Wednesday, November 16, 2016

::: Special ::: The making of the Royal Resort Nasu's video! Let's get behind the camera!!

Get behind the JAPANKURU's Camera
The making of the Royal Resort Nasu's video!

Just an hour from Tokyo, you can get to the famous sightseeing spot Nasu by taking the Shinkansen!

In our earlier blog, we shared with you some interesting sightseeing spots in Nasu! Before we show you the video of Nasu, let's take a short trip in Nasu to refresh your memory again!

Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)
In Nasu, you can also visit the hot springs street which has a 1,380 years long history. How about going to the living legand "Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)" or trying the dairy products too?

Food in Nasu are made with fresh ingredients. No matter you choose western or Japanese style, you will fall in love with the food there!!

A cafe that Beatles' fans can't miss - PENNY LANE


If you come to visit PENNY LANE, you cannot miss their most popular dish, Cheese Gratin and Cheese Fondue!

In Nasu, there are many other different activities waiting for your to experience. For example, making your own pottery and visiting the animal park! At the Animal Kingdom in Nasu, you can play with cute animals and watch the bird show!

You can get different views of the nature in different seasons here. It is popular for the autumn leaves in November too!!

From April to June, pink azalea flowers can be seen everywhere!

You can also find famous hot springs and cable cars which take you to the Mt. Nasudake in Nasu.

Enjoy a romantic Christmas in Nasu!

After taking a nice bath in the hot springs, put on the yukata and walk in the winter night of Nasu!

In the picture above, it is the Kita Onsen in Nasu which is a famous traditional hot spring found 160 years ago. Even the Japanese movie, "Thermae Romae", was shot in here!!

Just right outside the Nasu Shiohara Station, there are a few car rental companies like NISSAN Rent a Car, TOYOTA Rent a Car, and NIPPON Rent-A-Car. With you own rental car, it is easier to travel around in Nasu!

Alright, it is time for us to show you the video of Nasu!! We used the drone to make this video too! Take a look!!

See ya there!


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