun Rich!" series. They released the corn potage flavor in 2012, stew flavor flavor in 2013, and Napolitan (Japanese style tomato sauce pasta) flavor in 2014. However, the 2014 flavor caused them a big loss!

After two years of reconsideration and research, they decided to release the melon pan flavor in this "GariGari Kun Rich!" series again. Let's see if this new flavor will become a big hit or not this time!

Other interesting products of GariGari Kun

Actually GariGari Kun is also a famous character among the Japanese. You can see him on products like stationery and even bath products too!!

The package looks just exactly like the real ice bar, but it is bath powder with soda scent indeed!!

Since it looks just like the ice bar, a warning saying that "It's for bath. Don't eat it!" is attached to remind everyone especially the kids!!

If you have seen other interesting products of GariGari Kun, please share with us too!

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